Gifts Less Ordinary Review

Hello guys, before I get into this post, I will say that this is a sponsored post. A few weeks ago, I was contacted by Gifts Less Ordinary to do a review of their site, and talk about their occasion gifts. Specifically, Father’s Day as it’s coming up soon. (Not in New Zealand though, we have it in September funnily enough).  In return, they would compensate me for my time.

I’ll be real, I doubted that this was a real offer. But the site is real, and their products are pretty cute. So I wanted to share my thoughts on their site with you guys.

When I first looked at their site, everything seemed out of my budget. But as always, I like to look through everything, and I found heaps of cute things that are reasonably priced. They personalize a lot of their items, so you can get quite a lot of options. Here’s some of the ones that jumped out at me.


1, 2

These coasters are kind of calling out to me, not gonna lie.

Chopping Boards

1, 2

Okay, so now I started looking at gifts more for me. That happens more often when I’m online shopping. The definition of hangry is accurate, and as an avid baker, I’m definitely eyeing up this board.


1, 2, 3

So by this point, I was just actually looking at random stuff that I like. The compact mirror comes with lots of different backs, as well as other shapes. I saw a hexagon one which was neat. The pinwheel necklaces just seems so sweet. Also, I don’t own much bags, so it’s always on the back of my mind to get more.

This is just a snippet of what they have available on their site. They also offer free shipping (but only to Singapore, Hong Kong, Australia, New Zealand, Japan and the U.S) which is always a bonus. So by all means, check out the site if you want! I’ve been spending some time on it since I found it existed. It’s crazy how much is available online and that we’re only aware of such a small portion.

What new site have you discovered recently?