May Favourites

Another month gone. We are officially halfway through the year now everybody!

Hufflepuff Pin and Butterbeer Keychain

I had trouble focusing the items, so here’s two photos instead of one. Anyway, a lot of my favourites this month are from our recent Japan trip. Because it was amazing, and I’m currently having post-holiday blues. Anyway, visiting the Wizarding World of Harry Potter was definitely a highlight of the trip! I bought quite a lot when we were there, but these two were my favourites. The butterbeer keychain is so neat! Those frothy bubbles move around when you turn¬† the mug upside down. It’s hypnotizing. Also, I needed to get this Hufflepuff pin to support my house.

Gudetama and Totoro

I bought these early on in our trip, and man were they hard to bring home. Totoro isn’t too big, but he is heavily stuffed. You can’t squish him. I love that, but it was hard to pack him in the bag. Gudetama on the other hand is ginormous, but definitely squishable. It’s some stuffing in there, but mostly air. I love him too. I am a 26 year old who still loves stuffed toys, and I’m so happy they both made it home with me!

Keratese Dry Shampoo with Oats and Too Faced Hangover Primer

too faced primer klorane dry shampoo

I had to throw in some beauty products I’ve been loving this month too. I’ve already talked about the Too Faced Primer a lot, but I really do love it! It especially came in nice for all our plane travel. I would just use it to freshen up my face and would feel waaay better. I’ve had this Klorane dry shampoo for over a year but never really used it. I finally started using it these past two weeks since our bathroom was being renovated. Which means we had no shower for a week and a half. So we went to my parents place to use theirs. In between, I used dry shampoo for my hair. It actually worked really nice, and now the can is nearly finished. But hey, the bathroom is done now, so it’s business as usual.

Lovisa Earrings

lovisa earrings

I don’t tend to wear jewellery much, other than the occasional necklace. But one day, I bought a bit of rings and earrings from Lovisa, cause there was a sale. I don’t wear them much still, but I have worn these earrings once or twice. I just really like them and they look pretty! They’re fairly unusual, and make any outfit look more dressed up.

may faves

So yeah, those are my favourites from May! What’s something you guys love from last month?