Meet Shadow

As you guys know, we recently adopted a cat. Her name is Shadow.


We met her at a rescue shelter a few weeks back. She’s around 1 and a half. She was very shy from the beginning, and wouldn’t come out and socialize, even with the other cats. She was very sweet when we came to her though, and gave her lots of pats and love.

Shadow 01

We’ve had her for around a week now, and things are going well! At first, she pretty much hid and kept to herself. We gave her food, water and space for a lot of the first weekend. We started to just hang out near her, and slowly encouraged her to come over. Since those first little interactions, she’s really starting to come out of her shell!

shadow 04

Once you start petting her, she doesn’t let you stop! She often headbutts our hand if it’s just sitting there. I’ve noticed she loves it when we pet her behind her ears. Another thing she gets excited about is food (as we all do really). She stands up high and runs around us when she sees us coming with her food. She prefers the little cat biscuits. She’s also started eating treats from our hand.

shadow 03

We’re learning more about our new furry friend as we go along. One thing that we’ve recently discovered is that she is a night owl. She likes to find a spot to chill in all day, then at around 8pm she starts getting really active. It’s normally when we play together. We got her a scratch post which has these balls hanging off which she loves whacking. She also loves this little fur mouse toy. She likes to scratch and bite it, as well as just ripping it apart and throwing it around the room.

shadow 02

So yeah, that’s Shadow the cat. She is definitely starting to feel more at home here. We’re happy that she’s comfortable enough to come to us and hang out more often. Her favourite spot changes a bit, but for the last few days, it’s been under the bed. Her other favourite spot is in the closet, and on the windowsill when the curtains are pulled. She just loves her hidey holes.

Any stories you guys have of cats or pets in general? Feel free to share!



43 thoughts on “Meet Shadow

  1. She’s gorgeous! I have such a soft spot for black cats, 3 out of our original 4 were all black, the other black and white.

    One of our cats, Simba (one of the β€˜original’ boys) turned up in our back garden looking for food. We left a cardboard box out for him with a blanket in for him to sleep in, as well as food and water. We slowly got him to come to us, and after taking him to the vets to check he wasn’t chipped or missing we decided to take him in for good. He was only about a year old and became one of the most loving cats we have ever had, he absolutely loved to sit on our laps, although he was huge so barely fit!

    Milly was our only really shy cat, she was a rescue and had been runover and the owners hadn’t wanted to pay for her treatment. When she came to us she was so shy and spent weeks hiding in the conservatory – at first we had her in there alone as we thought our 4 other boys might scare her. But eventually she got used to us, she loved all of us and was incredibly sweet, but she was always particularly close to my sister. She was such a fidget at night that my parents ended up putting in a catflap in my sister’s door so Milly could go in and out without disturbing my sister.

    Other of ours, Bear and Baloo, were instantly friendly and wouldn’t leave you alone. We still have Baloo and he is absolutely adorable and loves to be spooned in bed!

    And so glad to know you adopted her from a rescue shelter, I used to volunteer in one for a few years when I was a teenager. I was always so rewarding to see cats come in shy or desperately wanting homes and finding their families. Plus all but one of ours were rescues, the little one who wasn’t (Toby) my parents bought back in the 90s from a pet store because he seemed so unhappy there they couldn’t leave him behind.


    1. This is so sweet! Thanks for sharing your stories πŸ˜„ Shadow is slowly starting to come around to us. She’s so sweet and loves being pet. She still seems a bit wary if we try to hold her though, so we don’t. She loves head rubs and playing with toys though. The more time we spend together I’m sure she will keep coming out of her shell πŸ€—


  2. It’s good to hear Shadow has adapted to her new surroundings quickly and she’s starting to enjoy cuddles and playing more! Halo can be similar where she sleeps in the day and gets up and wants to play at night but some mornings she wants to play too. All cats love hidey holes πŸ˜›


    1. Shadow is definitely more of a night owl. She would play a little with us during the day on the weekend, but she seemed to prefer going in her bed and resting haha! It is fun to see where cats can plonk themselves into πŸ˜€


  3. She’s very cute πŸ™‚ You’ll find soon that you’ll have trouble remembering not having her living with your guys. They have a way of seeming like they’ve always been with you πŸ™‚


  4. she’s so gorgeous!! something so beautiful about black cats. so glad that she’s settling in well, i feel like a lot of cats are a bit shy at first! love that she head-butts, how cute!!


      1. I know how hard waiting can be! When we found our Zelda, we couldn’t adopt her yet because she was in quarantine since other kittens were sick. It feels like forever at the moment, but before you know it, she’s home with you. ❀


  5. Shadow is adorable!! It’s great that you and your partner got her at a rescue shelter.

    I am thinking of getting a black cat myself one day, from a shelter. Not in the near future, but maybe when I am more financially secure and have the means to take care of a cat!!


    1. Thanks Rose! We had been wanting a cat for a while, and we wanted to get one from a shelter. It just felt right πŸ™‚
      Hopefully one day you’re in the position to get yourself a feline friend too! πŸ˜€


  6. I love cats, they are my favorite. I had two cats before and I really want new one, but I’ll have to wait for better time in my life to get it. Shadow looks lovely, very beautiful and charming. xx


  7. Aww beautiful! Sounds like Shadow is far more engaged than my cat; I buy him a scratching post and he doesn’t use it (prefers the human’s furniture), I get him toy mice and he doesn’t touch them (prefers the real thing, yeuck), get him jingly toys and kick them around the kitchen for him and he lies down to sleep! I’m glad Shadow is settling in so well πŸ™‚
    Caz xx


  8. how lovely, she is georgous, and sounds like she has settled in very well, they usually take a little while until they get to know you and see how you are with them and as soon as they trust you then its all systems go which is what Shadow has done with you, we have 2 cats which we got from the RSPCA back when they were 11 weeks old and now they are 12, would not know what I would do without them, they have their own ways, Topaz usually sleeps upstairs at night either by my feet in the winter or top of the stairs which is his look out point and Ruby loves sleeping on a couple of our decorative plates either on the dining table or my sewing machine. He is a big soppy baby and follows me around everywhere in the mornings until he has decided to have a rest. They are house cats so do not venture outside unless we take them in the garden and Ruby only goes to the edge of the grass and Topaz we have to put on a lead otherwise he will run off. Enjoy being with her.


    1. Thank you so much! We live love having Shadow around. I’m glad that your cats Topaz and Ruby are doing so well now too! We’re thinking of keeping Shadow as an indoor cat too, as we live near a busy street


  9. Welcome to the Cat Mommy Club!!! LOVE the name πŸ™‚
    I would love a black cat, and a big fat ginger cat, sod it I’ll happily be that lady with a gazillion of em hahahha!!


  10. What a cutie. My mom brought us her dog and has adjusted well. Good to know that shadow is adjusting well too. I have friends with cats and they all say that cats are most active at night. They hear their cats running back and forth across the halls lol.


    1. It’s not surprising that cats are nocturnal. It seems to suit them haha! That’s nice that your dog has adjusted well too! Is he/she permanently staying with you guys?


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