Instagram in March

Now that we are entering April (crazy!), it’s time to look back at my top pictures from Instagram in March.

Before & After

before and after

This was uploaded on March 1. This was my first sneak peek into my final boudoir photos, and I was blown away! These photos have definitely given me a boost of confidence and self-love. I still very much recommend the experience!

Autumn Flatlay

flower flatlay

This was uploaded on March 4. My favourite flat lay I’ve done lately. This was inspired by one of the many flat lays on Pinterest, and I love how it came out! There isn’t much in it in terms of objects, but I really think it’s effective and pretty!


blogiversary 05

This was uploaded on March 6. The day of my blogiversary for obvious reasons! It was quite nice to share this on Insta as I have a mixture of online friends and people I know in real life who I don’t really talk about my blog with. Since the post, I’ve had a friend reach out and talk to me about my blog which is really nice!

Boudoir Shoot


This was uploaded on March 16. Surprise, another boudoir photo! I can’t help it, each photo I see makes me so proud and happy. The photographer, Victoria, likes to say that how she does these shoots is to show the subject the best version of themselves. I have to agree with that. I’m so thrilled with how I look in these photos (even the more risque ones hehe), and I love that I now have these forever. It started as a gift for Rory, but it’s also wound up as a gift for myself!



This was uploaded on March 25. Our anniversary! A big highlight for me this month. I went through a lot of our wedding photos trying to decide which to share. I landed on this as it showcased all the wedding traditions we did.

What are your favourite photos from Instagram this past month?


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Have You Met Kate?

I’m sure lots of you guys already know this lovely lady.

Haaaaaaaaaave you met Kate?

Kate blogs over on Ankhor You. She’s been blogging on and off since 2012 which is incredible! She blogs about travel, fashion, self-love and writing. She’s also a coffee addict, and a self-declared mermaid. She’s awesome!

I’ve been following Kate since the early days of my blog. We’ve begun talking even more recently, and I always love hearing from her! She’s so positive and supportive, and it’s always a joy to read her blog!

Here are some of my favourite posts of hers:

I always love Kate’s OOTD posts. First off the titles are always catchy! She also takes the most fun outfit photos. Look at the above image! I could never do such a cool pose. This post is all about this gorgeous navy blue dress with florals for the upcoming spring season.

Kate’s travel series is always fun to read. I love seeing where she goes to! This time she visited Folly’s Island and saw the Morris Light Lighthouse. What makes this even more impressive is that she visited at sunrise, hence the extra magical photos!

I love coffee, but I feel like Kate loves it just a little more! She often has little reviews of places she’s had coffee. In this post, she shares a few places in Charleston that has good coffee and interesting history!

Kate loves hiking, and just because the weather gets colder, doesn’t slow her down! In this post, she shares tips to help make hiking in winter that little bit easier.

I always love posts where we get to learn a little more about what’s going on lately. Kate talks about experiencing the winter blues, and how she’s working towards moving past them and indulging in some self care. Something I think we can all relate to.

So, have you guys checked out Kate yet??


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Have You Met Dannii?

Let’s just dive right in!

Haaaaaaaave you met Dannii?

Dannii blogs over at A Beautiful Thing. She’s based in the UK and blogs about travel, beauty, fashion, food, life and everything in between! You’re bound to find something you’ll love! She is always off on and writing about an adventure, and it’s so much fun to come along with her!

No automatic alt text available.

“I’m a London girl writing about beauty, fashion, travel and things I just love!”

Dannii and I have been following each other since pretty much the beginning of my blog. She even gave me advice on one of my earliest posts when I was fretting about getting my first tattoo (as you may know, I now have three!). She is so lovely and supportive, and I’m always keen to see what she’ll write next!

Here are some of my favourite blog posts of hers:

Recapping how Dannii and her partner spent Valentine’s together. Just a chill night, cooking dinner together, and also cupcakes!

A running series on Dannii’s blog is sharing her favourite photos from the past month. This was the inspiration for my new monthly series on photos!

Dannii often posts revies on beauty products, and a recurring one that comes up is on sheet masks, which she often tries. This one caught my eye, as they’re all just so weird!  For each mask, Dannii shares what it promises to do, why it’s unusual, how she found it and how well it works. Also, all the pictures are amazing.

