Have You Met Maria?

It’s been too long since I’ve typed those words. So, without further ado…

Haaaaaaaave you met Maria?

How to enjoy working out

Maria blogs over at What is Maria. An amazing blog name, for an even more amazing person. She is 18. Russian born, and based in Brighton, England. She blogs about food, fitness, self-development, productivity and well-ness.


Here’s a snippet from her About page:

Aside from being a history nerd and having a passion for making bad jokes, I have always aspired to bring value into the world by helping others live a healthy, productive life. True wellbeing encompasses much more than what you put in your body or what you do in the gym (although, those are undoubtedly very important): it has much to do with how you view yourself and those around you, the habits you establish and the attitude with which you undertake your daily pursuits.

I believe Maria found me first. I remember getting a comment from her, and she seemed so lovely and confident. So of course, I went over to her blog, and I never left. Maria’s blog is filled with so much advice, positivity, beautiful pictures, and food!! So much incredible food! She shares her vegan creations with us, and her food photography skills are insane! I recently found her food Instagram, and I couldn’t stop scrolling through all the pictures.

As always, I would like to share some of my favourite posts from Maria.

How to be a morning person

Morning people seem to be in the minority. You often hear about people who find it hard to wake up early, preferring to sleep in past 9. Maria shares about how she’s changed to be a morning person, and offers tips to those who may be struggling with it. Obviously though, not everyone has to be a morning person, but if you’re wanting to give it a go, this is a good post to read!

How to make oatmeal

As I said, Maria is incredible skilled in taking photos of food! She also comes up with recipes that she shares with us. This post is all about oatmeals, and the array of amazing toppings you can put on it. Fresh fruit is always a good idea!

Vegan salad recipe

Yes, another food post. I told myself to select a range of posts from Maria’s blog, but I had to include another food one. They’re amazing. This time, Maria shares a selection of party foods you can bring. Just look at how she cut those oranges!

Internet detox

The internet can be a fabulous place, but it can also eat up a lot of your time. Take it from someone who blogs everyday, and watches a lot of YouTube. It takes up a LOT of my time. It’s good to take a step back sometimes. If you’re looking for reasons why this is a good thing, click on the link!

Workout tips

Another topic Maria often talks about is fitness. As someone who always lacks motivation, reading these kinds of posts can really inspire me to get back into working out. Even if it’s just a little, even if it’s light. Maria shares lots of insights to ease that dread of exercise!

So, have I convinced you guys to check out Maria yet?


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