Winter Bucket List

These kinds of posts have been around for a while, and I always enjoy reading them. So I’m finally going to be giving it a go! (By the way, I was looking on Pinterest for some inspiration for this list, but they’re all Christmas related. As someone who has a summer Christmas, this was of no use to me.)

Make some soup

Soup is seriously one of the best things to eat in winter. Warm, hearty soup. Pumpkin is my absolute favourite. I have bought some from the store the other day, but I also like making it myself.

Try lots of bath bombs

I’ve already talked about my fondness for bath bombs and hot baths, so I had to put this in. I haven’t set a specific number because I know I’ll probably go over whichever one I set. I do want to try lots of different ones though.

Finish at least 2 books

I’ve been quite bad with reading lately. I intended to read on holiday, but I was more caught up in exploring, even on the planes and trains. Since it’s colder outside, there’s more incentive to curl up inside with a good book.

Complete a few jigsaw puzzles

Like with reading the books, I enjoy completing puzzles. I can get caught up binge watching tv shows and blogging, so it would be nice to do some activities where I’m not looking a screen.

Complete a cross stitch kit

I’m now just listing my favourite indoor activities, but I haven’t completed a cross stitch in years! Like with jigsaws and reading, I find it relaxing.

Go to the movies

We rarely go to the movies nowadays, but it’s definitely a fun indoor activity to do!

Right, that’s probably enough. I do want to actually try complete this by the end of winter. So in September, I’ll come back to this list and hopefully I will have done them all! Winter seems like a good time to start trying to finish all my crafts and indoor activities I like to spend time on!

What do you guys like to do in winter?


TV Shows I’ve Binge Watched

I wanted to share some of the tv shows that I watched this year. If I really get into a show I end up burning through them in a short amount of time. Here are some of the shows I’ve been binge watching. Most of them are on Netflix.

The Handmaid’s Tale

The only non Netflix show on the list. I binge watched the first season in a weekend. I am watching the second season as it releases, but I really wish I could binge watch it. I don’t often watch drama shows, I’m more of a sitcom gal. But I just can’t tear my eyes off this show.

The show is in it’s second season, and there’s currently 18 episodes. Each episode is almost an hour long.

Sense 8

I enjoy a good old sci-fi show. This show starts really slow though and I wasn’t paying too much attention in the beginning. However, it jumps from 0-100 pretty fast and I ended up binge watching the first season in a few days. The fact that they filmed all over the world with all pretty unknown actors (there’s a few faces you’ll recognize though) made this show more awesome to me. If you’re into sci-fi, I recommend giving this show a go.

This show also only has second seasons, but it is completed. There’s 24 episodes, each one ranging from 45 minutes to an hour. The last episode is a whopping two and a half hours though!

The End of the F***ing World

Rory and I watched this in a few days. It was just one plot twist after another and I had no idea where it was going. I haven’t watched something as unpredictable and entertaining as this in a long time. It’s a coming of age/road trip show like no other.

The show only has one season, but I think it may possibly get a second? There’s 8 episodes, with each one clocking in around 20 minutes. Very easy to blast through.

Just Desserts

So there isn’t a trailer for this show so I’ll explain real quick. This is an Australian baking competition. They have to create their own amazing creation based on a theme, then whoever has the lowest scores have to battle it out in a Zumbo test. In this, they have to do their best to recreate one of Zumbo’s desserts, and they’re always insane. I still rewatch this show!

This show only has a season with 12 episodes. Each one is around 50 minutes.

Good Morning Call

This show is amazing! This had been on my radar for a while, and as a fan of shoju manga, this was right up my alley. It’s silly, cute and I always watch this show with the doofiest grin on my face. I binge watched season 2 in less time than I did season 1.

This show has two seasons and I’m really hoping there’s going to be a third. The first season has 17 episodes and the second only has 10. The show is only subbed though. Each episode is an hour long, so there’s a decent bit to catch up on, but it’s so worth it!


I knew of Aggretsuko as a Sanrio character, and when I heard about this show I was curious and added it to my list. It wasn’t until last week when we finally put it on that I realized I had been missing out. It’s silly, cute and so much fun!