I loved reading everyone’s posts about how 2017 went down, and Dannii’s was no different. However, I will forever be envious of her trip to Iceland!!

As promised, Dannii shares all her travel adventures with her followers. One of her more recent ones was to Norway!

So, have you guys checked out Dannii yet??


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Award Catch Up (Sunshine Blogger, Handwriting Challenge, Awesome Blogger)

Sunshine Blogger Award


Chantal from Her Pretty Brave Soul nominated me for this one. She blogs about lifestyle, mental health and some DIY as well.

Here are her questions:

  • Why did you decide to start a blog?

I wanted to have a place to store all my memories and experiences, particularly travel ones. That’s how it started, and now I love having this space to document anything and everything! Like my tagline says, it’s my “secret drawer of memories and thoughts”.

  • How did you come up with your blog name?

I talk about things that happen in my life, and my name is Angela.

gardens 11

  • What do you hope to accomplish with your blog?

I don’t really know. I never had a goal. I would love for my blog to continue to grow, but otherwise, I just love having my little online space.

  • What’s a good advice for new bloggers?

Write about what you love, and meet some fellow bloggers! Building and being part of a community is so much fun!

  • What has been the most difficult thing about blogging so far?

How time consuming it can be. Hitting ‘bloggers’ block. Getting fixed on numbers. Those are just a few, but nothing has been too difficult really.

  • What is your most favorite song and why?

Right now it’s Curious, by Hayley Kiyoko. I’ve always liked her songs, they’re boppy, but I don’t hear it on the radio much so it’s not overplayed.

  • Cats or dogs?

Both have their merits and drawbacks.

  • What is your favorite quote or proverb? Does it have a meaning to you?

“Good for her, not for me”. It’s said by Amy Poehler. I just like it, as it’s a reminder not to judge others based on their preference, even if you disagree with it.

  • If you could go anywhere in the world where would you go to?


  • What season do you prefer? (Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall)

All have their pros and cons. Right now though, I’ll go with fall. I’m looking forward to some cooler weather.

  • Tells us four random facts about yourself

I live in New Zealand. I’m married. I like wandering around listening to music. I have three tattoos.

angela on the bridge

Pamela nominated me for this too! She blogs a little bit of everything, and is a fellow Parks and Rec, Hamilton and Harry Potter fan!

Here are her questions:

  • What is your main goal of 2018?

I don’t know if I have a main one. I did make a post about my general goals for 2018.

  • Do you believe in any conspiracy theories?

Not really. I do like reading about them sometimes.

  • What is your favorite organizational style?

I don’t really know. Organized chaos, is that a thing? I have a system for my things, but they may not look tidy or make sense to others.

  • Do you have any hidden talents?

Not that I’m aware of, or can think of from the top of my head.

  • If you could travel anywhere in the world right now, where would you go?

Iceland again.

  • What is one touristy thing in your hometown that you’ve always wanted to do but haven’t?

I went to Cape Palliser last month, that was on my list for a while. Otherwise, I think I’ve done most typical touristy things in Wellington.

cape palliser 11

  • Do you have any surprising hobbies?

I think I’ve kind of announced them all on my blog by now

  • Favorite type of socks?

Ankle socks

  • Do you have one go-to handbag or change them up often?

I only really have two bags. My blue big one for work, and my small brown purse bag. I use it until it falls apart then buy a new one.

  • What is something you’re looking forward to this week?

This week? Nothing big is really happening. It’s just the usual. So I guess, Friday haha!

  • What is the most recent song you’ve listened to?

Heaven by Julia Michaels

The Handwriting Challenge

Chanelle nominated me for this one. Chanelle is a fellow Kiwi blogger, who blogs about beauty, makeup and lifestyle.

Here are the questions:

  1. Write your name
  2. Write your blog’s name
  3. Write your favorite word and its definition
  4. Write something nice
  5. Write the name of your favorite song right now
  6. What are you writing with?
  7. Write a fun fact about yourself
  8. Write/draw your favorite emoticon
  9. Write a silly message
  10. Write who you’re tagging

Here are my answers:


Awesome Blogger Award

Jamie nominated me for this one. Jamie is a fellow TV addict, who blogs about outfits, food, thoughts, lifestyle, her hamster, and everything in between.

