How Do You Measure a Year?

I sometimes like to peruse Reddit, and one of my favourite subreddits to read is AskReddit. It’s a great way to kill some time. It has also led to some long car conversations when me and Rory are stuck in traffic. So, get ready for a rambly kind of post. One question that caught my attention last week was “In your mind, how do you measure a year?”

My first thought, was that song from Rent. The one with 525,600 minutes.

Then, I started thinking about it more. It’s definitely an interesting concept, and I loved reading all the answers. Some viewed it in seasons, others said they saw it via school/college semesters, while others saw it through a series of events. One person said that as a child, they thought it was weird when parents were talking about an event and couldn’t remember what year it was. That seems like something you should know immediately right? But even now, I find myself struggling to remember what year that particular thing happened.

I realized that I measure a year by a combination of seasons, holidays and events. If there’s anything that stands out, like a holiday or whatever, then that helps to make that year more memorable. I’m someone who likes to remember dates. When it comes to my relationship with Rory, I know the first date we met, went out, first kiss, all that. However, with Rory these dates are more mixed up. Is that a girl/boy thing? We both know the big dates though, like birthdays and official anniversaries. Also, when I asked Rory this question, he said he doesn’t really measure a year in his head. Events stand out, but after a while, they all just start to mix together.

Another thought I had, is for school years. Down here, our summer holidays fall in December to February. So the school year starts in February, and ends around December. However, those of you guys in the other side of the world,  a school year starts in September and ends in around July right? That has always confused me, cause your school year is technically crossing over into two years. But again, it’d be something you guys are used to, like having Christmas in winter.

Random tangent aside, I’m curious about your thoughts. How do you measure a year? By seasons, events, school, holidays, by the traditional months and days? When you think of a year in your life, how does it roll around in your head? Chronologically? Does it jump around? Do these questions just confuse you? Let me know!


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