One Year of Our House

So we’ve owned our place for over a year now! The official milestone sort of passed us by, but I wanted to do a post to celebrate anyway.

Last September, we moved into a fairly empty house with plans to make it our own. We literally had barely anything since we previously lived in furnished flats. We had some stuff, but it looked a little sad in this bigger space. So we went shopping, got bits and pieces we needed and wanted, and slowly filled up our home.

As time went on, the house became a home. We started decorating more, adding more bits and pieces to add character and make this place ours. It was more work looking after the house sure. It’s bigger, so there’s more to clean, and we also had the outdoor area to maintain. We got used to it though, we take pride in making our house look good (most days, sometimes we get lazy).

what I wore

We put a lot more money into the house as small issues came up. We had to renovate the whole bathroom, remove a tree that was making mess in the backyard, get the garage door replaced…but that’s also part of being a home owner right? It could be a lot worse, we’re lucky that our house has been pretty well-behaved.


Now, we’ve been here for a year. We’re comfortable and happy. We now have a little black cat living with us, and we’re starting a family. How will our house look in another year from now, or even five? It’ll probably be a lot more hectic, that’s for sure! Either way, I’m sure we’ll all be happy in our little home.