This show only has one season with 10 episodes. Each episode is only 20 minutes, and its dubbed!

What shows have you watched lately?


(Featured Image Photo by Jens Kreuter on Unsplash)

DIY Travel Wall – Updates and Plans

I shared a post last year about my travel wall that I made. I’ve since added a few updates which I wanted to share.

Since adding the scratch off map I’ve liked having it as a focal point. I have been considering about changing it to a pin or cork board map though. As I’ve seen a few in stores that I like.

travel wall update 01

I still have the places I’ve visited all around the map. I’ve since added our recent trip to Japan. So now the countries I’ve visited include Australia, Fiji, Tahiti, Peru and Japan.

travel wall update 02

I also wanted to add the postcards and letters that some of my blogging friends have sent me. I’m considering adding the Christmas cards as well, but I also want to save them for Christmas decor later in the year.

travel wall update 03

I’ve been trying to think of how else I can extend my travel wall. It’s definitely expanded more than I what I originally thought. So I wanted to pick all of your lovely brains a little. Any ideas on how else I could add onto my travel wall? Do you have a similar display in your own home?


Recreating Bloggers Instagram Photos

Anni recently did a post where she recreated bloggers Instagram photos, and it was awesome! I was inspired to try do my own recreations of fellow bloggers’ photos.

Don’t Give a Jam


If you guys don’t know Jamie, she’s an amazing blogger! I always look forward to reading her posts and seeing what she gets up to. I am a fan of her selfies, and decided to try recreate one of her older ones. I had fun trying to match up the clothes and makeup, but my hair would not co-operate in the same way.

recreation 01

Jamie, if you read this, your selfie game is on another level! All in all though, I feel like I captured the essence of the photo, so I’m still happy with this recreation!

Earth of Maria (In Accordance)


Maria‘s Instagram feed is just so aesthetically pleasing, as is her whole blog really. If you guys don’t know Maria, you should really check her out! I knew I couldn’t recreate any of her amazing food photos, so I decided on another selfie-esque shot. I didn’t have any fresh flowers, but I do have lots of fake flowers that I could use as a prop.

recreation 02

I had fun trying to match up the clothes and gestures. I’m pretty happy with how this recreation looked in the end! I wish I had more colourful flowers, but I made do with what I have.



Finally, I had to try copy one of Anni’s photos! She is so creative with her photography and I always love to see what she’ll share with us next. There were so many photos I wanted to try recreate, but I realized that I have almost no graphic print tees while Anni has heaps!  I landed on this one as I also had lots of polaroids. I don’t have anything yellow however, so I grabbed my pastel pink sweater.

recreation 03

This was a lot harder to co-ordinate as I just use my tripod, but I think it came out alright! This was definitely a lot of fun to do though, so thanks for the inspiration Anni! I’d be keen to try some more down the line!

Let me know which recreation was your favourite!

Recreation 1

Recreation 2

Recreation 3


Hello, Winter

Here we are again. As all of you lovely people on the other side of the world start taking advantage of the nicer seasons, I’m stuck in wind and rain. Since getting back from our Japan trip, winter has officially greeted us. Wind, rain, hail has been pretty consistent these past few weeks. Its harder to get up in the morning since it’s freezing. It’s dark as we get up for work, and then it’s still dark when we get home.

I made a post last year about What I Like About Winter and after reading through it, I figured I should bring it back to remind myself that winter isn’t all bad!

Fuzzy Socks and Cute Slippers

unicorn slippers

With the arrival of winter comes all the cute and fuzzy footwear. I had fun picking out some new slippers for myself. I settled on these unicorn ones, because unicorns.

Hot Baths

Don’t get me wrong, I love hot showers too, but I live for baths. I have been trying out new bath bombs practically every week again and I have been loving them!

Sweaters and Layers

I will miss wearing dresses and shorts, and if you know me, you’ll know I love sweaters and cardigans. Knitwear is my favourite kind of clothing, and I keep buying them. Especially as the cooler seasons roll in again.

Hot Drinks

hot chocolate

Okay so I still prefer iced drinks most of the time, but I do love a good hot chocolate. I need to get some mini marshmallows.

