February Photos

Sharing my favourite photos from the last month.


  • Top left are gummies that showed up at my work. They were all so cute, and I had to take a photo of my coke and hotdog gummy before devouring them.
  • Top right is my incredible pancakes from Jackson Street Cafe & Bistro
  • The middle three are from my dinner out with Rory at La Bella Italia. The drinks, main course and dessert were all incredible!
  • The last two are my baking posts for the month! The Chocolate Heart Cupcakes, and Petri Dish Jellies!



As always, I love playing with makeup then taking selfies. It’s my thing. You can really tell what’s my go-to pose. Head tilted, looking down, and a little smile. What can I say? It never lets me down ;D

I’ve been trying to experiment more with eyeshadows and trying do that cut crease thing. It’s a work in progress.



  • Did you know, that cats are drawn to Rory? No matter where we go, if there’s a cat, they’ll go to him and ignore me. I’m always offended. The pictures in the top row of us at the cat cafe prove this fact.
  • The last one on the top row is a candid I took of him at La Bella Italia which I just like.
  • I also tried a new bath bomb from Lush, it was the Sex Bomb. It was already really warm as we’re in summer, and I put it in really hot water. I made our bathroom into a sauna. It was actually pretty nice.
  • While walking through town on my break, I came across decorative lanterns for the Lunar New Year celebrations. They were really bright!
  • Finally, two pictures I took for blog posts that I really loved made it in here. One from my Lipstick Collection, and the other is the element jars I made.


Those are all my favourite photos from this month! I quite like doing this post, it’s nice to do a bit of a photo dump here haha!

What’s something you took photos of this month?


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