April Favourites

The end of another month has arrived, so it’s time for me to share some favourites!

Letterman Jacket

jacket ootd 05

I love this jacket so much that I dedicated an OOTD post to it. I found it at an opshop and fell in love. The colours, the patches, the design and just how warm it is has made it so nice to cuddle into at the end of a long work day.

Combat Boots

combat boots

I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve worn this already. They are so comfortable and sturdy. I love the colour and design of them, they also appeared in my recent OOTD post about moving from summer to fall. I’ve never had a pair of boots like this before, but I’m so glad I found them at an opshop!

Tarte Lip Paint in Epic

tarte lippies 06

I had to include one of my new Tarte lip paints! My favourite is Epic at the moment. It’s quite a deep pink/red. I really like how it looks on me!

Capture Your Style

capture your style

Rory got me this book last month and I’ve been enjoying flicking through it! I liked reading this book, and Song really gives some great tips and inspiration for outfit photos and the like.

UK Snacks from Sarah

uk snacks

This is technically a post in the works, but a while back Sarah (from Vintage Tea Rose) and I agreed to do a snack swap. Basically, we grab popular snacks from our country and send them to the other. Sarah sent me this massive box jam packed full of snacks. I’ve already started digging into them! Thank you again Sarah! The post for this will be up in a few days!

april faves

Here are my favourite posts from April:

That’s all for my favourites for this month! What’s some of your favourite things from April?


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April Photos

Sharing a bunch of photos I took this month!


  • I only baked once this month, and it was another Nerdy Nummies recipe! This time, I made Carrot Cake Balls.
  • I also tried a Popin’ Cookin kit to make some tiny candy sushi! It was fun to make, and they look adorable!
  • The last photo is of a Coffee Caramel Crunch milkshake. It was amazing.


  • The first three selfies aren’t related to any blog posts. I was just happy with my makeup on those days and wanted to document it.
  • The next two are from my OOTD posts this month. My transition to fall OOTD, and the OOTD starring my letterman jacket.
  • The last one is from my Tarte lipstick post, I really like how that shade looked on me.


  • The first DIY I did early this month was melting crayons on a canvas to make this top left masterpiece. I really recommend trying it.
  • The last three pictures are all from my Zine DIY. I loved creating it, and I’m already planning on making more!

These are my favourite photos from this past month! I always love looking through the photos I take at the end of the month.

What’s your favourite photo from the past month?


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What’s In My Travel Makeup Bag?

As regular readers may know, I’m heading off to Japan soon. Since my last big trip, my makeup routine (and collection) has grown a bit. So now the question of what makeup to bring on this trip requires a lot more consideration. While deciding all this, I thought it would be a fun post. I want to have enough makeup for my usual everyday look, and this means bringing at least one of each item. I want to have options but I also don’t want to get too crazy with what I bring. So, here’s what I’ve wound up with.

travel makeup bag 01

Here’s what I’m bringing for my base makeup. These are all the products I use for my everyday look. The Too Faced Hangover Primer, Bare Minerals Foundation, and Tarte Shape Tape Contour Concealer make up my base makeup. These are all tried and true products for me, so they’re definitely making the trip. Finally, I wanted to bring my Rimmel Stay Matte Pressed Powder. I also wanted to bring some extras as well. I chose the Physicians Formula Butter Bronzer and the Becca Pressed Powder Highlighter.

travel makeup bag 02

Moving on, here’s the eye makeup I plan on bringing. For eyebrows, my Maybelline MasterBrow Pro Palette. I wanted to bring an eye palette as well, so I chose my Colour Pop Double Entendre. It’s great for everyday wear, and has lots of warm colours to choose from. I went back and forth on which mascara to bring, and landed on my Tarte Lights, Camera and Lashes 4-in-1. It’s a mini size and perfect for travel. I also wanted to bring my Tarte Double Take Eyeliner, even if I don’t end up using eyeliner on the trip, I like having it there.

travel makeup bag 03

I also wanted to bring at least two lipsticks. I settled on my NYX Soft Matte in London as a neutral colour, and my favourite Tarte lip paint in Grand as a brighter colour. I also had to bring my Urban Decay All-Nighter Setting Spray.

travel makeup bag 04

All that’s left are the tools I want to bring. My Real Techniques miracle sponge was a must. As for the brushes, I had quite a few in mind. For face brushes, I’m bringing my Real Techniques expert face brush, buffing brush and contour brush. For eye brushes, I planned on bringing my Wet’n’Wild angled liner brush, crease brush and Real Techniques Base Shadow brush. I also am bringing some tweezers and my eyelash curler as a bonus.

travel makeup bag 05

That’s all of it! It may sound like a lot to me, but I do use most of them on a daily basis so I want them to come with me. There’s a few extras, but I did try to stick (mostly) to the essentials.

travel makeup bag 06

What makeup do you bring when you go travelling?


