Looking Back on January

Let’s see what happened this past month.

We celebrated the New Years by making these star constellation cookies! I even managed to stay up till midnight which I rarely do, preferring to go to bed instead. Course, once it ticked over to midnight, I was asleep and in bed within 5 minutes.

cookies 2

We were also still in summer holiday mood from Christmas, so we decided to go out and have a picnic! We went to Percy’s Scenic Reserve, and had a lovely day out! We didn’t get too fancy with our lunch, but it’s so much nicer to eat outside than it is inside.

picnic basket

With all my days off work, I also spent lots of days experimenting with makeup and trying different colours that I normally wouldn’t. Mind you, I didn’t go too crazy. I just veered into more purple and pinks than sticking with my neutral browns and peaches. Still ,it’s progress.

Eventually though, it was back to work. Lots of kids were still on holiday though, so we got to do lots of trips! However, since then, we’ve had all our kids come back and some new ones start. So now it’s lots of noise again.

I also tried another recipe from Nerdy Nummies. This time, her signature mascot, Smart Cookies! This was seriously so hard to do. Piping is trickier than I imagined, and those glasses were a pain to work with. But I did it, and they came out so cute!

smart cookie hiding

We also decided to take another day trip out, this time to Cape Palliser. I’d heard of the lighthouse before, but I didn’t know it was fairly close to us. So during the week I threw the idea to Rory and he agreed it would be fun. The joys of summer and endless road trips to be had!

cape palliser 14

Here’s some more tidbits from this month.

  • I got straight addicted to Horizon Zero Dawn. I mean, I lost hours at a time to that game. I’d sit down and tell myself to only play for one hour, then suddenly it’s five hours later. Yikes. So much fun though.
  • I’m still working on my 3000 piece puzzle. It’s so huge and takes up our entire dining room table. It’s taking me way longer than I thought it would.
  • I read a lot.
  • I had sushi for lunch pretty much three days in a row. I love sushi.
  • I have lost count of how many times I’ve complained about the heat. Look, our summers are normally very tame. They rarely get higher than 25 degrees on a good day. But lately, we’ve had runs of 30 degrees, and I’m not cut out for heat. Yes, I love sunshine, but not that much. I’m sure some of you guys are used to that kind of weather but I’m not. Also, trying to sleep when it’s hot is impossible.
  • I keep falling asleep in the car rides home from work. It takes us around 45 minutes to an hour depending on traffic to get through rush hour, and I cannot stay awake for that long in a warm car no matter how hard I try.

That’s all for my January! How was yours?


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