Scented Candles

scented candles

Okay, so these can be used anytime, but lately I’ve been enjoying them quite a lot. I’ve been buying a few, like coconut and sandalwood. I’m keen to try find some more ‘wintry’ ones, cause I like having the house smell nice.

What’s something you’re enjoying about whichever season you’re in?


Gifts Less Ordinary Review

Hello guys, before I get into this post, I will say that this is a sponsored post. A few weeks ago, I was contacted by Gifts Less Ordinary to do a review of their site, and talk about their occasion gifts. Specifically, Father’s Day as it’s coming up soon. (Not in New Zealand though, we have it in September funnily enough).  In return, they would compensate me for my time.

I’ll be real, I doubted that this was a real offer. But the site is real, and their products are pretty cute. So I wanted to share my thoughts on their site with you guys.

When I first looked at their site, everything seemed out of my budget. But as always, I like to look through everything, and I found heaps of cute things that are reasonably priced. They personalize a lot of their items, so you can get quite a lot of options. Here’s some of the ones that jumped out at me.


1, 2

These coasters are kind of calling out to me, not gonna lie.

Chopping Boards

1, 2

Okay, so now I started looking at gifts more for me. That happens more often when I’m online shopping. The definition of hangry is accurate, and as an avid baker, I’m definitely eyeing up this board.


1, 2, 3

So by this point, I was just actually looking at random stuff that I like. The compact mirror comes with lots of different backs, as well as other shapes. I saw a hexagon one which was neat. The pinwheel necklaces just seems so sweet. Also, I don’t own much bags, so it’s always on the back of my mind to get more.

This is just a snippet of what they have available on their site. They also offer free shipping (but only to Singapore, Hong Kong, Australia, New Zealand, Japan and the U.S) which is always a bonus. So by all means, check out the site if you want! I’ve been spending some time on it since I found it existed. It’s crazy how much is available online and that we’re only aware of such a small portion.

What new site have you discovered recently?


April & May Empties

apr may empties

OGX Nourishing & Coconut Milk Shampoo

I really liked this shampoo! Possibly because it makes my hair smell like coconut, and I like coconut related products. As for how it helped my hair, it definitely helped make it feel fresh and shiny. But my hair can run quite oily, so I didn’t use it that much. But I don’t think you’re meant to use that much shampoo when you wash your hair anyway.

Do I recommend? Yes, especially if you like coconut!

Would I repurchase? Maybe one day, but I like trying different shampoos.

Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water

I normally use the wipes version, but as I run out of the wipes in under a month, I decided to try the water version. This lasted so much longer! It still does a great job of removing makeup and not hurting my eyes.

Do I recommend? Yes!

Would I repurchase? Already have.

Too Faced Hangover Primer 

I only bought the travel size, so I’m not surprised this didn’t last too long. As this is another coconut related product, I already loved it. It felt like a really nice moisturizer to me. To be honest, I don’t know how great it was for prepping my skin for makeup though. I thought it did first, but after continued use, I’m not really sure. As a moisturizer though, it’s great for helping my face feel fresh! Especially after all our plane trips lately.

Do I recommend? Yes, it’s definitely something you should try!

Would I repurchase? Probably, but I want to try some other primers too.

Johnson’s Baby Shampoo

I use this for washing my makeup brushes. It’s effective, gentle, and also pretty cheap in comparison to other makeup tool washing/cleaning products.

Do I recommend? Yes!

Would I repurchase? Already have!

Derma E Overnight Peel 

I received a small sample size of this product a while back from a subscription box. I used it once a week for many months, or if I was having a breakout. You put it on before you sleep, and wash it off in the morning. If I had a massive pimple, this helped calm it down the day after, and it would go away soon after that.

Do I recommend? Yes, you should try it!

Would I repurchase? I bought a full-size version!

Bb Thickening Hair Spray

I wanted to try a volumizing hair spray, as my hair often struggles with that. This was recommended to me by a shop assistant. I don’t know if it added much volume to my hair, but it did add a little. My main struggles with it though is it had a bit of a strong ‘alcohol’ish scent to it.

