A Little Blog Appreciation

Hey! So I struggled for a title to this post, but basically, I wanted to share some love and a little spotlight on my lovely followers. More specifically, those lovely ladies who have commented so much on my blog, that they’re now in my stats page. This changes from time to time, so I may do another of these down the line.

I looked in the insights tab, and here’s who currently comments the most!


Obviously, I comment the most. I love talking with you guys about anything and everything.

Kate from Ankhor You

Kate! She is an absolute sweetheart a lady with many hats. She blogs about a little of everything, just like me! So, we’ve been following each other for a while, but recently, we’ve started chatting more and more. I always love seeing your name pop up in my notification feed! Check our her latest post all about snow here!

Amelia from Amelia in Hull

Amelia! She is so supportive and sweet! I’m sure a lot of you know her already, as she always leaves the nicest comments. She blogs about events and happenings in her hometown of Hull, especially since it was named City of Culture last year. I don’t know how long we’ve been following each other for, but I always look forward to hearing from her. Check out her latest post about the latest exhibition in Hull here!

Chanelle from Chanelle Hayley

Chanelle! She blogs about primarily lifestyle and beauty. She is also a fellow Kiwi blogger! So we can bond over that, and chat about seasons, without the other getting confused. We can also talk about where to get beauty products from, since most of American/European brands we have to buy online or overseas, as they’re not stocked down here in NZ. We’ve been following each other for ages now as well, and it’s always lovely to hear from her. Check out what’s been going on lately with her in this post here!

Rossy from AyR Galaxy


Rossy! Another fellow blogger who I’ve been following since forever. Rossy blogs mostly about beauty and lifestyle. We’ve started talking more and more recently, especially for our shared love of anime and manga. She is always supportive and sweet, and also gives me tips on makeup which I appreciate cause I’m still not sure what I’m doing. I always look  forward to hearing from her! Check out her latest post about her new year’s resolutions here!

Pamela from Starring Pamela


Pamela! One of my favourite people. I’ve been following Pamela’s blog for a while now, and our blogging friendship has continued to grow. Pamela has a lifestyle blog where she talks a little about everything. I always look forward to hearing from Pamela, either on the blog or elsewhere! We even did a recent collab together about our book recommendations! You can check that out here!

Arundhati from The Travelling Diary of a Dippy-Dotty Girl

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Arundhati! Another of my favourite people. Arundhati has been with my blog for the longest time. She was one of the first people I followed, which means we’ve been blogging friends for almost a year. She is one of the best people and writers, and I love hearing from her. She blogs and rambles about travels she and her partner have been on. Her latest post was about their recent trip to Rome, which you can check out here!

There you have it! Little snippets about these lovely ladies who have commented on my blog. Obviously, there’s lots of you who comment, and I appreciate that so much!! I have just been keeping an eye on the little comments stats tab, and wanted to share more about the bloggers up on there, as I always look forward to hearing from them!

This has also made me miss my Have You Met series a bit. I really enjoyed doing it, but each post I did would take a few hours to plan and write. After a while I took a break, and then just didn’t get back to it as we fell into the holiday season. So, I’m going to start bringing it back! Just a few times a month, but I do love talking about my amazing blogger friends and dedicating a whole post to their awesomeness.


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