Favourite Summer Outfits

The weather has been lovely lately, and I’ve found myself wearing particular outfits more than others. They’re basically all dresses or playsuits. Outfits where I don’t have to worry about a top or a bottom, as they’re just one! So it’s kind of cheating calling these outfits actually, but I still love them.

Here we go!

Outfit #1 – Brave Soul Playsuit

I love this so much, that I even made an OOTD post for it. Since then, I’ve been wearing this a lot, and it’s been perfect for the warmer days. It’s also incredibly comfy! Plus, the design of the birds, and the navy blue colour just make it even better for me.

Outfit #2 – Blue Patterns Dress

favourite dress 4

favourite dress 3

I went through a period where I hated dresses and skirts in general. This was in highschool, and most of uni. I would only wear jeans and sweaters basically. Even in summer. However, when I started an office job, I started loving wearing more ‘girly’ things. Since then, the love has grown. I found this in a thrift shop. I’m a sucker for patterns, and the colour blue. The dress is made of thin, floaty material, and it’s perfect for hot summer days.

Outfit #3 – White Floral Dress

favourite dress

favourite dress 2

Another thrift shop find! This is a similar shape to the previous dress. However, it’s a lot more floaty. I like spinning in it. But not too much, or I’ll accidentally flash my underwear. Also, this dress has pockets! That alone made my buy it. I can put my phone in my pocket and it weighs down the skirt on windy days so it doesn’t fly everywhere. Again, I’m a sucker for patterns, and the blue/white colour combo is a classic.

Throughout this summer, I basically lived in these three outfits. Especially during the holidays! They are all perfect to be worn all day, and I feel like they can be casual or dressed up. Also, in the evenings, when it gets a little cooler, I can just throw on a faithful cardigan and keep going!

What’s an outfit you’ve been loving lately?’


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