Let’s Bake! (Carrot Cake Balls Edition)

This is another trusted Nerdy Nummies recipe, but not from the cookbook. Ro uploaded the video sharing the recipe a few weeks ago and I’ve been wanting to try it ever since! So over the weekend, I gave it a go!

Here is the video which tells you everything you need to know about how to make these. She also has a written version on her blog.

My ones didn’t come out as perfectly spherical or decorated, but I gave it my best shot and I’m still really happy with how they came together!

Once you have all the ingredients, you take all the dry ingredients and mix them in one bowl.

carrot cake ball 01

Then you take all the wet ingredients in another bowl.

carrot cake ball 02

Then mix it all together, adding the carrots.

carrot cake ball 03

Now you pour it into a cake pan and cook for 30-35 minutes at 180 degrees. While that bakes, I piped out my carrot decorations (which I forgot to take a photo of, but you’ll see them later). You’ll want them to set for at least an hour.

Now comes the fun part. Destroying the cake you’ve just made and crumbling it up into breadcrumbs! Add some buttercream to the mix until it all resembles playdough. Then scoop them into balls.

carrot cake ball 06

I tried to make mine perfectly round, but this was as close as I could manage. Anyway, now I get to melt white chocolate.

carrot cake ball 07

Drop the cake balls into the chocolate to coat them. Then scoop them out and place them on the tray. Add one of the iced carrots before the chocolate hardens. My iced carrots didn’t look exactly how I wanted, but I think they work this way.

carrot cake ball 08

The last touch is to sprinkled some biscuit crumbs on top. I got excited and added lots, but hey, crushed biscuits are yummy.

carrot cake ball 09

carrot cake ball 10

That’s all for today’s baking post! As always, I love trying out Ro’s creations. I never expect to make an exact replica, but it’s fun giving it my all and seeing what comes out in the end!

Have you baked anything recently?


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34 thoughts on “Let’s Bake! (Carrot Cake Balls Edition)

  1. Theseare so cute! When I watched her video I was surprised at the size of her shredded carrots, they seemed like very big pieces. I’m sure yours were just as delicious as Ro’s carrot cake balls!


    1. Thanks Cleia! I like having smaller carrot pieces so I used a smaller grater. As I followed her recipe exactly, I’m fairly confident they tastes similar at least 😂


  2. I can inhale a carrot cake so easily. It was one of my favourite things to order in the UK along with a Victoria Sponge. The carrot cake balls sound and look so delicious, Angela. I bet you are done with devouring them. xx


    1. I don’t know why i spent so many years growing up disliking carrot cake. So many wasted times where i turned it down. It’s definitley one of my favourites now! There were 24 balls made all together. Surprisingly, I still have a few left 🤗


    1. Thank you Anni!! It was a really easy recipe to follow, and the carrot cake on it’s own already tasted so good! I had so much fun making the decorations, you should definitely give it a go!! I’d love to see how you do yours 🙂


    1. Carrot cake is so good! I used to hate it, but I started loving it again recently. Haha, I still have some of the carrot cake balls left too. If only we could teleport 😀


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