I can’t quite wrap my head around this, but apparently there is now over 3000 followers on this random little blog! You may know that I have a habit of celebrating each milestone I hit, and it’s just cause it’s literally so incredible!! I celebrated my blogiversary only a few weeks ago. I’ve been blogging for just over a year and in that time my blog has grown more than I could have ever expected.

I love blogging so much and I just get so much joy out of it doing it. The community I’ve become a part of is so wonderful. I enjoy having this creative outlet to try out new things, explore, and share bits and piece of my life. It does take up a decent bit of my time, and I continue to work on balancing my blogging world and everyday world, but I have no regrets!

On a more soppy note, it’s made me feel more connected with all my lovely blogging friends around the world. I’ve made real friendships through this hobby, as well as reigniting passions in my many and never-ending interests.

So I want to end this on a big thank you again to everyone in the blogging community! I’d also like to share this link from Huffington Post UK, where I was contacted by the author to use my DIY – Travel Scrapbook (Peru Adventures) in their article about what to do with your holiday photos. It’s definitely something that I never expected to come out of blogging, and even though it’s just a snippet, it makes me even more proud of my blog and motivated to keep going!

Thanks for all the online love friends!! ❀

Leave a comment below about what made you smile recently!


44 thoughts on “3000!!

  1. I agree blogging is a great way to reignite passions. In my case, I feel I have an outlet to write about the random stuff, I’m passionate about. I get to take photos of things I’m doing; I was taking pics as baked today; publishing tomorrow.


  2. Congratulations on the milestone and the great news being contacted about your DIY travel scrapbook! I’m finally so close to 1,000 followers and it’s so exciting✨✨


  3. Oh Angela, you only recently hit 2k followers, right? Your blog is growing so incredibly fast and I totally understand that since you post amazing content and your personality is amazing! Can’t wait for you to hit 4k πŸ˜‰


  4. Congratulations! I myself have only been blogging for a little while, but I understand how exciting it is when you get past certain milestones. I am happy that you have built yourself a little community that you enjoy making content for. That they enjoy it is an extra added bonus.


    1. Thank you!! Each new milestone you hit is definitely exciting! I still remember when I reached my first 100, and then 1000! It’s an amazing community here on WordPress πŸ™‚


  5. Congratulations! Hopefully I can get those numbers one day 😊 I also liked your question about what made you smile today, in my case it was my 12 year old daughter covered in mud from doing the tough mudder challenge!


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