Summer Memories

I have another little montage video for you guys! I always have fun editing these together. Plus, I have a habit of taking lots of little video clips in my day to day life, aided by my 1SE app. This one is all from the last few months though. During the months of summer, we did quite a few road trips, spent heaps of time with family, had lots of milkshakes, and enjoyed the sunshine!

Now that it’s March, we’re leaving summer and entering Autumn. So I wanted to share with you all this little video of what I’ve been up to this past summer!

Some of the moments I showed in the video, I also wrote blog posts about! Visiting the Botanic Gardens, having a picnic at Percy Scenic Reserve, and taking a road trip up to Cape Palliser!

As I begin entering these colder seasons, I pass all the summer vibes over to you guys on the other side of the world. Enjoy it, cause it’ll definitely come back to me at the end of the year! 😛

What’s one of your highlights from the past months?


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