Another Award Catch Up !

I let these build up for around two months, and now I have a decent bunch of awards to catch up on!

5 Things I Like About Myself

5 things

Jirah nominated me for this award. It asks the nominees to name five things they like about themselves, with at least one being a physical attribute.

So, let’s see what I come up with.

meguro river 06

  1. My positivity – I’ve talked about this a lot before, but I’m a pretty happy, positive, upbeat person. It takes a lot to wear me down and I’m always trying to find that silver lining. I like trying to cheer people up, and I like to think that my blog is a really good outlet for that.
  2. My kindness – This pretty much goes hand in hand with the previous one. As an upbeat and positive person, my default is to be kind and nice. I have been a doormat in the past with kindness, but I’ve since learnt how to balance that kindness with knowing when to be stern and hold my own.
  3. My planning skills – Kind of a weird one, but bare with me. I’m pretty good at keeping myself organized. I’m not one to forget dates or anniversaries, and you can bet I’ll try get everywhere on time or even early. This has come in very handy for trips.
  4. My willingness to learn – I love learning. I would love to go back to university some day and do postgraduate studies. It’s one of the reasons I love the internet. You can learn so much on there! I always like that I’m open to learning more skills, and that I can also admit when I don’t know something. So then I can learn all about it!
  5. On to the physical attribute I suppose. My hands – I just always like my hands. They’re dainty and useful.

Bloggers Support Bloggers

bloggers support bloggers button

Jirah again nominated me for this award!

I love a lot of bloggers, but I never quite like limiting the numbers I write about! I’m always worried I’ll leave someone out. So if you want to know more about some incredible bloggers, do check out my Have You Met series! I’ll be bringing it back soon too!
Mystery Blogger Award

Chanelle nominated me for this one.

  • How was your day? Be honest.

Honestly, it was fine. Not great, but not bad. Just a regular day.

  • Who is your favourite ‘celebrity’ blogger? Why?

I guess I would say Marzia. Other than her, I don’t really follow any ‘celebrity’ bloggers. I’ve been following her since her early days on YouTube and I just consider her an inspiration. In terms of beauty, fashion, travel, DIY, and overall, I just really like her.

Image result for marzia

  • What’s your favourite music to listen to?

Either a lot of pop, or movie/broadway soundtracks. I still like to just put on the Hamilton soundtrack when I’m doing housework. It just makes it more fun.

  • What are you looking forward to in 2018?

It was definitely Japan, and now that we’re back…I don’t know. We’ll just see what happens!

  • What are your hobbies?

Reading, playing games, blogging (obviously), taking photos, baking, trying random DIYs and crafts…

candy sushi 04

Girl With the Paw Print Tattoo also nominated me.

  • What actor/actress would you want to play you in a film about your life?

None, cause why would my life become a movie haha!

  • You have just woken up from being cryogenically frozen. What is your first question?

“Who froze me?” Followed by “why?”

  • What type of movie would your life be? Romance? Drama? Comedy? Horror?

If I had to make my life into some kind of media, I’d want it to be a sitcom. Not a movie. Just a random chain of events packed into a 20 minute show, with random laughter. I love watching sitcoms.

  • What TV channel doesn’t exist but really should?

One for DIY. Like how we have food networks, where it’s people showing you recipes. I want one with easy DIY projects. Like what I see on Pinterest, but with actual people doing it and giving me tips on how to do it. I could just find this on YouTube though.

crayon thumbnail

  • If you were famous, what would you want to be famous for?

I don’t think I have enough skills in any particular thing to be famous. If I could dream though, I’d like for my blog to grow to ‘famous’ heights. But I write too much about random and personal things, so it probably won’t happen.

Liebster Award

liebster award

Jamie nominated me for this award.

  • What did you eat for breakfast today?


  • How do you take your coffee/tea?

With lots of milk and sugar.

best mug

  • What’s your favorite outfit to wear?

Anything comfy. Lately, I’ve been getting back into my overalls.

  • Favorite makeup look?

Natural. Cause it’s also the easiest to do, and it’s just my go-to.

  • Tell us something that makes you smile.


gudetama cafe 05

  • Link to your favorite recent blog post.

Wizarding World of Harry Potter

  • How would you describe your style?

Casual and cosy

ueno zoo 04

  • What quality do you look for in a friend?

Similar interests and humour

  • What’s your favorite color?


  • Have you ever seen a ghost?

Don’t think so

  • What’s your favorite hobby?


Sunshine Blogger Award

sunshine blogger award

Jamie nominated me for this one too!

  • What did you have for breakfast this morning?

Still toast

  • TV or movies?


  • What’s your favorite thing to cook for dinner?

I like spaghetti. I haven’t had it in ages, but now I’m craving it. Mostly I like Italian/Mexican themed meals.


  • Morning or nighttime?

Both have their merits and drawbacks.

  • What’s your favorite color to wear?

Blue or black or grey. Everything neutral.

  • Soda or water?

Soda but I need to drink more water.

  • If all your friends moved to Mars, would you go?

To visit, sure. To live, nah.

  • Sweet or savory?


  • What is your favorite thing to blog about?

When I’m lucky enough to travel.

  • Pancakes or waffles?


  • How is your day going today?

Can’t complain.

Versatile Blogger Award


Michaela nominated me for this award.

7  Facts

  1. I put pineapple on every single pizza
  2. I loved mixing sodas together when I was little
  3. I played flute in my high school’s concert band
  4. I prefer coke over pepsi
  5. I recently bought unicorn slippers and they’re the most comfy things ever
  6. I’ve started getting into scented candles lately and bought a bunch of them
  7. I’m wishing I could afford another holiday soon

That’s all for my awards! I appreciate that after a year of blogging, I’m still being nominated for awards!

If anyone wants to take part in any of the above awards, feel free!