Starter Make Up Kit For Beginners

I am very much a beginner when it comes to makeup things, but I’d like to think I’ve gone up to beginner from knowing practically nothing. I’ve seen posts and pins from a whole range about what you should look for when creating a makeup kit. Especially for beginners. So since I’ve learnt a little (I stress, a little), I thought I’d throw my hat in the ring. More specifically, I made a video.

I like making these little videos. At first it was weird talking to the camera, and while it still is now, it’s getting less so each time I film. It’s kind of neat! Even if the video doesn’t get much views, I learn more about how I speak, my own mannerisms, filming, and editing. So I still consider it worth it! Anyway, enough rambling. Here’s the video.

So as a recap as to what I say in the video a few times. It’s really up to you about what you want in a kit. What I suggest is similar to other posts you’ll find out there. It’s all about experimenting and trying different brands and formulas and finding out what works best for you!

What do you suggest should be in a makeup starter kit?

Also, if you haven’t seen my earlier post about reaching 2500 followers, I’m celebrating with a Q’n’A which I’ll answer when I reach 2600. Feel free to leave any questions!


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22 thoughts on “Starter Make Up Kit For Beginners

  1. I’m such a horrible girl! I know absolutely nothing – zip – NADA – about makeup. I’m more into skincare and all that jazz, just as long as my skin looks good I just hope that no one recognizes the rest of my flaws. For me, the most essential is BB cream so I guess I would choose that to add in a makeup starter kit. If skin looks yucky then the rest of the makeup won’t help no matter how well its applied. ❤


    1. I knew nothing about makeup till very recently haha. I just really got into it, and for me it was a lot of fun. I’m lucky to have fairly good skin, so I was never into skincare, but I do try my best to look after it too! BB cream is really good! It’s like a foundation and moisturizer rolled into one 😀


  2. I love your videos! You own the camera so well and are very articulate beauty! I have started expanding my beauty routine as well. If you re looking for a new primer, I highly recommend Laura Mercier Her make-up is amazing! ❤


    1. Thank you Amelia! I’m glad you agree 😀
      My favourite is normally foundation, just cause otherwise my face is normally splotchy and red, especially in summer when it’s hot!


  3. I believe I had a powder foundation in my kit when I first started getting into makeup, well, I’ve always been into makeup, but it wasn’t until after high school that I had started wearing foundation and done the full face makeup, it was always just my eyes lol. But I did have an eyeshadow palette with natural shades.


    1. At the beginning I just had a powder foundation, concealer, and just my eyes. I had like one colour just did that haha! It’s not till the last 6 months that I’ve actually started doing full face. I feel like I’m so behind lol


      1. Well you’ll get to more advanced techniques if you practice a lot, I guarantee it 🙂 I still have a lot to learn cause I don’t do my makeup every day lol


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