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Making Candy Sushi

Near my work, there’s an Asian Food store I often stop by to get snacks. While wandering the aisles, I saw a whole bunch of these Popin Cookin Kits. You could make tiny sized, candy versions of lots of different foods. There was donuts (which is next on my list to try), burgers and fries, pizza and so much more. The sushi one jumped out at me so I decided to try it first.

One Sunday afternoon, I sat down  and decided to try it out. I should point out that all the instructions and materials are in Japanese so I had no idea what it said. Luckily, there was also pictures on the instructions so I figured I could work it out. I decided to film me trying it as I thought it would make for a fun video!

Here’s the end results! They look pretty close to the real thing! I was so happy with how they ended up, I’m so keen to try out more.

candy sushi 01

candy sushi 04

Have you guys ever tried one of these kits?


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If We Were Having Coffee (April Edition)

Another monthly catch up with some kind of beverage. I opted for a milkshake since I recently tried Sweet Bakery & Cakery’s milkshake of the month. It was Coffee Caramel Crunch and it was amazing! Rory took photos of me with it, and this was one of the candids where I was enjoying it way too much.

If we were having coffee, I’d talk about how fast this month went by. I had fun trying some new recipes, doing some crafts and catching up with friends. All in all the month slipped by me fairly fast. You guys ever have months like this?

If we were having coffee, I would talk about how I’m liking my new blog schedule. I’ve gone from everyday to just Monday-Friday. I’m sure some people still think that’s a lot, but it’s perfect for me! During the week, I’m no longer writing posts after work, I have time to just chill which has been really nice.

If we were having coffee, I would once again talk about Japan. I feel like I’ve been talking about it since the beginning of the year (cause I have been), and it’s literally only 2 weeks away!! By the time I do my next coffee catch up I will have already been!

That’s all I have for this catch up. It’s short and sweet. Tell me something that’s been going on with you guys lately!


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Have You Met Georgia?

Let’s get back into it!

Haaaaaaaaaaaaave you met Georgia?

Georgia blogs over at Midnight Madness. She writes about fashion, beauty, travel, lifestyle, health/fitness and so much more! She really is a Girl Boss!

Here’s a snippet from Georgia’s About Me page:

This blog is a place for me to to collect my thoughts and document my memories. Also, it’s a place where I get to write about all the things I’m passionate about, such as fashion, beauty, self-improvement, success and happiness. Although my blog is mainly lifestyle, I also love to rant about all the super exciting travelling that I do, literally every time I get a chance. Hope you enjoy reading as much as I love writing about it.

I’ve always been super into writing and very outspoken so not too long ago I decided it’d be interesting to rant about life to strangers on the internet, in hopes that I can motivate and help others as much as I can.

I’ve been following Georgia for ages, she is such an inspiration

Here are some of my favourite posts of hers:


The first coffee catch up post I remember reading on WordPress was from Georgia! These are my favourite lifestyle posts to read as it’s nice to just catch up with what’s been going on lately.

Georgia often shares blogging and writing tips, and this is one of my favourites. She talks about four questions that you want to ask yourself before publishing a post.


I love travel posts in general, let me just say that right off the bat. In this post, Georgia takes us around the Grove in L.A!


I’m someone who loves to buy notebooks. I’m sure a lot of us are. Georgia shares lots of ideas to fill up any notebooks you may have lying around!


Georgia shares three different outfits in this post. All in preparation for the change of season. I definitely recommend checking out her other outfits in the post as well!

I really recommend checking out Georgia’s blog if you haven’t already! She writes such an array of creative and inspiring posts!


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Summer to Autumn Transition OOTD (Collab with AyR Galaxy)

This is a collab with the amazing Rossy at AyR Galaxy! We have wanted to do a collab together for a while, and decided on a transitional OOTD. By that I mean, we’re sharing outfits to transition us into the new season! For me, I’m moving from Summer to Autumn. For Rossy, she’s moving from Winter to Spring. Be sure to check out her post as well! Here’s a little sneak peek of hers:


I’m loving the blush pink colours! Perfect for Spring! For my side of the world, we’re moving into the cooler seasons. Autumn has already begun rearing it’s head. The sun is setting earlier, and it’s a lot colder and rainier. However, it’s not freezing…yet.

