Thoughts on Drinking & Alcohol

I have on occassion shared these rambly posts where I just let my thoughts spill out onto my keyboard. I’ve done a post on tattoos, positivity, instagram, and a few others. Today, I wanted to share my thoughts on alcohol and drinking in general.


I often say that I don’t drink alcohol, because it’s very rare when I do. If I do, it’s usually just one glass. It’s very rare for me to go more than that. The first time I drunk something was at a friend’s party at her place. It was quite small, there were only a few of us, and they had those really fruity alcohol drinks. I had one, and I couldn’t really taste the alcohol in it, so I thought it was fine. Since then, I have tried a variation of wine and beer. I will say this, I hate beer. It’s disgusting. The taste is just so weird. Both beer and wine have that ‘alcohol’ taste, but I prefer something with more of a ‘sweeter’ side, like wine. I’ve liked some, I haven’t liked others. I had sips of champagne at events, but I never finished a glass. I have on occasion been able to have a few glasses of wine. On our honeymoon, I branched out and tried some cocktails. Those, I can say, I really like. I tried a chocolate-y one, quite a few fruit-y ones, and they were delicious! It does have me curious to try more, but they’re so expensive. Maybe I’ll try make some one day.

Those few times where I’ve had a few glasses have mostly been with Rory. I feel comfortable being with him like that. Something that I will say here is one of the reasons why I don’t like binge drinking. Getting that drunk, and losing that much control and inhibitions is scary to me. I don’t understand why you would want to get to the point where you might make questionable decisions, or do something you’ll regret. On top of that, alcohol is also an acquired taste. I do feel like that is one of the main reasons why I don’t really like this drinking culture.


However, I’m not really against alcohol and drinking. From when I was a lot younger, my thoughts have definitely shifted on alcohol. I used to flat out say no if I was asked out. If I want to, I’ll decide to have a drink of alcohol, but most of the time, there’s better (more tastier) drinks out there to have.

What are your thoughts on alcohol? Do you enjoy a drink every now and then? Or do you just not like it?


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