Do I recommend? Not really.

Would I repurchase? Nope.

What products have you finished lately?


Let’s Bake! (Apple Pie Edition)

I haven’t baked anything new in a while, so here we are! I looked through my trusty Nerdy Nummies cookbook, and one of the basic recipes jumped out at me. I’ve never made Apple Pie before, and since we’re currently in between Fall and Winter, it felt appropriate!

Here’s what you’ll need:

apple pie 01

For the dough:

  • 2 1/2 cups flour
  • 2 tbsp sugar
  • 1/4 tsp salt
  • 2 sticks cubed butter
  • 1/4 to 1/2 cup water

For the filling:

  • 3 1/2 pounds Granny Smith apples
  • 1/3 cup sugar
  • 1/3 cup brown sugar
  • 3 tbsp flour
  • 1 1/2 tsp ground cinnamon
  • 1/4 tsp ground cloves
  • 1/8 tsp ground allspice
  • 3 tbsp lemon juice

apple pie 02

I had fun rolling the dough together. Mix together all the dry ingredients, then add a little bit of ice water until the dough gets to the right consistency. Then, separate the dough into two disks, and refrigerate for an hour.

apple pie 03

The filling was easy enough to make as well. Just cut up the apples and mix in all the flours, sugar and spices. Once it’s all mixed, add the lemon juice and mix it together again.

I love rolling out dough. It’s like playing with playdough again (which, I do fairly often at work anyway). So one of the disks, you want to roll out and place in the dish to be the base. Add in all the apple filling, then place the second dough on top. I have no idea how to do that cool pie edge crimp thing, but I tried. Add some slits on the top, and cover in egg wash to get the crust to go that nice golden brown colour. Bake it for around 15 minutes at 230 degrees, then for another 40 minutes at 180 degrees.

apple pie 07

I forget that the sun sets at 5pm now, so the lighting isn’t great in the photos from here on out. That being said, our house smelt so good while the pie was baking! Once it was out, we let it cool and then had a slice.

It was so good!! For my first go of making anything pie related, I’m really happy with how this came out! I would have spent more time trying to take better photos, but I really just wanted to eat pie!

What’s something you’ve baked recently?


What’s Up Wednesday #8

I haven’t typed those words in almost 6 months! I thought it would be nice to do this post as a little catch up post since I’ve been back from holiday! As always, this post was started by  Shay over at Mix’n’Match Mama.

Image result for what's up wednesday

What We’re Eating This Week

Lots of food. Especially as we’re heading into winter, we’re having more comfort foods. Roasts, soups, etc.

What I’m Reminiscing About

Obviously, our very recent Japan trip!

What I’m Loving

Getting back into blogging! I loved writing our Japan recaps, and coming up with ideas for posts this month!

What We’ve Been Up To

Since our bathroom has been remodeled, we’ve been thinking of other projects we’d like to do around the house. Nothing as big as remodelling a whole room, but little DIY ideas here and there.


What I’m Dreading

The sicknesses that come with the colder seasons. Since working with kids, every year I get hit with a variety of bugs and colds no matter how much I try keep myself healthy. One of the downfalls of working with very young children who will sometimes cough in your face.

What I’m Working On

A few projects I have in mind at the moment. Some Pinterest DIY’s that have caught my eye, and getting mementos together from our Japan trip. Trying to read more books to catch up on my Reading Challenge. Just keeping on top of my many hobbies really.


What I’m Excited About

There is a few things we’re working on, but we’re keeping it hush at the moment as we work things out.

What I’m Watching/Reading

I’ve been catching up on The Handmaid’s Tale Season 2

I’m currently reading Still Me by Jojo Moyes.

What I’m Listening To

Again, mostly pop, it’s fun to sing and dance to.

What I’m Wearing

Many, many layers.

What I’m Doing This Weekend

We’re going back to visit the Cat Cafe! It’s also my brother’s birthday soon, so we’ll be having dinner with my family.

What I’m Looking Forward to Next Month

Honestly, there’s not too much going on in the next month. Just work and saving up.

What Else is New

Not too much else.

What’s been going on with you guys lately?