2018 Goals – 6 Months In

Hoo boy, I have been kind of ignoring these for a while. The last check in I did was in March. I will say that I don’t ever make New Years Resolutions, and now I can kind of see why. I think I work better in short term goals, I normally can push through with motivation, but it’s really hard trying to spread that over a year. I work better with short term goals, as I have a habit of always dropping and picking up new interests.

Okay, let’s get into it.

1) Try a new baking recipe at least once a month – I have two recipe books to choose from, so this seems very doable. Since I have lots of other hobbies I like to spend time on, aiming for at least one a month should be doable.

food collection

I didn’t do any new baking recipes during May, but we were on holiday so I think I can excuse that. Plus most months, I’ve been trying at least two new recipes. So I think I’m still on track for this goal.

2) (Re)Learn new songs on the piano – You may notice there’s no number here. My aim is to learn at least one, I really need to get my rusty piano skills back up to scratch.

3) (Re)Learn new songs on the ukulele – I actually learnt one new song in 2017, but I want to learn more. I really love playing the ukulele and singing along, as terrible as my singing voice is..

I’m stacking these two together because I have done nothing on either. I do love practising music and just messing around on both the piano and uke, but I  don’t. Why? No real reason, I just feel like messing around with some of my many other hobbies. This is what I mean by I always pick up new hobbies. Right now, I’m really into crafts, so I’ve been ignoring music even more. I will leave these on my goals list, cause sometimes I do feel the urge to jam out.

4) Practice photography more – Again, just a vague goal. But I want to take more photos, maybe do more challenges. I want to continue learning more. I don’t doubt I will take more photos this year though.

I had so much fun with this in Japan! There were so much photo ops, and I do feel like I’m getting a better eye with this photo stuff. I would still love to do a photography course at some point.

5) Complete Duolingo course in Japanese – I’ve already started a few weeks back, and it’s been so much fun. Here’s hoping I don’t lose motivation over the year.

Oh dear. So both Rory and I have pretty much dropped this. To the point where I even uninstalled the app. It was fun, but after a while I just couldn’t/didn’t want to keep up with it. I may have to cross this off the list.

6) Do some sort of exercise at least twice a week – running, dance cardio, strength, yoga, just something damn it! Come on Angela, just do it!

So I did really fall off the wagon with this for at least two months there, but I’m getting back into it! I always really enjoy yoga, and I’ve been committing to the 30 Days practice with Adrienne. When I’m finished with it, I plan to try her other ones, or just do a video everyday. So going good with this one!

7) Learn more hairstyles than just a ponytail – I don’t do much with my hair, I just don’t know what to do with it. I need to try some of the many pins I have.

I can kind of do a french braid now, sometimes I throw my hair into a bun. Honestly, I’m fine with just doing that. So, I guess I’m good with this goal.

8) Continue trying more makeup looks  similar to my previous goal, I want to learn to do more with my makeup. Especially with my eyes. It’s fun to play with!

Funny enough, I’ve been heading back into minimal makeup looks. Mostly cause, 5 days a week, I’m getting up at 6 for work, and I can’t be bothered with makeup. On the weekends, I used to get more into it, but since Japan, I like sticking to minimal looks. Sometimes I do just sit in front of the mirror and play around. So I’d say I’m still on track.

9) Try more DIY’s, maybe make a scrapbook, or home decor – I did the travel wall last year, and I’d like to do more! Pinterest will be very helpful with this goal.

I have loved doing more DIYs! It’s been so much fun and I have so much cute little crafts and decor around because of it.

10) Go on holiday overseas – We have plans for Japan which seems like it’ll go through. If something happens though, I hope we still get to go overseas at least once this year.

Done and dusted! We went to Japan, had a great time, and there’s no way we can afford to go overseas again this year!

11) Go on holiday within New Zealand – I always like to say travel locally, so hopefully we can do more of that this year!

Possibly doable. Maybe near the end of the year as spring and summer roll around we can go on a weekend trip somewhere.

12) Keep my journals and planners up to date – I have quite a few journals. One to keep track of my budget, my daily thoughts journal, and my blogging planner. I want to continue to keep them up to date.

Hahaha, no. Even my blogging planner is getting ignored as all I do at home now is cross stitch or do my jigsaw puzzles. So, I want to get back on track with this.

13) Complete a colouring book – I have so many, and none are even close to being finished. Maybe I can finish my small one..

Again, my interests constantly move. At the beginning of the year I may have enjoyed colouring, but now it’s all about the crafts. I will keep this one though, as I may get back into it.

14) Read 30 books – My 2017 Reading challenge was set to 20 books, I finished that and more, so I think I can set my goal a little higher this year! 

Another one I’m losing interest in. Last year, I looooved reading so many books. As I keep saying though, now I’m more passionately driven to other hobbies. I will keep trying though, hopefully I can match last year’s number. I’m only 2 books behind schedule according to Goodreads.

15) Watch 15 movies – I mean new ones, not rewatching ones I’ve seen before. 15 is already a lot, but it seems doable.

I’ve already finished this, actually! I watched quite a few movies on the plane ride to and from Japan, so that helped. Maybe I can double it, make it the same as my reading goal.

16) Continue blogging everyday – I love blogging, and having a post up everyday has been so much fun for me. Here’s hoping I can keep this up for 2018!

After my last catch up post, I scaled back a little. I post from Monday to Friday instead of everyday, which I have really been enjoying! It’s nice to give myself a break on the weekend. I have started considering going back further to just three times a week as well.  With my interests spreading wider, I’ve found myself spending less time on my blog.  I still love it, but I’m enjoying spending time offline as well. So I may adjust this to just continuing blogging.

17) Do more collaborations with fellow bloggers – I did a few collabs in 2017, and I’d love to do more?

Yes! I’ve been doing really well with this, I’ve done quite a few collabs this year. I’ve worked with Anni, Sarah, Rossy, Emily, Pamela, and Sara. I’m keen to do more if anyone wants to hit me up!

18) Reach 5000 followers!  I mean, I never thought I’d get over 2000 by the end of 2017, so why not aim high right? Even if I fall short, it’ll still be more followers than I would have imagined I’d get to! 

Since taking my break to Japan and scaling back my crazy schedule, I have noticed the numbers slow down. I’m still growing slowly, which I’m still thrilled about. Numbers aren’t everything obviously, but it’s a nice feeling to know that people like my blog enough to follow. I’m sure many are bots, but I’m always meeting more fellow bloggers which is pretty awesome!

So there we go, I’m still on track for some, while others I ignore. Honestly, it doesn’t bother me too much. I have never made resolutions before, and this feels like something I will probably continue to do. I prefer working on short term goals, or maybe I’m just making excuses. Who knows? 🙂

What are your thoughts on new years resolutions and goals? Are you someone who still works on them consistently 6 months in?


21 thoughts on “2018 Goals – 6 Months In

  1. I sometimes have goals too but don’t actually do it since I lose interest overtime but what matters is that we tried. Congrats on the goals that you have completed already— they are amazing! I really LOVED reading this! Thank you for sharing!! ❤


  2. No matter how much I try I can’t do a French braid! I can literally do a ponytail and a normal plait and that’s my limit! XD

    If you ever fancy a collab with me on anything let me know 🙂


    1. My French braid is definitely basic but I’ve been doing it more so I can try get better at it haha!
      I’m always up for a collab! I’m just not the best at coming up with ideas 😂 I’d love to do one with you! I’ll put on my thinking hat for ideas 🙂


  3. I loved reading about your goals and how your interests have shifted with some and you are killing it with others! So proud of you and all the goals you made at the beginning of the year beauty! ❤


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