Japan Adventures – Akihabara, Shibuya and Shinjuku

I’ve talked about a lot of our trip now, but there’s still a little bit more to go! Tokyo is where we spent the bulk of our time in Japan. We spent a bit more time in some districts more than others, so I wanted to talk a bit more about them.


We visited here on our first full day in Tokyo. It’s known as the ‘otaku’ capital of Tokyo, or as Chris calls it – ‘nerd central’. It’s full of electronic stores, manga and anime stores, arcades and all sorts of ‘nerdy’ things. Also, maid cafes, which we didn’t actually go into, but we did come across lots of ladies dressed as maids on the street. We also came across lots of other themed cafes in general.

akihabara 01

We were keen to check out some of these arcades as they were huge buildings up to 7 floors! A few of the floors were just prize games, you know, those claw things that are clearly rigged. Then there was music/rhythm games, which I got pretty addicted to. I’ve always loved those! There was also general action games, dance games, photo booths, and all sorts of things. We just killed time there. But there were people there who were insanely good at the games! I sometimes just stopped to stare cause it was impressive. They also had huge electronic stores, again stacked 7 or 8 floors high.

Basically, we spent a lot of money in this area. Rory and I both love collectables, so we stacked up a lot while in Akihabara.


This is known as pretty much the busiest part of Tokyo. It has the famous pedestrian crossing, which at it’s peak has around 3000 crossing at any one time. We went twice here. The first time was at peak hours, and we got swept up in the waves of people crossing.

Some people (possibly tourists) would stop at the edge with their cameras to take a video of the crossing and they were pretty much in the way, it was annoying. So when we returned a few days later, I ran off into a neighbouring building so I could take my photos and not be in the way. Close to the crossing is the Shibuya train station, which also has a statue dedicated to Hachiko.

hachiko statue

Everytime we were in Shibuya, there was a crowd gathered around the ever faithful Hachiko. We knew we had to stop by though, because Hachiko is the best dog. Shibuya is packed with stores, sights and so many people. We had lunch one day in a cafe that was in the middle of a bookstore.

shibuya cafe


In our last days in Tokyo, we stayed in Shinjuku. It’s another busy district in Tokyo, but a little less hectic than Shibuya. I loved walking around Shinjuku while exploring nearby gardens, parks, and just looking around at all the noise and colour around us. One of the strangest things we saw in Tokyo was in Shinjuku. We got tickets to go to Robot Restaurant.

robot restaurant 01

It’s a show filled with robots, monsters, lights, dancers and noise. We had fun watching it, but I don’t really know why it’s called a restaurant. They do sell snacks and drinks, but we ate beforehand. It was definitely a fun way to kill some time and get completely dazzled by lights and sounds though!

Shinjuku was very handy to be in since it was quite central. We were able to walk to the station in a few minutes, and from there we could get pretty much anywhere in Tokyo. If we ever had the chance to go back to Japan and stay there for a longer amount of time, I would definitely want to stay in Shinjuku again.

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