I was trying to come up with a title for this post but was struggling. I just wanted to share some things I’ve liked over the past few months. I always liked doing my monthly favourites post, and I haven’t done any pretty much in a year. So get ready for a random post where I just talk about some little things that I liked recently.

Bao Boy

I have recently gone back to work after half a year’s maternity leave. On one of my breaks, I decided to wander around and saw a few new digs. I wandered into this one, thinking it was a cafe, but it’s a Japanese style restaurant. They do dumplings, noodles and all sorts. What caught my eye was the donuts, cause I wanted a sweet pick me up. They were deep fried milk bun donuts, coated in cinnamon sugar, condensed milk, and drizzle. It was soooo good. I definitely want to head back and try some of their savoury dishes too.

Colin the T-Rex


Another place I hadn’t visited in a while was Avalon Park. It’s a really big park near us, with an amazing playground, mini golf, grassy areas, and they recently redid the pond. It looks beautiful, but my favourite part is the t-rex in the middle. There’s a sign that says his name is Colin.

Finale Bouquet

If you’re ever in Wellington, you have to visit Te Papa. It’s the national museum of New Zealand, and there’s just so much cool exhibitions on. On my first trip with the kids there since I’ve been back, they had this new art exhibit up called the Final bouquet. It’s a simple idea, but the execution is so mesmerizing.

So yeah, these are some random little things I’ve liked recently. What’s something that made you a little happy recently?


15 thoughts on “Random Little Things

  1. Those donuts look incredible 🤤 And the finale bouquet is so beautiful! I reversed into a parking space yesterday for the first time whilst learning to drive and was completely in between the lines and that made me happy 😄❤️

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      1. Haha 😂 I’ve noticed that I feel the need to praise anyone who parks well now as I understand how difficult it can be when I didn’t before. I’m good thank you, it’s lovely reading your posts again! So much has changed since we last spoke, how have you been? 😄❤️

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      2. I was at a traffic light once, and saw a car up ahead parallel park in one smooth motion. My jaw just dropped in shock and I nearly missed the green light cause I was just staring so hard haha!
        I’m glad you’re doing well! It has been a while since I’ve been on here regularly. I’ve just been busy with day to day life of being a working mum really lol. It’s fun, but crazy hectic 🙂

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      3. Haha, I can’t imagine parking on a busy street/being under pressure as cars are waiting to get by. I was in a nice quiet car park practicing and for now that’s how I want it to stay 😂 Naomi is super cute and I love seeing your updates on Instagram ❤️

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  2. I absolutely love that the t-rex’s name is Colin, haha! ❤ Ooh that Final Bouquet exhibit looks so cool! 😀 One thing that's been boosting my happiness recently has been the new blog I made, which I'm still really excited about posting on! It has been a welcome change from my other blog 🙂 ❤

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    1. I have no idea how it came across it’s name, but Colin seems like such a perfect fit lol.
      That’s cool that you’re loving your new blog! Its awesome being able to feel super creative and passionate about what you’re writing about 😀

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      1. Haha agreed!
        Yes! 😀 Most definitely. I hope that’s the case with other bloggers, as well! We should all be getting a lot out of what we’re blogging about ❤

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