Have You Met Shannon?

Let’s dive right in.

Haaaaaaaave you met Shannon?

Most of us may know her as Kittyp0p, rightly so as that’s the name of her blog. She is based in the US and living with her boyfriend Justin. She blogs about beauty, lifestyle, thoughts and everything really. All the while sharing with us lots of photos and snippets from her daily life.

Here’s a snippet from her About page:

I really just wanted to start this so I could ramble on about stuff that I think strangers would enjoy more than maybe my friends on Facebook and Instagram. I’ve found that if they KNOW you already, they’ll usually just double tap to be nice and scroll on. Hoping to meet and make some new friends here who are interested in my photos and/or what I have to say enough to stop and chat about what I’m posting.

I remember how I first came across Shannon’s blog. A mutual blogging friend by the name of Maggie (who blogs over at Dreaming of Guatemala, and another lovely human being), featured her on her Spotlight Saturday series last August. I was intrigued and went over, and the rest is history!

As always, here are some of my favourite posts of hers:

These two take a trip out to a sunflower field! I would personally love to visit a sunflower field one day, so I’m always completely enthralled when I see photos of one. There’s also a pumpkin patch and all sorts of autumn-y goodness in this post!

As part of birthday celebrations, Shannon (and Justin) take us on a trip to the zoo! It seems like they had such an amazing time (giraffes!) and from all the photos, it’s like we came with them on the trip!

I like makeup reviews on general, but what I really like about Shannon’s reviews are how detailed she is. She rates each lipstick on whether they’re transfer proof, food proof, kiss proof, application, texture, color, longevity, packaging and price!

Look at that coat! Doubling as an OOTD post as well as a little recap post of their trip to a friend’s wedding. I really love how Shannon’s posts are little snippets into her life, with lots of selfies and photos!

You can already see how fun this post is. I loved reading everyone’s Christmas Haul posts, and Shannon’s was no different!

Shannon and Justin recently adopted Fear and Misery. They’re tiny white tree frogs and they’re amazing! I can’t wait to hear more about them.

So, have I convinced you guys to go check out Shannon’s blog yet??


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