This Time Next Year Tag Catch Up

I remember writing this original tag around a year ago and thinking how crazy it would be if I was still actively blogging in a year. Well 2017 Angela, you definitely still are! So, in this post, I’m going to reflect back on goals I made a year ago in this tag and see where I am with them.

So here are the goals I made a year ago, and how I’ve done on them.

  • Save up more money

What with our trip to Sydney, wedding, and then honeymoon, I spent a decent bit last year. I want to save a lot more, I won’t set an exact amount, but I do plan to have a strict(ish) budget so I can work on my savings!

Technically speaking, our savings is more or less in the same place as last year. Maybe less actually, but to be fair, we have bought a house. The point of saving more was to work towards a deposit though, so I kind of think this goal was accomplished!

  • Do more crafts in general

This goal may seem a bit odd, but I haven’t really done much DIY/crafts projects in ages. I used to really enjoy them, especially scrapbooking, cross stitches and puzzles. So by next year, hopefully I’ve done more.

I definitely think I’ve done this! Particularly these past few months, I’ve really dove into doing more little DIY projects I like. I even completed my 3000 piece puzzle last week. I still have more DIY projects I want to keep working on, so I definitely have done more crafty things which I’m enjoying.

crayon thumbnail

  • Driver’s license

I want to get my full license. This is totally doable, I just have to keep driving often, and within a year, I should be ready to go for it!

I feel like I bring this up a lot, and I’m always in the same place with it. I drive on and off a lot. The longer I don’t drive, the more anxious I am to actually drive again so I put it off. It’s not the best cycle, and I’m trying to get out of it. Currently, I’m driving around once a week so my confidence is returning. It’s just a matter of keeping it up. I have five years before my license expires, so that’s my official deadline to get it.

This was fun to look back on! I always love going back and seeing old things I’ve written myself. Two out of three goals isn’t bad.

What goals have you set yourself recently?


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28 thoughts on “This Time Next Year Tag Catch Up

  1. Hahaha why yes you are still here AND with over 3,100 readers!! You also did accomplish your goals. The driving is understandable that it would take a little longer since it makes you anxious. I love to drive, it’s the other drivers that make me anxious hahaha :):) It’s good you are striving to save. You’ll appreciate it in the long run :):):) God, I thank You for continuing to bless Angela :):):)


    1. Haha, its crazy that it’s been over a year that I’m still blogging regularly! I do like driving itself, but like you said, it’s all the other cars and drivers on the rise that make me nervous 🙂
      Thank you so much Margaret! 😄


  2. OMG girl you reminded me of this, I saw someone else did this past week and I said I’ll do it but I still haven’t. I’m going to type a post now, so it can be up tomorrow. I think you did really well, your tasks were nice and really fun, apart from saving money because that’s not fun at all haha. xx


    1. Thanks Azra! Haha, I saw Elsie LMC do it last week and I remembered that mine was coming up soon haha! I cant wait to read your post! It’s funny how we’re all still blogging a year later 😄


  3. Wow I love that you did this tag a year ago and are now looking back on all the goals you set for yourself 😀 you definitely did accomplish all your goals and I’m so glad you’ve kept blogging the blogging community wouldn’t be the same without you 😊 xx


  4. You will get there with driving. Before you got married most of your time and effort would have gone into that and buying a house is a pretty big deal so I can see why you might not always have time. You are doing great! 😀


    1. Thanks Chanelle! I do have a deadline with my full license though as I would like to get it before my restricted expires haha! I still have 5 years though. It is just a matter of building up that experience and confidence 🙂


  5. We’ve been saving up too and we’re a lot better off than we were last year by now. But to be fair, it is tax season lmao.
    And I’ve also been doing more crafts. I have three of them (two unfinished) that I’ve been working on all month long. Lol. I of course love the ones you’ve done so far.
    And what do you mean by full license, cause you have a license….? I’m confused. Over here we have this driving permit for people who want to practice driving, is that what you mean? Lol


    1. Good job on saving up more! It’s always so nice to see the savings grow 😀
      I’m quite impulsive with my crafts. I see something I like, then I do it, then I start looking for another one to do haha!
      Okay, so our driving system here is weird. You start off with a learner’s license, which is like a permit. You can drive, but you have to have the L plates, and you can only drive with someone who has their full license. Now, once you’ve learnt to drive, you take a test to get your restricted license. So you have restrictions on how you drive. Like you can only drive between 6 am and 10pm, you can’t have passengers unless they’re family, or unless someone with a full license is also in the car. Then, after 6 months minimum, you can go for your full license. This means you can drive with no restrictions. So right now, I’m on my restricted. I’m very slowly gaining the confidence to go for my full license 😀


      1. It is but it’s hard to save. Especially when you have money it’s like “yay we can spend a little more” lol but that can quickly turn into a bad idea haha.
        Interesting.. We have permit here too, but we don’t require any special plates, though we need someone with the full license on board as well. As far as curfew, I think that only applies to those under 18, but I could be wrong.. They do something similar in Japan (like you guys I mean). They carry the wakaba mark (green and yellow) for people who consider themselves beginners. I think it’s pretty neat. I wish we had something like that here so we know when someone is learning to drive because not everyone does driving lessons.
        But I’m sure you’ll do fine! Driving is pretty easy and also very fun! I’m still learning manual but that’s only because i never get to drive it since I have to drive around in the family car.. LOL you can do it though!!


  6. I loved this! Such great goals! I can completely relate to the whole driving not driving. Living in a city, I don’t drive, but when I go home to visit my parents, I do and it is always an adjustment period. ❤


    1. I’m glad you can relate! I get in the habit of driving often, and then I don’t for months, so getting behind the wheel is definitely an adjustment. I’ve been driving regularly for a while now though 🙂


  7. All good goals to work towards! I hope you post your DIYS on the blog, I’d love to see them!
    I just got my full license, it arrived in the mail today! I put it off for like 5 years, then I randomly decided to go for it two weeks ago 🙂


    1. Thank You! All my diys I do tend to be specifically to share on the blog haha! 😄
      Congrats on your full license! Ive been putting mine off for around 5 years too haha! Hopefully I’ll feel confident enough to go for it soon 🙂


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