Summer Picnics

Having a picnic is always on the plan for summer. It’s just nice to eat food outside, surrounded by nature.  So that’s what we did, one beautiful Sunday afternoon.

We set our sights on Percy Scenic Reserve. It’s a fairly popular spot, and it has some little tracks you can walk, as well as lots of grassy areas to sit down and have a picnic. It’s also nostalgic for us, as this was where we took our portrait photos for the wedding!

Starting off, with a quick car selfie. I put in contacts so I could wear my sunglasses for a change!

car selfie

We picked the spot, where we did our first look photos almost a year ago!

percy scenic

Now we get to the food. We have a picnic basket which we bought two years ago. Funnily enough, it was at Rory’s insistence we bought it. Because he was planning to propose, and wanted the picnic to have all the bells and whistles. The basket is perfect for two people.

picnic basket

We didn’t get too fancy with our meal. We made sandwiches, and bought some finger food, fruit and drinks to throw in the basket as well.


This was just after New Years, so I brought along some of the cookies I had made as well!

duck pond

After we’d eaten our fill, we rested, chatted and people watched for a bit. Then we went for a wander. We spotted a duck pond nearby. The ducks made a beeline for us, but then ignored us when they realized we didn’t have food for them.


We also wandered down the waterfall track. It’s a fairly easy track, all flat, leading through lots of little rivers, creeks, bushes and trees.

sunglasses selfie

Taking a selfie with sunglasses cause it’s that bright!


It was a nice way to spend time after the picnic.


Finally, we made our way to the waterfall. It’s very pretty, and there were lots of people milling about. I managed to snap a photo of the waterfall without any of the people in it though!

That’s all for this post! Have you guys gone for a picnic lately?


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45 thoughts on “Summer Picnics

  1. omg how cool!!!!!!!!!!! i love picnics and we often just go to our nearby parks, and it’s just soooo nice to sit on the ground underneath the shade on a warm summer day! ahh! i can almost feel the fresh wind and warm sunlight on my skin 😀 lol
    and how cool that there’s a waterfall there! that’s pretty cool! you eat a picnic and walk around to sight see 🙂


  2. That basket is awesome! Nice post. Its always good to get into the outdoors but uh… were kind of in the middle of a blizzard like winter so ya know 😛 lol


    1. It was definitely such a nice time! We loved just sitting outside in the shade, eating food surrounded by nature ?
      The ducks straight up rejected as when they realized we had nothing for them ?


      1. Exactly! It’s nice to have those special places. I was cleaning today and I found a ticket stub from the play we saw on our second date, it made me smile and I realized how long it had been since we went to the theatre. Definitely scheduling a date night soon! ?


  3. Ohmygod that picnic basket is so pretty, it pleases my aesthetic eye so much! Also that whole location looks so beautiful! Seems like you had such a lovely day! ☺️ xx


  4. Have I mentioned your Summer posts are killing me? lol. I love picnics, but if I picnicked in central park right now I would turn into an icicle, so I just have to live vicariously through you! These pictures are stunning and that Waterfall! I can see why you took your Wedding pictures (which are stunning!) there. SO beautiful! ❤


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