Mega Award Catch Up #2 (A-Z Playlist, Liebster Award, Unique Blogger Award)

It’s me again! Here’s the second part of the award catch up posts!

A-Z Playlist

Mel from The Bookish Wanderer created this little Playlist Tag which should be a bit of challenge. Mel blogs about video games, books, wanderlusting and writing. She’s pretty awesome!

Here’s my A-Z Playlist.

Liebster Award

Jamie nominated me for the Liebster Award! If you don’t know of Jamie of Don’t Give a Jam fame, then you need to check her out asap.

Jamie’s Questions

  • Coffee or tea?


  • What is the best concert you’ve been to?

Ed Sheeran

  • Fruits or vegetables?


  • What is your absolute favorite comfort food?


  • Appetizer or dessert?



  • If you had to wear the same outfit everyday, what would it be?

Cardigan, singlet and jeans. I wear it most days anyway. It’s so comfy!

  • Morning person or night owl?

Morning person.

  • Does your morning skincare routine vary from nighttime?

I don’t really have a set daily morning/evening routine. I have products I use, but it varies a lot of the time.

  • TV shows or movies?

TV Shows

  • What do you pick out first when choosing an outfit?

A top or a bottom. Or a combination.

  • Breakfast or brunch?


Unique Blogger Award


The lovely Mimi from Blushy Darling recently did her own award catch-up post and was lovely enough to nominate me!! If you’re interested in beauty and makeup at all, you should definitely check her out!

  • What is your holy grail makeup product?

Bare Minerals Foundation

  • Coffee or Tea?


  • If you were to go back in time were would you go?

I’d choose not to really.

  • What Disney princess are you?

They all have their pros and cons. I’ll go with Moana cause reasons.

  • Moon or stars?


  • Night in or night out?

Night in.

  • If you can be part of a TV Show what would it be?

The Amazing Race.

  • Celebrity Crush?

Amy Poehler.

  • What is your favorite song?

Anything by Ed Sheeran.

  • Favourite flower?

Baby’s breath.


As before, I wanted to nominate some bloggers I’ve been loving lately. Don’t feel any need to do it if you don’t do awards!

That was a lot of awards!! Thank you again to everyone who nominated me!


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Mega Award Catch Up #1 (Sunshine Blogger, Beauty/Makeup Tag, Mystery Blogger)

You know, sometimes I get no nominations for a whole month, and sometimes I get a whole bunch. This month, I got quite a few, so I’m breaking it into two posts as having them all in one post made this post veeeery long!

The Sunshine Blogger Award


The majestic Anni from Glücksgeist nominated me for the sunshine blogger award. She blogs about baking, Youtube, DIY, and honestly she’s a ball of sunshine herself.

  • What made you smile today?

Thinking about the fact that we’ll be off to Japan in a month!!

  • Do you prefer rain or sunshine?

It honestly depends. Sometimes I feel like sun, other times, rain is nice to listen to.

  • What was the last post you uploaded on your blog?

Yesterday I uploaded another little DIY project involving melting crayons to make art.

crayon thumbnail

  • What’s your favourite board game?


  • Last book you read?

Doing It! by Hannah Witton.

  • How often do you check your blog a day?

Constantly. If I’m at work, I check it every break. If I’m not at work, then whenever I check my phone, which is often.

  • When was the last time you laughed out loud?

At work. I love hanging out with my co-workers, as well as the little babies. We have a wee little boy at the moment (almost 4 months), and when you make eye contact with him, he just babbles and laughs for days. Which in turn makes me laugh. It’s like having a conversation, except I have no idea what he’s on about.

  • What’s your favourite song at the moment?

Meant to Be. We sing it all the time.

  • What was the last beauty related item you bought?

I caved and bought some more Tarte products when they announced a sale. They’re all lip products and I’m pretty excited for them to arrive!

  • Do you like Mondays?


  • Tell us something about the next blog post you’re uploading.

The second part of all these award posts!

The Beauty/Makeup Tag

makeup flatlay

The wonderful Maha from The Beyoutiful Gal nominated me for this new makeup related tag. Maha blogs about beauty, fashion lifestyle, and is such a lovely lady!

  • What do you love about makeup?

The variety. There is so much products to try, looks to try create, different formulas, shades, brands and things to explore!

  • How long does it take for you to do your makeup?

It ranges between 10-30 minutes depending on how much time I have, and if I’m in a rush or not.

look 01

  • Do you remember your first makeup item?

I am racking my brain so hard. I think it was a gifted eye/lip palette maybe from Avon? I don’t remember using it much though. As for the first item I bought on my own, I think it was foundation.

  • Will you leave the house without makeup?

Rarely nowadays. I like to put on light makeup even if I’m just going out for errands. It’s a fun part of my day putting on makeup.

  • Favourite lipstick

Tarte Lip Paint

  • Name a makeup crime that you hate?

I can’t think of any right now.

  • What product do you buy mostly?

Lately, it’s been eye products. Shadow palettes, liners, mascaras. I’ve been trying to learn more about it recently, so I’ve just been buying a range the past couple of months.

  • One makeup product that you cannot do without?



  • Favourite makeup hack?

Using contact solution to get rid of mascara on the eyelid

  • Matte lip colour or lip gloss?

Matte. I don’t like having sticky or glossy lips too much.

  • Do you wear fake eyelashes?

Since I wear glasses all the time, I feel like it would just get in the way, so no.

  • What is your most cherished makeup beauty product?

Bare Minerals Foundation

bare minerals

  • Favourite makeup brand


    • What is your skin type?

    I’m not really sure. It can sometimes get oily, other times day. So I guess combination?

      • How many times do you wash your face daily?

      My skin gets quite oily if I wash my face daily. I wash it around 3 times a week, and then just rinse with water everyday.

        • Any acne story?

        I had it when I was younger. It seems to have mostly backed off now.

          • Do you like trying out new skincare routines or do you stick to a routine?

          I’ve only recently gotten a skincare routine, but I’m open to trying others.

            • Do you think you look good without makeup on?

            I don’t look terrible.

            Mystery Blogger Award

            Kate from Ankhor You nominated me for this award. She blogs about fashion, coffee, travelling and life in general. She is always so bubbly and supportive!

            3 Facts (Things I Don’t Like Edition)

            • Sudden loud sneezes scare me
              Touching velvet clothing freaks me out
              Mushrooms don’t taste good

            5 Questions

            • What is your favorite season?


              • Are you a coffee or tea drinker?


                • Favorite make-up brand?


                  • Where do you want to travel to next?

                  After Japan, I don’t know just yet.

                    • Last TV show you watched?

                    The Amazing Race


                    So here, I’m going to nominate a whole bunch of bloggers I’ve been loving lately. You don’t need to take part if you don’t do tags. If you do, then just choose one you want to do, or go crazy and do them all like I did.

                      Keep an eye out for part two of all the awards I need to catch up on later on today!


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