DSLR vs Phone Camera

So you all may know that I love taking photos.

This habit has been supported (or enabled) by my blogging habit, and it led me to wanting to a DSLR. I wanted to practise my photography, and a manual camera felt like the next step for me.

I’d also had my old point and click camera for a few years and it was starting to have quirks, so I wanted to upgrade. The quality of photos I took on my phone were pretty good, but I had less control over  the settings. Sometimes, I couldn’t get it in focus, or the light wasn’t good, so I wanted a camera where I had more control over those. But in general, I was pretty pleased with the camera on my phone.

When I first got my DSLR, I was so happy with the quality of the photos! They were sharper, and even when I zoomed in, the quality remained perfect (something the camera on my phone couldn’t do). It also helped when filming my videos. The audio quality was much better than my phone. It’s a bit bulky to try do vlogging activities, but I wanted it more for taking photos.

I still haven’t explored too much in manual mode, preferring to use the presets. I have been looking more into how to use manual, and I hope to practice with it soon.

All in all, I’m really happy with my decision to get a DSLR. I’m still only scratching the surface with what I can do with it, and one day, I’d like to buy a new lens or even a more advanced camera! If you’re thinking of buying a DSLR, definitely put lots of thought in and don’t get it on impulse. If all you want is good quality, there are a lot of good cameras that come with phones, but if you want to work more on photography then this is a good option!

What do you use to take photos for your blog?


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41 thoughts on “DSLR vs Phone Camera

  1. I love using my DSLR Nikon D3300 camera to take photos. However sometimes for example when I don’t need to use zoom my Sony Xperia Z5 is great enough to take good quality photos.


  2. I got an iPhone because I wanted good enough photo quality and a good and reliable phone. I’m not into photography other than documenting my little things and taking pictures for the blog and Instagram so it’s more than enough for me. iPhone cameras are very good and I wouldn’t even know how to handle one of those professional/manual cameras lol


    1. That’s fair enough! Cameras on phones can have incredible quality, and if you don’t need to worry about zooming and all that, then an iPhone is perfect! I like learning more about photography, so getting a manual one was a good move for me 🙂


  3. I got myself a DSLR before our trip to Europe in 2016. The shop I purchased it from also gave some lessons on how to use it. Which I needed. However, I also use my iPhone as i find the picture is “nearly” as good as the DSLR. I love that I can zoom in so much more than the phone.


    1. If you’re not zooming, then the quality of most camera phones can be as good as the DSLR. The colours are a bit sharper maybe, but there’s not too much difference. A phone’s zoom capability can’t really compete though


      1. I used the zoom a bit when on the cruise on the Rhine to get up nice and close to the castles. I agree with the phone as well that its just as good. I think its when you get into the nitty gritty of the DSLR and not the automatic settings.


  4. I use my Iphone for taking photos. But there are times when I feel it lacking in a lot of options such as when zooming and adjusting to low lighting.

    DLSR is a great investment and good if you really want to dive deeper into the world of photography. Also love your selfies, Angela. So pretty! ❤️


    1. Wow, that is a lot of storage haha!! I only have 8GB, so I’m always conscious of not taking too many photos. Definitely not something you need to worry about with 256 GB of memory!


    1. Thank you! It’s definitely up to you, but if all you’re looking for is great quality, a lot of phones have amazing cameras! If you want to learn more about manual photography, then definitely look into a beginner DSLR 😀


  5. I’ve had DSLR for ages and made it my mission to learn how to use all the settings not just the basics, but I kinda haven’t done that yet aha. And annoyingly although my phone camera is no where near as good, it just takes so much longer to edit and upload camera photos to my blog than using an edit app on my phone that I tend to barely use my camera 😦 xo


    1. Haha, editing does take a while on my laptop. But it’s become part of my process for my blog, and I love the quality of the DSLR photos. I really want to try the manual settings, but the presets make things so much easier!


      1. Yeah the quality is better! Maybe I need to start taking camera photos again aha! And I want to try more setting too aha – playing around with aperture and shutter speed is about the only thing I can do haha! xo


  6. I generally use my phone to take photos for my blog but I have a canon SX710 point and shoot camera as my main camera. I do also have access to my dad’s Canon EOS40D (it’s my dad’s soars DSLR but I can use it whenever) and a couple of lenses. I personally prefer my point and shoot as a camera as I can take photos of just about anything and it fits nicely in my pocket, so it’s great for if you know you’re likely to take photos of a variety of things. I like the DSLR for some things too like wildlife photography (the shutter speed is better) but only if that’s what I’m solely going tinge doing as I don’t like faffing around with changing lenses and everything ?


    1. A point and shoot camera is definitely a lot easier to bring around haha! A DSLR can do a lot more things when it comes to shutter speed, but it is a bit of a hassle having to bring the bulky camera and the lenses around ?


      1. Yep! I don’t mind it if I know I’m going to only be taking photos of say Animals I’ll take a DSLR but like on holiday when I was taking photos of loads of different things a point and shoot is more convenient 🙂


  7. Great post! I have a Canon Rebel & an iPhone 7. I was hoping to use my DSLR more often but to be honest, have relied on my iPhone heavily as of late – I love both of them though!

    Check out the Canon G7x Mark ii or the G9x Mark ii for your vlogging needs! Might purchase one when my wallet allows it 🙂


  8. You’ll love playing around with the manual settings once you’ve figured it out. Recently I’ve been almost exclusively using the manual mode but do use the presets when I’m pressed for time. It’s fantastic and I also love the ability of manual focus too.
    I think your photos are great as they are. I have a basic model but even basics models have potential to produce some great quality photos ?


  9. I used to take pictures with my phone for my blog but the quality started to bother me. So after lot of thinking I bought my Olympus OM-D and I am so happy that I did!! I am still trying to figure it out too though, I feel like I could get even better pictures with it if I knew perfectly how to use it haha ? xx


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