I used to do a lot of outfit posts back when I blogged on an actual schedule. So I thought it would be fun to try do some more. Given the current situation, I thought I’d share my go-to cosy at home outfits.

Red, Black and Yellow

First one is good old fluffy cardigan and leggings.

cosy outfit 01

I got this red sweater from H&M over the holidays. It’s so soft and good as the weather is slowly getting cooler here. I often wear it with my black leggings which are getting older, but it just makes them even more comfortable.

cosy outfit 1

I wanted to accessorize a bit so I threw on my yellow headband to help tame my hair, and my little gold necklace that I’ve been wearing a lot. It’s quite minimalistic which is why I got it. Also, socks, cause my feet were cold.

cardigan flat lay

Finally, I attempted na outfit flat lay, throwing in the shoes I would wear if I was going outside. You can see the texture of the sweater a bit better in this too. It’s super fluffy and fun to feel.

Feeling Spacey

My other choice is my NASA hoodie which I got from H&M and paired it with a classic blue jean.

cosy outfit 2

You can’t beat a hoodie for comfiness. Especially an oversized one. The only downside of this hoodie is that it’s not oversized. I’m still looking for one. Otherwise, it’s comfy, breathable, and also has the NASA logo on it, and I like space.

cosy outfit 02

I wear jeans at home a lot, normally on the weekends. I know some people look down on that, but jeans are comfy too? That and I’m used to wearing them a lot. No accessories for this outfit, cause I’m very covered up.

hoodie flat lay

Another flat lay attempt. Again, if I was heading out, then I would add a bit more. At home I don’t wear a belt with jeans cause it doesn’t matter. I also like pairing this all with good old sneakers.

So yeah, those are two of the things I’ve been wearing a lot lately. Especially as down here we’re sneaking into autumn so it’s getting a bit cooler.

What have you been wearing lots lately while at home?


23 thoughts on “Keeping Cosy

  1. Love these outfits! Especially that headband ✨ I’ve been wearing a lot of loungewear/pajamas (nothing dressy uppy but I think I might just do that one of these days to see if it makes me feel more positive like I’ve heard people say it can). Great post, take care πŸ’•πŸ’•

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    1. Thanks Lucy! I haven’t really gotten too dressy most days, I have stayed in pyjamas a few days lol. I’ve heard about fancy fridays, where people get extremely dressed up even though we’re stuck inside. That sounds like so much fun and I may try it some time too πŸ™‚

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  2. Last three days grey jogging bottoms but different decent top as been video conferencing with work so wanted to look respectable on screen but comfy.

    Tomorrow I have virtual zoom birthday πŸŽ‚ thing for nephew. My sister’s in laws me going to be on video too so I want to look stylish compared to his other Auntie.

    Then got Socail zoom quiz Sat night which want to look good for.

    Not worked out how to do. Got to be careful too much cleavage as looks wrong if get too close to screen, dresses loose shape.

    Maybe key is accessories? Like your headband? Or big necklace so make a statement?

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    1. Accessories are good. They add something extra like a pop of colour or different texture. A zoom birthday party sounds like fun! I would wear what you were planning to wear if the party was in person, and go from there πŸ™‚

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  3. A lot of people are inspiring me to dress up too even if I have nowhere to go but currently the weather is a bit gloomy and rainy and a bit cold so I’ve been living in sweatpants and leggings.
    Love these outfits, especially the first.

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    1. Nothing wrong with sweats and leggings. Most days I’m in just a singlet and workout shorts cause its still pretty warm. Dressing up every now and then does help pick up my mood a bit though. Same with occasionally playing around with makeup again 😁

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  4. I love these!! I really want that NASA hoodie from H&M as well. I always see that in the stores here! And ooooh I love your headband, it looks so cute! ❀️ I’ve been wearing old shirts and pajamas mostlyβ€” in the Philippines we call these β€œpambahay” 😊❀️

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    1. Thanks Cleia! I’m really glad I found it. A lot of people have been hanging out in leggings and big sweaters or hoodies, and I don’t blame them! It’s such a comfy combo πŸ˜€

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