Bath Bombs Galore #2

I did a post on this back in November, but since then I’ve tried more bath bombs, so I thought it was time for a part 2!


This has still been one of my most favourite bath bombs. Ingredients include lemongrass, bergamot oils, avocado and olive oil. All of this left my skin feeling so nice and soft. The water turned into this really pretty, shimmery blue-green kind of colour too, and it smelt so nice! All in all, while it wasn’t flashy, it definitely left my skin feeling hydrated and nourished, and that’s all I need.


This one is very golden and shimmery, and also kind of a pain to clean up afterwards. Sunnyside is a bubble bath bomb, so along with making the water golden and sparkly, it also filled up with lots of bubbles! The scent was very citrus-y, which is no surprise as the ingredients are a blend of orange, lemon and tangerine oils. All in all, it was quite refreshing, but I don’t think I’d try it again.

Sex Bomb

This was highly recommended to me in the store, and I was keen to try it out. It smelt floral, but not overpowering. When I hopped in, I immediately felt more relaxed. The ingredients include jasmine (helps with stress and anxiety) ylang ylang (helps sooth worries) and clary sage (helps to clear the mind). The water was a pretty pink/purple colour, and made my skin nice and soft. Also, as a little surprise, that mini rose at the top of the bomb stays for a while. It was just floating around like a little boat, before finally dissolving around 15 minutes later. It’s definitely one to try for yourself!


experimenter 01

This is one of the more pricier ones. Like Intergalactic, it’s cause you’re going to get a show as you drop the bomb in. There was lots of colours swirling, as well as different scents. I got a bit of vanilla, and something else I couldn’t quite place. As the water settled, the colours all mixed, so the water was a bit murky. The appeal is definitely in the beginning stages of this bath bomb, but I still enjoyed it.

Creamy Candy

creamy candy

This was the first bubble bar I’ve tried, and I really liked it! The water turned into a nice light pink, and it felt so moisturizing on my skin. I came out with very smooth and velvety skin which I really enjoyed. The scent was also sweet, kind of like candy which is never a bad thing. The ingredients include almond oil and cocoa butter while helped with the overall hydration and softening experience! Definitely give it a go some time.


marmalade 01

This is the first jelly bomb I’ve tried, and I didn’t really understand what made it different from a bath bomb at first. From what I can tell, rather than fully dissolving, there are little bits of jelly covering the water which you can squish in your hands during the bath. It was very satisfying feeling it dissolve in my hands. The ingredients include orange and grapefruit oils, so it had a nice citrus scent and colour. All in all, it was very refreshing and a lot of fun!

Over and Over

over and over 01

This is another bath bomb that is fun to watch as you throw it in. It rolls over and over, releasing lots of pinks, oranges and golds everywhere! It was definitely refreshing, and the cocoa butter left my skin feeling nice and soft. My one issue with it though, is that it did stain my tub more than other bombs. I had to spend some time getting the colours off the side.

The Big Sleep

big sleep 01

This was one that Rory got me as a treat, after I’d had a bad day at work. I was drained and grumpy, so this was a really nice surprise! I immediately got scents of lavender and chamomile, which definitely helped me relax. When I popped it in, it turned the water into a nice light blue colour. While in the tub, the mix of lavender and neroli oil helped me feel so relaxed. Which was a good bonus, as I was in a crabby mood right before the bath. I was so relaxed in the bath that I caught myself almost falling asleep way too many times to count. After getting out, I headed straight to bed and had such a good sleep! I really recommend trying this if you’re in need of a relaxing night in!!

So I’ve tried a lot of bath bombs in the past 6-8 months, and I definitely plan on getting more! Which bath bombs have you tried recently?