What I’m Looking Forward to in Autumn

There’s a lot of spring posts coming up, so as always, I’m here with my own post on the season that I’m experiencing down here. Our summer is starting to wrap up, and we’re stepping into autumn.

So, here’s five things I’m looking forward to in Autumn!

  • Cooler Weather

I’m sure I’ll start complaining about the cold weather 6 months down the line, but this summer has been really intense for us! Our last summer barely hit us, but this one saw a few weeks of non stop really hot weather. Lots of sun and humidity which lost it’s novelty after a few days. So I’ve been enjoying these milder days before winter shows it’s head.

  • Lots of foliage


Photo by Peter Aschoff on Unsplash

I think we can all agree that nature always looks so amazing in autumn. All the oranges, reds and yellows only come around in Autumn, and I always look forward to it! I didn’t have my DSLR last autumn, so I’ll be planning lots of photo excursions!

  • Crunchy Leaves


Photo by kazuend on Unsplash

Do I need to explain crunchy leaves?? There is just something so satisfying on stepping on a crunchy leaf. I get the same happy feelings inside like when I pop bubble wrap. It’s the little things right!

  • Apples and Pumpkins


Photo by Fischer Twins on Unsplash

I love summer fruits, they’re all fresh and perfect for smoothies. Autumn fruits and vegetables are perfect for baking and cooking! I have so many apple recipes that I love, and I’d love to try more baking recipes with pumpkin. Pumpkin soup is also a favourite autumn/winter meal, so filing and comforting!

  • Layers

I have a thing for layers. I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again, I love cardigans! Cardigans, sweaters, scarves, beanies, boots, all that jazz. I can take advantage of the cooler weather to wear these, but not be overwhelmed yet by the freezing weather of winter.

That’s what I’m looking forward to in Autumn! What are you looking forward in the coming season, whether it’s Spring or Autumn?


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26 thoughts on “What I’m Looking Forward to in Autumn

  1. Spring for me 🙂
    Autumn should be so lovely, Angela, when the colours are sublime. I bet you will have fun shooting them with your new camera. My favourite part is chancing upon dried leaves pressed between the pages of random books. xx


    1. I am really excited to shoot some photos of nature in autumn ? I didn’t have my camera last time! I’ve never done that with leaves, but it does sound like a beautiful thing to come across down the line ?


  2. Autumn is a beautiful time of year! We have had the opposite problem. It’s been so cold in the UK, more so then normal. So I can’t wait to just stop wearing my coats and put on some nice sandals. I love pumpkins though – pumpkin lattes are amazing!


  3. YES crunchy leaves! That’s one of my favourite things about autumn too, and pumpkin spice lattes 🙂
    I’m looking forward to wearing less layers this spring and having less dry skin with the warm weather!


  4. I usually love Fall, but alas as I am writing this and we are preparing for our fourth Nor’Easter in two weeks, I am so over anything cold. You have my sympathy that Summer is ending. I am anxiously anticipating it. Lol.
    But not to be a complete downer, I do love layers and your outfits are stunning! ❤


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