Another week in and what we got up to.



Starting off with lemon cake. It’s really light and zingy, plus we ran out of coffee cake and I wanted more cake.


Made hokey pokey cookies once the lemon cake run out. I’ve made this recipe since I was little, and they’re really easy and nice cookies. Not too sweet, but quite fluffy and a nice cookie to have with a drink, you know?


Extra things including french toast with blueberries, and multiple dalgona coffees. I’m so addicted.

Hanging out with Naomi

I’ve ordered some more things for Naomi to help entertain her at home. This includes this activity cube, fox xylophone and a walker with lots of things for her to grab and pull. She’s been loving using it to help her walk and keep her balance around the house.

Also got her some new pink shoes as her soft sole blue ducky shoes are slowly getting worn out.

We also tried some gloop. She spilled it all over the sun room but it kept her entertained, and gloop isn’t really that hard to tidy up.


Outside Time

Went a bit further out for a walk, by that I mean we went to the end of our street to the park there.

Also spent lots of time in our backyard again.

Keeping Busy

As always, I did some cross stitching, read, watched You Tube, cleaned, and kept up with stuff for work.

I also messed around with my DSLR camera a little. I was outside with Naomi and Shadow and tried taking some close up/portrait style shots of them.

Since Easter is coming, I tried my hand at a few arts and crafts, and also made a whole blog post about it.

easter crafts

What did you guys get up to this week?



17 thoughts on “Weekly Wonders #3

  1. All of the food looks delicious especially the hokey pokey cookies and the French toast! The photos of Naomi and Shadow are so cute, what does Naomi think of shadow, do they get on well?

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    1. Thanks Chanelle! I’ve had a lot more time to bake lately haha. Shadow and Naomi have a older/younger sibling dynamic. Naomi adores Shadow and always follows her around. She’s very excited and wants to play with her, but Shadow just wants to do her own thing and mostly tends to ignore Naomi and does her best to keep her distance lol. Maybe when Naomi is older and less loud and excitable, their relationship might change.

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  2. i’ve been baking here and there too, i miss it now a days but i am also trying to not bake as much so as to not overeat lol. i need to start working out more often now that i’m home and my husband is helping
    i’m glad you guys have things to do and are having fun during this crazy time, take care πŸ™‚

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    1. Oh gosh, I’ve been baking a lot. Any time I run out, I immediately bake more, I’ve been feeling a little bad about it lol. I’ve been keeping up with daily yoga though, so I feel that I’m being a bit more active.

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