My Relationship With Tattoos

As many of you probably know, I have a few tattoos. If you’ve been following me since my early days, then you would have come along with me as I got my first , then second, and most recently, my third tattoo. I may be slightly addicted. If I’m being honest, I am already looking at ideas for a fourth. What’s mostly stopping me is money at the moment, I’m trying to focus on saving. Also, I got three tattoos in under a year, so maybe I should just slow my roll a little.

summer ootd 10

Anyway, this will be another rambly type of post, as I wanted to open a conversation about tattoos in general. Lots of people I talk to have differing opinions about it. My mum is someone who doesn’t really like them (although she’s slowly getting okay with mine, but each time I get another one she keeps telling me not to get any more). I got to thinking if this was either a generation thing, or maybe a culture thing. My co-worker who is the same age, and also from the Philippines like my mum, was talking to me about her view on tattoos. She thinks she would maybe look at getting one if she was younger, but that she grew up with a view that those who were tattooed were possibly in a gang, or into something bad. Tattoos had a negative connotation. But then she came here, and tattoos didn’t have that. They’re seen as a form of expression or body art. It’s fairly common to have a tattoo.

summer ootd 06

Some of my co-workers do have tattoos. One co-worker who does have tattoos, has Maori symbols from her tribe. Another co-worker has a small delicate heart tattoo. Another one has a floral one along her ribs. As I was beginning to think about getting my first one, I noticed tattoos more and more. I would eye up people who had them, admiring them and mentally adding them to my never-ending list of possible tattoo ideas. It’s not at all uncommon down here, as I’m sure it’s the same in other countries.

floral tattoo

I never grew up thinking tattoos were bad. As I understood more of them, I just thought they sounded scary, cause the process to get them involved needles on your skin. Sounded painful. I always joked about getting one though. It wasn’t until Rory started answering my jokes and encouraging me to go for it since I talked about it all the time. Finally, I did. I got my first. I loved it. Then I got a second, and a third. So it’s all Rory’s fault.

People always seem surprised when they realize I have tattoos. I love how my good friend Lyz describes me with tattoos.

The more tattoos you get, Angela, the more I think it suits you. The edge looks good on you, and I think is unexpected because you have such a sweet face. ? Contrast is always fun.

Yes, Lyz, I’ve saved that comment. It’s one of the nicest things anyone has ever said to me. I don’t know if I mentioned that, but it’s true!

playsuit ootd7

My co-workers now all know I have tattoos. I always get complimented on my giant mandala one, and they’re all shocked when I tell them it took three hours. That was a huge commitment. It’s also funny how the kids react to them. They often touch and rub my tattoo. Probably trying to see if I just drew on myself. The older kids who can talk now know I have tattoos. One girl always asks why I don’t have a matching tattoo on my other arm/leg. Each time I see her, she asks me that same question and it’s hilarious. There’s no judgement from them. They sometimes come to the centre with temporary tattoos, and proudly show me their own tattoo. They’re growing up in a culture where having tattoos are a normal part of society. It’s nice.

summer ootd 03

As I come to the end of my rambly post, I wanted to ask you guys on your opinions of tattoos. I know quite a lot of you guys do have some yourself. Others may not and be completely against the idea of it. So let’s talk. Do you have any tattoos? Do you want to get any? Why/why not? If you’re against them, is it a cultural reason? A health one? Do you just not like them? Talk to me, cause I’m curious 🙂


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