Here are her questions:

  • Apples or oranges?

Oranges for a snack. But apples are great for baking.

  • If you had to change your blog name, what would it be?

Slice of Angela. I don’t know. I like keeping my name in the title.

  • Sitcoms or crime shows?


  • What is your favorite season for fashion and why?

Spring/Fall. I like layers. But not too much layers.

  • Beach or lake?


  • Do you believe in ghosts?


  • iPhone or Android?


  • What is your favorite meal of the day?

Breakfast. Or dessert.

  • Sneakers or high heels?

Sneakers are more convenient. I like wearing the odd heels though.

  • Do you like tags? Why/why not?

I do like them. I have fun answering the questions, or reading other people’s answers. But they can get repetitive.

Sarah from Vintage Tea Rose also nominated me. She blogs about beauty, DIY, lifestyle and so much more!

Here are her questions:

  • What is your first ever memory?

Heading out the door with my mum and older sister. Don’t know where we were going.

  • What is your Zodiac sign and does it’s description describe you well?

I’m Saggitarius. I’m not exactly sure what personality they’re meant to be, so I don’t know if I fit the stereotype.

  • Would you rather visit the past or the future?

I’d be curious to see what the waaay future was going to be.

  • What skills do you possess that could help you survive the zombie apocalypse?

None. In all seriousness, if the zombie apocalypse happened, I wouldn’t last long.

  • If you could master one skill instantly, what would it be?


  • What is the nicest thing someone has ever done for you?

Many things.

  • How do you wind down and relax?

Baths are always a good idea. That or just lying down. On somewhere soft. I immediately feel better.

  • What would you like to devote more time to?

Everything. I have so many hobbies and little projects on.

  • Do you have a current blogging goal? What is it?

I have stated in my 2018 goals that I’d like to reach 5000 followers by the end of the year!

  • How have you changed in the past few years? What change are you happiest/proudest about?

I like to think I’m more able to step out of my comfort zone. I’ve said yes to things I would normally say no to. I’ve grown a lot.

  • What is your favourite word?

Mellifluous, I mentioned it above. Just saying it is fun!

That’s all the awards I’ve been nominated for lately! I always like doing these tags every now and then, it’s a fun way to acknowledge the lovely friends who nominate me, and share a little more about myself!

Speaking of, tell me a little tidbit about yourself down below!


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2018 Goals Round Up #2

Each month I’ve decided to keep myself accountable for those goals/resolutions I made at the beginning of the year. I may also add some monthly goals that I will check up in next month.

1) Try a new baking recipe at least once a month – I have two recipe books to choose from, so this seems very doable. Since I have lots of other hobbies I like to spend time on, aiming for at least one a month should be doable.

I’ve stuck to two food posts this month! The first is the Chocolate Cupcake recipe, which I made into heart shapes for Valentine’s. The second is the Petri Dish Jellies, which requires no baking, but lots of arranging. Both were from my Nerdy Nummies cookbook again!

2) (Re)Learn new songs on the piano – You may notice there’s no number here. My aim is to learn at least one, I really need to get my rusty piano skills back up to scratch.

Did nothing again. There’s so many songs I’ve forgotten though, that I think I’m going to change this to relearn a few old songs, as that seems more plausible

3) (Re)Learn new songs on the ukulele – I actually learnt one new song in 2017, but I want to learn more. I really love playing the ukulele and singing along, as terrible as my singing voice is..

I can still do a few songs on the ukulele, but again, for now, we’re going to focus on relearning some of the old songs and getting them back up to scratch. For now anyway.

4) Practice photography more – Again, just a vague goal. But I want to take more photos, maybe do more challenges. I want to continue learning more. I don’t doubt I will take more photos this year though.

There weren’t really any photo excurions this month, but I did get to mess around with taking close ups of photos which I still find fun. I need to find my user manual though before I try tackle manual mode.

5) Complete Duolingo course in Japanese – I’ve already started a few weeks back, and it’s been so much fun. Here’s hoping I don’t lose motivation over the year.

Still going strong.

