Instagram in March

Now that we are entering April (crazy!), it’s time to look back at my top pictures from Instagram in March.

Before & After

before and after

This was uploaded on March 1. This was my first sneak peek into my final boudoir photos, and I was blown away! These photos have definitely given me a boost of confidence and self-love. I still very much recommend the experience!

Autumn Flatlay

flower flatlay

This was uploaded on March 4. My favourite flat lay I’ve done lately. This was inspired by one of the many flat lays on Pinterest, and I love how it came out! There isn’t much in it in terms of objects, but I really think it’s effective and pretty!


blogiversary 05

This was uploaded on March 6. The day of my blogiversary for obvious reasons! It was quite nice to share this on Insta as I have a mixture of online friends and people I know in real life who I don’t really talk about my blog with. Since the post, I’ve had a friend reach out and talk to me about my blog which is really nice!

Boudoir Shoot


This was uploaded on March 16. Surprise, another boudoir photo! I can’t help it, each photo I see makes me so proud and happy. The photographer, Victoria, likes to say that how she does these shoots is to show the subject the best version of themselves. I have to agree with that. I’m so thrilled with how I look in these photos (even the more risque ones hehe), and I love that I now have these forever. It started as a gift for Rory, but it’s also wound up as a gift for myself!



This was uploaded on March 25. Our anniversary! A big highlight for me this month. I went through a lot of our wedding photos trying to decide which to share. I landed on this as it showcased all the wedding traditions we did.

What are your favourite photos from Instagram this past month?


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19 thoughts on “Instagram in March

  1. Nice job on the flat lay. I can see you coming along. That’s pretty legit! I’ve thought about trying it out myself but haven’t done so yet. I love the beautiful fabric piece draped over Rory’s shoulders. And you know I love your boudoir shoot, esp. how it turned out to be an unexpected gift to yourself as well.


    1. Thanks Lyz! They are so much fun to do! I love arranging things and then seeing how they photograph. I can understand why people spend so long creating them haha!
      The fabric is a mesh cloak thing (?) that’s over both of our shoulders actually! It’s part of Filipino wedding ceremony traditions. There’s also a chain made out of gold coins on us too. They both symbolize us becoming one and all that πŸ˜€
      I’m still so happy I went for the boudoir shoot!!


  2. I LOVE your Instagram recaps! You take the best pictures! I also adore that one of you wedding! It is not only gorgeous, but the love you and Rory share shines through! ❀


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