Japan Adventures – Museums and Shrines

Today, we’re talking about the museums and shrines we visited. This includes Ghibli Museum, the Museum of Nature and Science and Meiji Shrine.

Ghibli Museum

I’m sure most of your guys know about Studio Ghibli. They’ve made a lot of well-known animations including My Neighbour Totoro, Howl’s Moving Castle, Spirited Away and so much more. Getting tickets for this is actually very tricky. There’s three times you can come in during the day, and they only sell certain amounts. So you have to get these months in advance! It was a bit confusing to get to Mitaka, we took a combo of trains. From the station though, there is a bus that will take you straight to the museum. It’s hard to miss.

ghibli museum 01

We weren’t allowed to take photos of inside the museum, which was incredible! We got lots of background information on the films, including storyboards, concept art, models and heaps more! We also got to watch a short film that you can only see at the museum. The outside areas were free to photograph, and they all looked like they belong in Ghibli museums. The front entrance was very popular for a good reason. In the end, I bought an official Totoro stuffed toy from the gift shop.

One of my favourite exhibitions inside was the food one. They had lots of models of the actual food from the movies, and it all looked so real!! There was also a cafe in the museum, but it was really packed and we didn’t want to wait. They had a side stall that sold hotdogs and icecream which we stopped by at. Outside near the roof, they had a robot soldier from Laputa Castle in the Sky.

We all had such an amazing time at the museum. If you get the chance to go, even if you’re not a really big fan of Studio Ghibli, it’s an amazing place to see!

National Museum of Nature and Science

This museum is very close to Ueno Zoo so we visited right after. We didn’t stay too long though as I started getting really hungry as it was getting to 3pm and we hadn’t had lunch. Getting that out the way though, I really liked the museum! There were lots of exhibitions, all about  technology, science, animals, nature and everything.

natural museum 02

There was a special exhibition on about the human body which I was really wanting to see, but it cost extra and I was getting a bit hangry so we didn’t go. Always make sure to eat before visiting things people. My favourite thing we saw here though was definitely the dinosaur exhibition, where they had reconstructed heaps of skeletons!

natural museum 01

All in all, I do wish we had explored a little more of the museum. Especially the human body exhibition as it looked really cool!

Meiji Shrine

There are quite a lot of shrines and temples in Japan, but this is one of the most famous ones in Tokyo. It’s quite close to the Harajuku station, so we stopped by before visiting the Hedgehog Cafe.

meiji shrine 01

I really enjoyed the walk up to the shrine. There were lots of these big official entrances along the way. Despite the amount of people around, it was still a very peaceful walk.

I really liked seeing all the lanterns along the way. I’m sure that if you came before daylight, they’d look so cool all lit up. We also saw this little exhibition made out of rice paper. Each one had a unique design. The walk up to the main shrine took around 20 minutes, but it didn’t feel that long! It’s such a beautiful and serene space.

meiji shrine 04

Once at the shrine, we looked around for a bit. The architecture is definitely very interesting, but we didn’t stay too long. We were keen on getting to the hedgehog cafe if I’m honest. We had our priorities. I’m still really glad we stopped by though!

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