For my transitional outfit, I’ve included one of my summer staples. The denim shorts! I mean, I do wear this constantly, even now. I just love them. This time though, I’ve added stockings and my new combat boots as my legs get cold. I also included a slightly warmer blue sweater and my favourite pompom beanie.

autumn ootd 03

All this left meant that I was able to get around the day without feeling cold. It was also quite comfy. These combat boots are seriously my favourite things at the moment. I can walk around in them all day and not feel sore!

autumn ootd 04

As always blue is my favourite colour and I always wear some form of the colour. This outfit actually reminds me of one of my older OOTD’s last year when it was moving into spring!

Believe it or not, this top is different. It’s the same colour, but it has shorter sleeves and is a bit thicker. It’s my colder blue sweater! Also, look at the light difference in these photos! They were both taken around 6pm, just 7 months apart.

autumn ootd 06

So there you go! An OOTD post for moving into the wintry seasons. Add more layers, boots and a hat!

Outfit Details:

Sweater – Farmers

Shorts – Dotti

Stockings – Can’t remember

Beanie – The Warehouse

Boots – Thrifted


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DIY – My “Blue” Zine

I recently did a letter swap with the lovely Anni over at Glücksgeist. Along with her letter, she also create a little ‘zine’, which is the cutest thing ever. She called it “My Little Book of Positivity”, and it’s filled with so much cute graphics and inspiring quotes! I love it so much.

letter from anni

anni's zine

Over on her blog, she recently created another zine all about her current obsession of anything yellow. I finally decided to create one of my own! I decided to stick with the theme of blue since that’s one of my favourite colours.


I looked up a DIY of how to make these little zines. I followed this how-to post, and I was surprised to see how easy it was to make! I had so much fun making my little zine, and I definitely plan on making more! I used my sprocket to print out photos, as well as washi tape and some cardstock to decorate. I wanted to stick with a blue theme throughout the book, hence the title “My Little Book of Blue”.

The first two pages are all about travel. I used the photo of me in the infinity pool in Fiji on one side. On the other side I put the definition of wanderlust, because it fit the theme.


The next two pages are about love. So obviously, I had to include a photo of Rory and I. I was going to include a wedding photo, but none of them are blue. So I used one from our engagement instead. The quote is one of my favourites from Winnie the Pooh. There are seriously so many amazing quotes from those books!


I wanted to include one of my favourite quotes from Maya Angelou as well. So I looked around for another blue photo and landed on the one of me at my sister’s wedding. In my blue maxi dress on Waiheke Island, it’s one of my favourite photos.


Here’s how the whole thing looks when you unfold it.

my zine

I’m so happy with how all of this came together!! I had so much fun putting it together, and now I have two! I plan to make more about all sorts of things!!

Have you guys ever made a zine?


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This Time Next Year Tag Catch Up

I remember writing this original tag around a year ago and thinking how crazy it would be if I was still actively blogging in a year. Well 2017 Angela, you definitely still are! So, in this post, I’m going to reflect back on goals I made a year ago in this tag and see where I am with them.

So here are the goals I made a year ago, and how I’ve done on them.

  • Save up more money

What with our trip to Sydney, wedding, and then honeymoon, I spent a decent bit last year. I want to save a lot more, I won’t set an exact amount, but I do plan to have a strict(ish) budget so I can work on my savings!

Technically speaking, our savings is more or less in the same place as last year. Maybe less actually, but to be fair, we have bought a house. The point of saving more was to work towards a deposit though, so I kind of think this goal was accomplished!

  • Do more crafts in general

This goal may seem a bit odd, but I haven’t really done much DIY/crafts projects in ages. I used to really enjoy them, especially scrapbooking, cross stitches and puzzles. So by next year, hopefully I’ve done more.

I definitely think I’ve done this! Particularly these past few months, I’ve really dove into doing more little DIY projects I like. I even completed my 3000 piece puzzle last week. I still have more DIY projects I want to keep working on, so I definitely have done more crafty things which I’m enjoying.

crayon thumbnail

  • Driver’s license

I want to get my full license. This is totally doable, I just have to keep driving often, and within a year, I should be ready to go for it!

I feel like I bring this up a lot, and I’m always in the same place with it. I drive on and off a lot. The longer I don’t drive, the more anxious I am to actually drive again so I put it off. It’s not the best cycle, and I’m trying to get out of it. Currently, I’m driving around once a week so my confidence is returning. It’s just a matter of keeping it up. I have five years before my license expires, so that’s my official deadline to get it.

This was fun to look back on! I always love going back and seeing old things I’ve written myself. Two out of three goals isn’t bad.

What goals have you set yourself recently?


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