Ancestry DNA Results

Hi! A while back, the lovely Shannon (from Kittyp0p) shared a post about her results from doing the Ancestry DNA Test. I’ve always thought those things were kind of cool, and I had money saved up, so I thought, why not splurge and have a go myself? So that’s what I did.

angela 00
My parents with a brand new me back in 1991

I received my little pack back in June, sent it off, and got email updates on how it was all going. Finally, last Friday, I got an email saying my results were in! I was hoping to see my results pointing off in two random directions, since my parents are different ethnicities. So, drum roll please, here are my results:

ancestry results 02

Seems about right. My dad is NZ/European, and my mum is from the Philippines. The extra groups are pretty fascinating though. I’m not sure how those ones pop up. I have no idea how they work all this out from the saliva I send anyway. But it’s still fun to read through!

ancestry results 01

So once you click in, you see this big world map, where they’ve helpfully highlighted all the ethnicity estimates. When you click on each section, it gives you more information about that region’s history. Then they have a section on genetic diversity, which shows the percentage of a typical native’s DNA in that area, and compares it to mine. They don’t have that big of a collection of people to test it against, so I don’t think it’s too accurate, but it’s interesting.

ancestry results 03

ancestry results 04

Getting back to the list of percentages I’ve been linked to, I wasn’t sure why Polynesian was there. But I clicked on it, and it has ties to both Philippines and New Zealand, so I can see why it popped up. The link to Ireland/Scotland/Wales and Great Britain are also not too surprising. A lot of Europeans migrated to New Zealand in the 1800s. I’m sure I have some far off links there.

Finally, it has some ‘low confidence regions’. These are the ones where the percentage is 2% or less. The regions listed there were Scandinavia, Finland/Northwest Russia, Asia South, Iberian Peninsula and Asia Central. So, I don’t know what to make of that. Again, it’s all mainly Europe or Asia.

All in all, this made for a fun afternoon of looking through the results and linking it to regions around the world. I didn’t find anything too surprising, the results were what I pretty much expected. If you’re interested in this kind of thing, and you’re able to buy the test without making yourself broke, then I say go for it! It’s fun. If not, then it’s probably best to just leave it.

Have you guys done a DNA test like this before? How’d it go for you?


43 thoughts on “Ancestry DNA Results

    1. Thank you! That’s the same reason why I decided to go and do it. It’s always fun to know more about where you came from. I heard that they do sales, but I’m not sure specifically when.


  1. thanks for giving some detail about this! I’ve always been interested in doing it someday but never gave much thought about the actual process. I’d like to do it someday but I wish the results could be a bit more specific (I’m sure mine would say something general like 80% West African, which I already suspect that), but maybe I’ll be surprised. πŸ€·πŸ½β€β™€οΈ


    1. Thanks for reading! I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect either, but as it’s a broad DNA test, I don’t think they can get too specific, maybe? It does give you lots of cool bits of information about the regions though. I do think it’s worth a shot to do someday, but definitely not something that everyone is keen to do for the price πŸ™‚


  2. thanks for giving the process some detail! interesting read. πŸ™‚ I always thought about doing this but never went through with it. I’m afraid my results will be too general like 80% West African, which I already strongly suspect. πŸ˜… maybe one day, though!


    1. I’m glad you liked the post! I was still surprised a bit by my results, so even if you have a general idea of what to expect, it’s still a lot of fun to try out! I definitely recommend giving it a go one day if you can πŸ™‚


  3. I did this too! I found out that I was 25% Viking (I mean Norwegian). That was a surprise, didn’t expect that at all. My “mixing bowl” contained so many different regions. The really cool thing is that my brother, who is gung ho on the family tree, also had his and comparing the two of them got us wondering who the milkman (πŸ˜‰) was. It is really interesting!


  4. This is SO cool! I have always wanted to do this. My paternal aunt has done a ton of research on her side of the family and it is so fun to learn what she has discovered and to meet long last relatives πŸ™‚ ❀


  5. Interesting. Guess lot of money, to find out what kind of know. Since Christmas when I’m at my parent’s I have been working on getting family tree into ancestry app. My Mum knows family history from her late Mum that even her Mum’s only surviving sibling does not know. So I want to be better informed for my niece and nephew and hopefully my own children.


    1. It’s definitely a bit of an investment, but very interesting! That’s cool that you’re adding more into your family tree. It’s nice to know your family history πŸ™‚


  6. I’ve never done one, but I’ve always wanted to. All I know is that my great grandparents were French. After that, it’s a mystery. Can’t wait to do this one day.


    1. That’s really cool! I only know about my parents genealogy, but before that I’m not so sure. It’s really cool to look through and see what regions my DNA shows I belong to! I hope you get to do it someday πŸ™‚


  7. Wow, loving the Irihs link πŸ™‚
    I love these things, our family has been tracked back a few 100 years which is pretty cool to look through alright!
    Will you look into it further?


      1. Do you have the show down your way, Who Do You Think You Are? Each episode follows a celebrity who is tracing his or her family tree. You could have a look for that and find ideas on how to go about it yourself? xx


  8. I did the DNA test just around two months ago and I have to say it was worth it! I’m biracial and my parents only knew a little of where their grandparents came from. The results came back and I was partly shocked at the results; it’s really amazing to see where your DNA matches up. We were able to find a lot of history specifically from my dads side as well as a hand full of distant to very close relatives that we never knew. The funny thing was that around three of those people had the same background story as what my dads grandparents told him. I think it was a great experience! Loved reading this post and glad that you got the chance to learn about your ancestry xx


  9. I find this so fascinating! I would love to have an ancestory test. I have English, German and South American in me, but I’m confident other places will crop up. I had a DNA done on my diet and fitness. It told me according to my genes, what foods I should eat and stuff. It was interesting, but I think I’d rather much have this test instead!


  10. This is fascinating! I never really thought about my ethnicity that much, but it would be really fun to figure it out, especially since my dad was adopted and I have no idea where his family came from. Thanks for sharing about your DNA adventures! πŸ™‚


  11. This is pretty interesting. I haven’t done one but that’s cool that you basically kinda knew what to expect. As far as I know, my great grandma is from Spain, so I might have some European in me as well as different regions of Mexico. Cook to know more about you, Angela!


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