10×10 Style Challenge (Summer Edition)

To be fair, I have a habit of wearing the same clothes a lot. I just know what works for me. But the point it, I want to try change up how I wear them. I’ve seen Meg do this recently, and she credits Style Bee for first introducing the challenge. The rules aren’t set in stone, you’re allowed to play around.

But basically, over the next 10 days, the outfits I wear should be made up primarily of 10 items I’ve chosen beforehand.

So here are my 10 items.

  • Floral Skater Dress
  • White and Black Striped Singlet
  • Superdry T-Shirt
  • Blue and White Floral Singlet
  • Dark Blue Light Sweatshirt
  • Grey Cardigan
  • Black Harem Pants
  • Blue Denim Shorts
  • Black Open Toe Flats
  • Yellow Sandals

Over the next 10 days, I’m going to style a different outfit. That’s the goal anyway. As I’m still in summer, I’ve chosen lots of light layers and shorter items.

I’ve tried to pick different colours and patterns, mixing favourite items with some versatile ones. I think I’ll do good with these. Well we’ll try anyway. At the end of 10 days, I’ll share the outfits that I came up with.

Have you guys done a challenge like this before?


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