We’re Having a Baby!

So I’m back from an unscheduled blogging break. I mentioned in a recent post that I was feeling some burnout again. It’s been happening a lot lately for the past two months, and while I’ve been blaming winter, part of the blame is also that I’ve been exhausted. The reason for that  (you may have guessed from the featured image) is because I’m pregnant!

Woo!! I’m 12 weeks in, so I’m almost officially through the first trimester. Rory and I are slowly wrapping our minds around the fact that in 6 months, the little bean I’m growing will be a tiny human addition in our lives. We had been talking about having kids for a while, so it’s not a complete surprise, but we honestly didn’t expect it to happen so soon (lol). Seeing the baby on the ultrasound has definitely made this whole pregnancy thing feel so much more real.

Fatigue has been my constant companion for the past 2 months. I didn’t realize how tired I would be. My job (looking after babies and toddlers) also demands a lot of energy, so I started napping in my lunch break. On the plus side, my energy is starting to come back now that I’m 12 weeks in so I’m really happy about that. I’ve had only a teensy bit of nausea which I’ve been really happy about, cause morning sickness did not sound fun at all.

Although I feel like half of this post was complaining, we are really excited about this pregnancy. We are incredible lucky that we were able to get pregnant without any issues, and we’re hopeful that everything will go well!

Look at how much they grew over the course of 3 weeks in between the ultrasounds!

Anyway, that’s our big news. Thanks for reading!