How I Try Stay Organized with Daily Blogging

Hey all. As one of the few daily bloggers out there, I thought I would share more on how I keep myself and Life of Angela on track. I wrote a post a while back on how I plan my blog, and I wanted this to be a bit of an update on it. But first, I’ve been having issues with my reader the past few days. They didn’t show, which was confusing, as I was running around trying to get it fixed but nothing was happening. Then it was fixed all of a sudden. I don’t know. Anyway, glad that seems to be all over. Back to my crazy planning ways.

I use a calendar on my laptop to plan out my blog posts. It’s neater as I can erase and rewrite ideas and keep track of my posts. After that, I write it in my physical planner. On my planner, I keep track of the posts I write, and how they do. I also keep track of stats and all those numbers I try not to focus too much on. It’s quite a nice part of my day writing all this out though.

As I get inspired for ideas, I fill them in my digital planner. If there’s any events coming up, I try to think of post ideas based on them. I have them filled in a few weeks in advance. As time moves on, I shift and play around with ideas, deciding which ones I want to stick in around a week in advance.

During the weekend, I plan out photos, excursions, baking/craft activities, etc depending on when I want the post to go up. Sometimes they’re for the upcoming week, or if I have more time, they’re for the following week. I often plan my videos a few weeks in advance so I have time to edit. Once I have my photos, I do a little bit of editing. Then I start writing the posts for the week. I aim to write two-three during the weekend, but I’m often able to write four-five. During the rest of the week, I write the rest of the posts.

At the end of a month, I tend to look back at the posts and see what categories I’ve covered. If I feel like I’ve done too many of one, or not enough of another, then I change some post ideas around. This tends to cycle through each month, but that’s all I really do to keep organized and keep on blogging everyday!

This may seem a bit extreme considering I also work full time, and still want to be sociable every now and then offline, and honestly, it is a bit draining at times. I do have a love of blogging, but sometimes I do feel like I need to pull back a tad. I still have posts planned everyday till the end of the month, but I’m thinking of pulling back and just blogging on the weekdays from the next month. Just to give me time to devote to my many other hobbies, besides blogging.


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