I was trying to make a clever title to sum up what we got up to this week, and this is the best I could come up with.

As most people in the world, we are currently on lockdown. New Zealand will be on lockdown for at least four weeks, then see how the situation has progressed. So that’s at least a month where I will hopefully be able to come back into blogging. The aim is at least twice a week, but who knows?

So this past week has been okay. Just feels like we took some leave off work and are hanging out at home. The only difference is, if it was just a holiday, we’d probably head out to the shops and parks at some point. Although, I’m still working a little as we have an online platform that we’re using to keep connecting with the kids and their families.

Here’s some highlights of the past week. Or ‘wonders’ to keep it in line with the title.

Chocolate Cupcakes


So I was originally going to make a chocolate cake to bring into my work to celebrate Naomi’s birthday last weekend with the kids…but that didn’t happen. So instead, I made a bunch of cupcakes using this recipe from Nerdy Nummies. I also added the wafer daisies which I got to be on the cake. I love this recipe, the cupcakes are so light and airy, and with vanilla buttercream on top, it’s just so good. We three, demolished them.

Mini Fort


As part of my job, we post videos and activities that the kids can do at home. I was brainstorming ideas and thought of blanket forts. We decided to make a mini one in the living room and see if Naomi would like it. She did…for around a few minutes before deciding she’d rather play elsewhere. Still, I count it as a win.

Staying Connected


Good old Skype. It’s awesome that we have so much ways to keep in contact through online means. I caught up with my family, and Naomi enjoyed seeing everyone’s faces and hearing their voices. I’ve also been messaging people on Facebook, Whats App and Insta just to keep seeing how everyone is.

Keeping Busy

I’ve been staying on top of cleaning, I like to spread it out everyday. I used to try do everything on a weekend day, but now I got more time.

I have started a 30 Days of Yoga with YWA. I’ve been doing with keeping up with it. On top of that, I try do occasional other workouts too.

When we can we go for quick walks outside. It has to be quick cause we’re carrying Naomi. Why don’t we bring her in the buggy you say? Because she hates being restained and just screams at us when we put her in it, that’s why. She enjoys being outside. She likes touching leaves and trees.

Also, I’ve been doing my best to keep up with blogging. Reading posts, planning content and such.

Finally, I’ve also been reading, cross stitching, playing some games, and obviously hanging with Rory and Naomi.

What have you been up to this past week?


26 thoughts on “Weekly Wonders #1

    1. The wafer flowers are a really fun addition. They taste good too, so I’m glad I grabbed them from the store. I like a lot of Adrienne’s videos, and I feel like it’ll be fun to complete one of her 30 day journeys while we’re at home for at least a month lol.

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      1. I found them in the baking aisle at Countdown, it was the only box there among all the other decoration stuff. I thought it looked cool, so thought why not? 🙂

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  1. Seems like you had lovely week. It’s very difficult time honestly and I feel that we are all struggling and trying to keep busy so we don’t think about world state right now. I miss being outside so I’ve been going to woods, walking and enjoying nature as spring just came to Germany. Lovely post as always. xx

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    1. It is definitely a strange time in the world, and it does get a bit overwhelming at times, which is why I do my best to keep busy and not spend too much time getting caught in my own head. It’s nice to still be able to head out for local walks and get in that fresh air 🙂
      Thanks Azra ❤


    1. They were yummy! Haha, she did like the fort for a bit, but I think we liked it more. We’re trying to plan making a bigger one in the living room somehow, just to kill some time haha! You guys take care too ❤

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  2. I love that you are calling them Wonders! It makes it more exciting! Those cupcakes look SO yummy! An forts are SO much fun! I do them with my nephews and niece and it keeps them occupied for hours! I also am so grateful for zoom and facetime etc. It has made this easer. I hope you guys are hanging in there! We are also in quarantine for another month. It doesn’t matter whether it is New York or New Zealand we really are connected through this and all in this together. Stay safe and healthy! ❤

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    1. I’m pretty happy with the title 🙂
      It is really nice that we can stay connected with loved ones and see each others faces in all this. And you’re right, we really are all going through this same thing wherever in the world we are ❤


  3. I too have been keeping busy. it was keeping me sane for a while but I think yesterday was a day when we all just kind felt like we’ve had it. We’ve been at home for three weeks. 😪
    Keep doing what you’re doing. I hope you all stay safe.

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    1. Yeah, I think after a while you probably run out of energy to keep busy and the situation weighs on you a bit. But, it’s what we gotta do, and hopefully we find ways to pass the time 😊

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      1. I found an old pack of masks from when I visited Japan which has come in handy when we’ve needed to go to the stores 😊
        It’s definitely strange times out there!


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