This Time Next Year Tag Catch Up

I remember writing this original tag around a year ago and thinking how crazy it would be if I was still actively blogging in a year. Well 2017 Angela, you definitely still are! So, in this post, I’m going to reflect back on goals I made a year ago in this tag and see where I am with them.

So here are the goals I made a year ago, and how I’ve done on them.

  • Save up more money

What with our trip to Sydney, wedding, and then honeymoon, I spent a decent bit last year. I want to save a lot more, I won’t set an exact amount, but I do plan to have a strict(ish) budget so I can work on my savings!

Technically speaking, our savings is more or less in the same place as last year. Maybe less actually, but to be fair, we have bought a house. The point of saving more was to work towards a deposit though, so I kind of think this goal was accomplished!

  • Do more crafts in general

This goal may seem a bit odd, but I haven’t really done much DIY/crafts projects in ages. I used to really enjoy them, especially scrapbooking, cross stitches and puzzles. So by next year, hopefully I’ve done more.

I definitely think I’ve done this! Particularly these past few months, I’ve really dove into doing more little DIY projects I like. I even completed my 3000 piece puzzle last week. I still have more DIY projects I want to keep working on, so I definitely have done more crafty things which I’m enjoying.

crayon thumbnail

  • Driver’s license

I want to get my full license. This is totally doable, I just have to keep driving often, and within a year, I should be ready to go for it!

I feel like I bring this up a lot, and I’m always in the same place with it. I drive on and off a lot. The longer I don’t drive, the more anxious I am to actually drive again so I put it off. It’s not the best cycle, and I’m trying to get out of it. Currently, I’m driving around once a week so my confidence is returning. It’s just a matter of keeping it up. I have five years before my license expires, so that’s my official deadline to get it.

This was fun to look back on! I always love going back and seeing old things I’ve written myself. Two out of three goals isn’t bad.

What goals have you set yourself recently?


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