Instagram in April

As always, I like to share my favourite photos from Instagram over the past month. Here are my top photos from April!

Easter Selfie

april selfie

This was posted on April 1. I don’t actually think I took this selfie during easter, but it’s when I shared it. I have a habit of walking around the house trying to find good lighting to take a selfie after I’ve done my makeup. My camera feed is filled with selfies, food, nature and clouds!

Letterman Jacket

jacket ootd 03

This was posted on April 9. In connection with the Letterman OOTD, I had to share at least one of the pictures of me in the jacket on Insta. It’s so adorable and comfy! The colours are bright and playful, and it just looks good!

Carrot Cake Balls

carrot cake ball 09

This was posted on April 10. My only new baking creation I’ve tried this month! I saw the Carrot Cake Balls Ro made on Nerdy Nummies and knew I had to try it.  They were so cute, and were the perfect snack!

Tarte Lip Paint in Epic

tarte lippies 06

This was posted on April 12. This was my favourite Tarte Lip paint that I tried. It’s in the colour Epic, and I think it’s just that. For me, this was quite an adventurous colour, and I was pleasantly surprised by how much I liked the outcome!

Wanderlust Zine Page


This was posted on April 18. After making my little zine, I had fun trying to take themed photos of each page. Rory has a little pencil sharpener that’s shaped like an old fashioned plane, so I wanted to include it. It’s actually my favourite bit in this photo really!

That’s all for this post! What was your favourite photos from Instagram this month?


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16 thoughts on “Instagram in April

  1. :):) on our way out to eat for my birthday hubby asked was there anywhere special I wanted to go. He meant to eat :):);) my answer was Fiji hahahaha. It’s the only poace in this world I want to go. :):) I love your jacket. Who doesn’t love a good comfy jacket, that is that cute.


    1. Fiji was amazing! If you have the chance, you should definitely go haha! 😄
      Thanks Margaret! I’ve been getting a lot of use out of that jacket these past few weeks 🤗


    1. They really are! It was such a fun twist on regular carrot cakes. Haha, YES! I’m always walking around the house trying to find the best lighting. Now that you’ve got that ring light, it must be easier for you lol 😀


  2. Really great post, Angela!! The Tarte Lip Paint looks great on you! I recently bought one of their lip paints after my cousin recommended it to me, and I love it! It lasted pretty well throughout the day too!! 💖


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