My Favourite Pinterest Boards

I’ve seen a few posts around where people share there Pinterest boards. I’m always on Pinterest searching one thing or another. There’s just endless amounts of inspiration on there. It’s led to me doing Pinspiration posts every now and then, where all I do is share my favourite things from Pinterest lately.

So, anyway, in terms of using Pinterest to support my blog, I haven’t figured that out yet. I will link pictures to pins, but not that much. To be honest, I can’t be bothered most of the time. I just like searching random stuff, and pinning endlessly.

I currently have 22 boards, each of them have pins ranging from 1 to over 100. It’s all over the place really, which is how I roll.

Here are my ten favourite boards:



Self-explanatory really. One of my longest running boards, and with the most pinned to it. Pinterest is a never ending source of inspiration, especially for tattoos. I can go down a very deep rabbit hole searching for tattoo ideas on there. My favourites are definitely of the floral and mandala variety.



Random doodles I like, cool fonts, and bullet journal inspiration all fall into this board. Also just cute random little drawings. I’ve tried my hand at recreating a few, which have gone into my own doodle book.


Make up

I am obsessed with people who are skilled at makeup. It’s fascinating and beautiful, and I could just spend hours staring at those time lapse tutorial videos. In this board I stick makeup pins I admire, love, and some which I hope to emulate.

Flat Lays for Days

flat lays

The pinnacle of blog lifestyle and beauty photography. I am still very much getting the hang of this, but I have to admit, it’s so much fun. Pulling together different items and seeing how it all comes together can be both frustrating and relaxing. This is when looking through Pinterest comes in handy to get you inspired!



This is full of recipes that I hope to one day finally make, as well as sharing the ones I’ve done in the blog. As with my tattoo board, this one is just never ending.

Baking Tips

Baking Tips

To support my food one, and my return to baking, I have been searching up helpful tips and tricks.

Quotes to Inspire


What’s a Pinterest account, without a board for lots of inspiring and motivating quotes! Whether the quote speaks to me, or how it’s presented, I keep adding to my board. It’s definitely somewhere I return to if I’m needing to feel inspired!



Pretty photos, creative ideas, and just tips to help me figure out more about photography. Especially when it comes to working out the more technical side of using a manual camera.

Blog Ideas

Blog Ideas

Cause blogging everyday means I gotta keep up with a steady stream of ideas! Pinterest, as well as reading other blogs always helps to gets those creative juices going!

Wedding Things

Wedding Things

One of my first boards I ever created. After getting engaged, I started using Pinterest more to get ideas for wedding planning. From figuring out timelines, to the ceremony, to photo ideas and decorations, Pinterest has got something for you. I still add to it now just for fun.

There you have it! Lots of my favourite boards to pin things on. Pinterest is such an amazing place for inspiration. I add links to my blog on there, but it’s not how I primarily use Pinterest. It’s just a fun place to kill some (or lots) of time.

Do you use Pinterest? What kind of boards do you have?


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