2018 Goals Round Up #2

Each month I’ve decided to keep myself accountable for those goals/resolutions I made at the beginning of the year. I may also add some monthly goals that I will check up in next month.

1) Try a new baking recipe at least once a month – I have two recipe books to choose from, so this seems very doable. Since I have lots of other hobbies I like to spend time on, aiming for at least one a month should be doable.

I’ve stuck to two food posts this month! The first is the Chocolate Cupcake recipe, which I made into heart shapes for Valentine’s. The second is the Petri Dish Jellies, which requires no baking, but lots of arranging. Both were from my Nerdy Nummies cookbook again!

2) (Re)Learn new songs on the piano – You may notice there’s no number here. My aim is to learn at least one, I really need to get my rusty piano skills back up to scratch.

Did nothing again. There’s so many songs I’ve forgotten though, that I think I’m going to change this to relearn a few old songs, as that seems more plausible

3) (Re)Learn new songs on the ukulele – I actually learnt one new song in 2017, but I want to learn more. I really love playing the ukulele and singing along, as terrible as my singing voice is..

I can still do a few songs on the ukulele, but again, for now, we’re going to focus on relearning some of the old songs and getting them back up to scratch. For now anyway.

4) Practice photography more – Again, just a vague goal. But I want to take more photos, maybe do more challenges. I want to continue learning more. I don’t doubt I will take more photos this year though.

There weren’t really any photo excurions this month, but I did get to mess around with taking close ups of photos which I still find fun. I need to find my user manual though before I try tackle manual mode.

5) Complete Duolingo course in Japanese – I’ve already started a few weeks back, and it’s been so much fun. Here’s hoping I don’t lose motivation over the year.

Still going strong.

6) Do some sort of exercise at least twice a week – running, dance cardio, strength, yoga, just something damn it! Come on Angela, just do it!

Again, the minimum I’ve done this past month was 3 times a week. I wasn’t feeling my best for that week, so I just stuck with changing up some yoga flows. I want to get back into doing some more higher-intensity workouts though as I’m feeling better now.

7) Learn more hairstyles than just a ponytail – I don’t do much with my hair, I just don’t know what to do with it. I need to try some of the many pins I have.

Uh, beyond pinning stuff, I haven’t done much. I did get a curler this past month though and played a bit with it.

8) Continue trying more makeup looks  similar to my previous goal, I want to learn to do more with my makeup. Especially with my eyes. It’s fun to play with!

I always love doing this. I bought quite a few more products this past month, so I was able to play around more.

9) Try more DIY’s, maybe make a scrapbook, or home decor – I did the travel wall last year, and I’d like to do more! Pinterest will be very helpful with this goal.

I did the element jars, which was pretty easy and fun. I do have a few projects on the go, of varying difficulty in terms of DIY, but I’m trying not to set a certain deadline on them as I don’t want to stress myself out. I’m pretty excited for them though! Some are looking good, while others could be better.

10) Go on holiday overseas – We have plans for Japan which seems like it’ll go through. If something happens though, I hope we still get to go overseas at least once this year.

Stay tuned for Japan shenanigans in May.

11) Go on holiday within New Zealand – I always like to say travel locally, so hopefully we can do more of that this year!

Awww. We had to cancel our upcoming trip to Taupo, because I misjudged how much leave I have. It’s not enough for a week to Taupo and then the two weeks to Japan. I am more keen for Japan, and also we’ve paid for flights, so I had to prioritise. Maybe towards the end of the year we can do a spring/summer trip to somewhere.

12) Keep my journals and planners up to date – I have quite a few journals. One to keep track of my budget, my daily thoughts journal, and my blogging planner. I want to continue to keep them up to date.


13) Complete a colouring book – I have so many, and none are even close to being finished. Maybe I can finish my small one..

Haha, nope. I’m going to focus on doing my music related goals next month, but maybe the month after I’ll set some more time to colour.

14) Read 30 books – My 2017 Reading challenge was set to 20 books, I finished that and more, so I think I can set my goal a little higher this year! 

I only read one book this month. It was just tough to get through, not that it was boring, but it was a lot for me to take in. Here’s hoping next month, I fly through some more lighter books!

15) Watch 15 movies – I mean new ones, not rewatching ones I’ve seen before. 15 is already a lot, but it seems doable.

Surprisingly we’ve watched quite a lot of movies. More so than usual. There was The Room (which required me devoting a post to my thoughts about it), When We First Met (a cute but predictable romcom), and Blades of Glory (Rory put it on and I hadn’t seen it before, again predictable, but funny). All three are new movies I’ve seen, so I’m doing really well on this!

16) Continue blogging everyday – I love blogging, and having a post up everyday has been so much fun for me. Here’s hoping I can keep this up for 2018!


17) Do more collaborations with fellow bloggers – I did a few collabs in 2017, and I’d love to do more ?

Yes! I have kept to my one collab a month. This month, I did a baking one with Anni! I do have one in the works with Sarah (but shh, spoilers), and I have others I’m thinking about too.

Actually, I have one in mind, but it requires sending a package to each other. You know those youtube videos where people try food from another country? I thought it would be fun to do that. To send a care package of sorts with lots of classic foods (sweets, savoury, etc) from your home country. So I would send you stuff from NZ, and vice versa, then we can do a post about it. If that appeals to me, let me know in the comments or on my Contact page!

18) Reach 5000 followers!  I mean, I never thought I’d get over 2000 by the end of 2017, so why not aim high right? Even if I fall short, it’ll still be more followers than I would have imagined I’d get to! 

We’re nearly up to 2800, so at this rate, 5000 may be doable!

That’s all my goals currently! I want to focus on practicing on my music skills a bit more next month, as I’ve been ignoring those completely these past two months.

How have you been going with your monthly/yearly goals?


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