Recreating my Wedding Makeup

To continue with my themed anniversary posts, I got the idea to try recreate my wedding makeup look. I feel like I know more about makeup than I did a year ago, so I could do a similar look at least. When my lovely makeup artist Dom asked me what look I wanted, I said ‘natural’, and a little romantic. My makeup was stunning on the day, and it’s definitely my preferred ‘natural’ look, but a but more glam. I compiled all the photos I had of my makeup, and set about trying to do my own spin on it.

look 01

Obviously, I couldn’t do the hair, as that is way beyond my skill level. The makeup is also out of my level, but I felt like I could at least give it a shot. What I remember the most is she did a lot of work on my eyes. I wanted a bronze/golden eye, but I still stressed the whole ‘natural’ look overall. I think she nailed it. My recreated eye look is a lot more subtle, but I did try to build it up! I also only did one layer of mascara, but on the day, there was a bit more.

look 02

Looking at the photos now, I’m so impressed with how she ‘sculpted’ my face. You know what I mean, contouring, bronzing and highlighting. I tried a bit, but it doesn’t show up too much on the camera. Dom did say that while it feels like a lot of makeup being put on, it doesn’t look like that in the photos. She was right yet again! I don’t know the products she used, except for the lips. We used my only lipstick at the time as it was my favourite. The Clinique Pop in nude.

look 03

All in all, I’m fairly happy with my recreated look. It reminds me of my wedding makeup, but definitely a more subtle version. Which is funny, as my makeup on the day wasn’t that extreme. I always love the opportunity where professionals make me up though, it’s so nice to be pampered!

Here are all the products I used to recreate this look:

  • Primer – Too Faced Hangover Primer
  • Foundation – Bare Minerals Original Foundation SPF 15
  • Concealer – Tarte Shape Tape Concealer in Medium
  • Bronzer – Tarte Amazonian Clay Matte Bronzer in Navigate
  • Highlighter – Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector in Opal
  • Blush – Tarte Amazonian Clay Blush in Perk
  • Finishing Powder – Stellar Cosmic Face Powder in Glow
  • Brows – Maybelline Master Brow Pro Palette in Deep Brown
  • Eyeshadow – Combination of Colour Pop Double Entendre Palette and Tarte Treasure Box
  • Mascara – Marc Jacobs Beauty Velvet Noir Major Volume Mascara in Noir
  • Lipstick – Clinique Pop Lip & Primer in Nude
  • Setting Spray  – Urban Decay All-Nighter Setting Spray


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53 thoughts on “Recreating my Wedding Makeup

    1. It’s always a lot of fun to have a professional do your makeup 😀
      I didn’t used to do much makeup on myself either, but I’ve really been getting into learning more about it lately 😀


    1. Thanks Azra! I feel like I wouldn’t have been able to do this a year ago, so I’m happy I’ve been able to learn more about makeup since then 🙂
      I really do like gold eyeshadow, it does seem to be a nice fit for me 😀


  1. Love this post! I was thinking about doing something similar for Mike & I’s anniversary next month 🙂
    You did a great job recreating your wedding makeup, it’s hard when you don’t know exactly which products or techniques the mua is using. Both the wedding day and the recreation are beautiful!


    1. Thanks Cleia! I thought it was a fun idea so i have it a go, you should do it too! I’d love to see how you do it 😄 I knew that the lipstick was the same but i have no idea what else she used on the day! 🙂


  2. A lot of people want a natural, easy look for their wedding day and its easy to understand why because it looks beautiful! I’ve never had someone professionally make me up before, it sounds fun! I wouldn’t be surprised if I end up in a bold lip on my wedding day 😛


    1. It’s definitely a look that I think most people go for on their wedding 😀 I’ve had my makeup done professionally twice now, and it’s always so much fun! They always take on board your preferences and comments 🙂


  3. You did great! Shape Tape is the absolute best concealer I have ever tried whenever I see a makeup look online I always scroll down to confirm they used it – more than half the time it is Shape Tape lol


  4. I think you did really well. It’s most likely the lighting that’s making your contour look different. If I need it to really show in a photo, I kind of keep pressing on and then blend. But it is there and I can see the definition well in your photos, so I put it down to light. The eye shadow is gorgeous and those tones really suit you.


    1. Thanks Laura! I do remember my mua saying that it always looks like heaps of makeup until you take a photo, then all of a sudden you can’t see it as much 🤔
      Lighting probably also makes quite a difference like you said 🙂


  5. Nice, a friend of mine did my makeup and it was pretty natural too. Though I don’t have good pictures of how it looked haha. Besides her I haven’t had anyone else do my makeup, unless Alex counts? He’s done my makeup before for fun. I actually want him to do it again lmao.
    Anyway, even though it’s less subtle you gave it a shot and it looks good. More practice makes perfect!


    1. Natural always seems like a great choice for the wedding 😀
      Haha, I don’t think Rory would know where to start with doing my makeup lol! It definitely sounds like it’d be funny though 🙂
      Thanks Rossy!


      1. It always is lol. I think I did the same? It’s just safe, my mom got a freelance makeup artist but the girl never went to try makeup on her, I guess she thought she could wing it the day of but my god was she wrong. My mother’s makeup was terrible and the farthest thing from natural 😒 I was so pissed and I ended up taking all of her makeup off lol.
        You guys should see some videos on YouTube, there’s plenty of them and they’re usually really fun haha.


      1. You did amazing! Haha I am the same way! I never use to really are past foundation and lipstick, but definitely working on the contouring and eyes more. ❤


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