Trying Snacks From the UK (Collab with Vintage Tea Rose)

This has been my favourite collab for a while, partly cause it involves food!

I collabed with two lovely ladies and they both sent me UK snacks to try, and I sent them some kiwi snacks to munch on. In this post, I’ll be trying the huuuge selection of snacks that were sent to me by Sarah from Vintage Tea Rose. I’m sure many of you guys already know her. She blogs about a mixture of DIY, lifestyle, and beauty. I’m posting my side of the collab early as I wanted to get this up before we leave for Japan. So keep an eye out on Sarah’s blog, as she’ll be trying some kiwi snacks that I sent over!

If you can take 12 minutes out of your day to watch this, that would be really cool! If you just want to know what snacks were sent and my reactions, I’ll include a brief summary and timestamps, just for fun:

  • Yorkie Bar (0:50) – Solid pieces of plain milk chocolate. Not bad, but I prefer chocolate with stuff in it.
  • Magic Stars (1:30) – Tiny chocolate stars with faces on them. They’re better just cause they’re mini!
  • Jaffa Cakes (2:20) – Thought it’d be an actual cake for some reason. They are very soft like a cake, but they look like a biscuit. Since filming though, I’ve really started to like them.
  • Blue Riband (3:20) – Wafer chocolate bar. It’s amazing and I ate all of it.
  • Curly Wurly (4:25) – Sticky caramel covered in chocolate, and will glue your mouth shut.
  • Jelly Tots (5:00) – Tiny gummies covered in sugar. Very snackable.
  • Flumps (5:55) – Marshamallow! Enough said.
  • Party Rings (6:10) – Small donut looking cookies that melt in your mouth. I ate both packs!
  • Parma Violets (6:40) – This both smells and tastes floral. It’s very strange.
  • Drumstick (7:25) – Raspberry and milk flavoured chew bar on a stick. Don’t bite it.
  • Refreshers (8:00) – Delicious lemon chewy bar.
  • Werther’s Original (8:19) – Chewy, soft caramel treats. Similar to our own Werther’s we have down here!
  • Flying Saucers (9:00) – Cute alien ship design, with a sherbet explosion inside! I also ate the whole pack.
  • Double Dip (9:30) – The stick is okay, the sherbet is delicious and also makes a mess.
  • Space Raiders (10:25) – Alien shaped chips with a pickled onion flavour. Kind of too strong for me.
  • Monster Munch (10:55) – Monster shaped chips, also with the same strong flavour as above.

Seriously, thank you Sarah for going above and beyond and sending me so much amazing things to try!

Since filming this video, I’ve also received the other food swap package from another blogging friend! That will be up later in the day!


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29 thoughts on “Trying Snacks From the UK (Collab with Vintage Tea Rose)

  1. This looks so fun! The Blue Riband kinda looks like Kit Kat. I like Curly Wurly’s – if you put them in the fridge before you eat them they are easier to snap and not as chewy. I’m sure I’ve seen those chewy Werther’s Originals in NZ too 🙂


    1. The blue riband did seem like a kitkat! It seemed like a familiar chocolate but I didn’t make the connection till now haha!
      That seems smart about the curly wurly in the fridge. It was way too chewy for me 😂


    1. It was incredible to see everything inside!! The jaffa cakes definitely grew on me over time. By the time I decided I liked them though, Rory had already eaten one and a half of the packs haha!


  2. I used to feel like such a rebel eating Yorkies when they said only for boys XD

    OMG Jafa cakes! The pod things they used to come in, they still do come in, they’re like lunchbox sized pods of jaffa cakes 🙂 I could sit there and eat jaffa cakes all day, I used to get through a whole packet in a sitting at uni XD

    I used to have Blue Riband with my grandparents! In fact that’s like the only time I ever have them now. Have you ever had pink panther biscuits?

    Party rings were like the staple of every kids birthday party I went to.

    Parma violets are weird. I quite like them but not many people do. They’re made out of violets.

    Don’t try and bite refreshers either XD They’re made by the same people as Drumsticks

    When I was younger I used to just pour all the sherbert into a bowl for double dips. I think there was always so much sherbert that I had to use another lolly just to finish it all.

    I LOVE monster much and space raiders. We did have Monster Much for a while that turned your tongue blue, they were the best, we always used to have them in lunchboxes and all our tongues were blue. Pickled onion isn’t our salt and vinegar don’t worry! We do also have salt and vinegar which is really popular here!


    1. Jaffa cakes really grew on me in the end! I could imagine getting through a pack now haha!
      So much of the candy was so yummy! I really love the sherbet from the double dip. I think pouring it in a bowl would have made for a less messy experience for me!
      The pickled onion grew on me after a while! Salt and vinegar will still be my favourite chip flavour though 😀


  3. 😂 I didn’t think you’d like the pickled onion crisps. They’re a very British taste, I’ve never known anyone else to like them l😂 Parna Violets have an odd taste but I love them. We have the boiled sweet Werthers Originals too. They’re the ones my fanily used to buy☺ X


    1. Haha, they grew on me! I do love the texture, and how thick and crunchy the chips are! I didn’t have more than a few of the violets, it was too much for me haha!
      Werther’s is so delicious, I love their sweets 🙂


  4. Sorry it’s taken me so long to comment, I watched the video the day you uploaded but needed to have the time to sit down properly to write a comment 😉
    *Curly Wurly – I told ya! And my sister puts them in the fridge, I’m amazed she still has her teeth.
    *”sent from above” – lol
    *We do have the harder Werther’s Original too.
    *Pickled Onion is a peculiar flavour but pretty popular over here… and I imagine you continued to burp onion flavour for a while.. – I always do 😉
    *Oh, and I don’t find Blue Riband boring now, just as a kid they were one of the more boring chocolates to be offered 😉

    Really enjoyed doing this, I’ve filmed and edited my video so it should be going up soon(ish) :/


    1. Yay!! I definitely remember why I dont have curly wurly any more. It’s such a mission to eat 😂😂
      The pickled onion definitely grew on me after a while, but it’s hard to dislike chips 😄
      I cant wait to see your video!! 🤗


  5. It all looks so good I would definitely love to try everything lol. If I ever go visit the UK, I need to come see her so she can help me find all of these lmao


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