Things I’ve Learned From Owning a Cat

Rory and I have been proud cat parents for almost a month now. As someone who has never really had a pet, I feel like I’ve learnt some things. Obviously, each cat is different, so a lot of these will relate to just Shadow, while a few may be universal to those of us with feline friends.

You will accidentally walk into them

This has happened on many occasions now and I always feel so bad about it. Often, while Shadow is running around me (most often when we’re about to feed her), I’ll walk into her. I’m normally moving slow, and it doesn’t seem to bother her, but I always have to apologise to her for a few minutes before moving on.

Food comes first

Cats love their food. Or at least, Shadow really does. She was a bit funny with it at first. There were one or two days where she ate really little, then a lot. She’s gotten consistent now, and we’re making sure we’re giving her the correct amount. We feed her in the morning and in the evening. When she knows that we’re about to feed her, she gets really excited. Lots of meows, jumping around us, walking through our legs, and general excitement.

The best time to play is in the dead of night

This may be more specific to Shadow, but she is a night owl. She has started coming out more during the day to hang, but she gets most active at night. We often hear her playing with her toys at around 2 am. Jumping around, chasing and attacking her toys. Her latest favourite game is trying to catch our legs and hands under the blankets on the bed.  It’s fun when we’re all awake, but slightly alarming when she decides to do it while we’re asleep.

Noisy toys are the best

When we first got Shadow, we got a small selection of toys. Her favourite became the tiny fur mouse that had a rattle inside. Then we got her a scratch post with balls (which rattle) on it. She loved both. Her favourite one at the moment is a ring, with a ball inside. The ball has as bell, so it makes noise as it rolls around. She loves to stick her paw, and soemtimes face in the many holes to try get it. She gets really into this, and the toy often ends up flying across the floor.

You’ll fall in love with them

Shadow is so very sweet and cute. I keep saying it, but she really is. Both Rory and I have a combo of pet names for her, and we love spending time with her. Whether we’re petting her, hanging out, or just watching her play, it feels nice to have her with us.

So yeah, that’s just some random things I’ve picked up from having Shadow live with us this past month. Anyone else have cats, or ever other pets? What’s something you’ve learned from having them in your house?