Making Candy Sushi

Near my work, there’s an Asian Food store I often stop by to get snacks. While wandering the aisles, I saw a whole bunch of these Popin Cookin Kits. You could make tiny sized, candy versions of lots of different foods. There was donuts (which is next on my list to try), burgers and fries, pizza and so much more. The sushi one jumped out at me so I decided to try it first.

One Sunday afternoon, I sat down  and decided to try it out. I should point out that all the instructions and materials are in Japanese so I had no idea what it said. Luckily, there was also pictures on the instructions so I figured I could work it out. I decided to film me trying it as I thought it would make for a fun video!

Here’s the end results! They look pretty close to the real thing! I was so happy with how they ended up, I’m so keen to try out more.

candy sushi 01

candy sushi 04

Have you guys ever tried one of these kits?


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41 thoughts on “Making Candy Sushi

      1. You are very welcome hun! Lol. That would surprise me too! Living in the city, it is a common occurrence….And I usually have my window closed and I can STILL hear them lol. ❤


  1. That’s so cute. We’ve tried similar candy like this, the one we got was a MARIO themed one with a mold. I’ve also seen one floating on Facebook that was supposed to be ramen lol.


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