Doodle Journal Update

Hey all! I have a short little post for you today. The longest time ago, I shared my little doodle journal I had started. I don’t want to fully commit to a bullet journal, so this is a compromise of sorts. Well, I’ve slowly been adding more pages, and even started trying some ‘bu-jo’ esque ideas.

Here’s what I’ve got.

I did one more doodle page, this time for my love of baking!

baking doodle

One of the bu-jo ideas I’ve borrowed is for books I’ve read. I’ve made an aim for 30, and I saw this idea on Pinterest for a bookshelf that looked like fun. I’m up to my fifth book at the moment. As I finish books, I fill in a book. I’ve even decided to colour them in depending on what genre they fit into. Hopefully it’ll be super colourful by the end!

books doodle

Another idea is for movies I’ve seen. It’s very minimalistic, but I love it!

movies doodle

Finally, I’ve done another baking one. As I try new ideas, I do a little doodle of them. I don’t know if I’ll fill the whole page, but I want to try!

baking doodle 2

That’s all the extra pages I’ve done for now. I don’t spend as much time on this as I do other hobbies, but it does give me lots of satisfaction filling in! Do you guys have any ideas of other pages I could do?


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