6) Do some sort of exercise at least twice a week – running, dance cardio, strength, yoga, just something damn it! Come on Angela, just do it!

Again, the minimum I’ve done this past month was 3 times a week. I wasn’t feeling my best for that week, so I just stuck with changing up some yoga flows. I want to get back into doing some more higher-intensity workouts though as I’m feeling better now.

7) Learn more hairstyles than just a ponytail – I don’t do much with my hair, I just don’t know what to do with it. I need to try some of the many pins I have.

Uh, beyond pinning stuff, I haven’t done much. I did get a curler this past month though and played a bit with it.

8) Continue trying more makeup looks  similar to my previous goal, I want to learn to do more with my makeup. Especially with my eyes. It’s fun to play with!

I always love doing this. I bought quite a few more products this past month, so I was able to play around more.

9) Try more DIY’s, maybe make a scrapbook, or home decor – I did the travel wall last year, and I’d like to do more! Pinterest will be very helpful with this goal.

I did the element jars, which was pretty easy and fun. I do have a few projects on the go, of varying difficulty in terms of DIY, but I’m trying not to set a certain deadline on them as I don’t want to stress myself out. I’m pretty excited for them though! Some are looking good, while others could be better.

10) Go on holiday overseas – We have plans for Japan which seems like it’ll go through. If something happens though, I hope we still get to go overseas at least once this year.

Stay tuned for Japan shenanigans in May.

11) Go on holiday within New Zealand – I always like to say travel locally, so hopefully we can do more of that this year!

Awww. We had to cancel our upcoming trip to Taupo, because I misjudged how much leave I have. It’s not enough for a week to Taupo and then the two weeks to Japan. I am more keen for Japan, and also we’ve paid for flights, so I had to prioritise. Maybe towards the end of the year we can do a spring/summer trip to somewhere.

12) Keep my journals and planners up to date – I have quite a few journals. One to keep track of my budget, my daily thoughts journal, and my blogging planner. I want to continue to keep them up to date.


13) Complete a colouring book – I have so many, and none are even close to being finished. Maybe I can finish my small one..

Haha, nope. I’m going to focus on doing my music related goals next month, but maybe the month after I’ll set some more time to colour.

14) Read 30 books – My 2017 Reading challenge was set to 20 books, I finished that and more, so I think I can set my goal a little higher this year! 

I only read one book this month. It was just tough to get through, not that it was boring, but it was a lot for me to take in. Here’s hoping next month, I fly through some more lighter books!

15) Watch 15 movies – I mean new ones, not rewatching ones I’ve seen before. 15 is already a lot, but it seems doable.

Surprisingly we’ve watched quite a lot of movies. More so than usual. There was The Room (which required me devoting a post to my thoughts about it), When We First Met (a cute but predictable romcom), and Blades of Glory (Rory put it on and I hadn’t seen it before, again predictable, but funny). All three are new movies I’ve seen, so I’m doing really well on this!

16) Continue blogging everyday – I love blogging, and having a post up everyday has been so much fun for me. Here’s hoping I can keep this up for 2018!


17) Do more collaborations with fellow bloggers – I did a few collabs in 2017, and I’d love to do more ?

Yes! I have kept to my one collab a month. This month, I did a baking one with Anni! I do have one in the works with Sarah (but shh, spoilers), and I have others I’m thinking about too.

Actually, I have one in mind, but it requires sending a package to each other. You know those youtube videos where people try food from another country? I thought it would be fun to do that. To send a care package of sorts with lots of classic foods (sweets, savoury, etc) from your home country. So I would send you stuff from NZ, and vice versa, then we can do a post about it. If that appeals to me, let me know in the comments or on my Contact page!

18) Reach 5000 followers!  I mean, I never thought I’d get over 2000 by the end of 2017, so why not aim high right? Even if I fall short, it’ll still be more followers than I would have imagined I’d get to! 

We’re nearly up to 2800, so at this rate, 5000 may be doable!

That’s all my goals currently! I want to focus on practicing on my music skills a bit more next month, as I’ve been ignoring those completely these past two months.

How have you been going with your monthly/yearly goals?


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Instagram in February

Time to share my top photos from Instagram this month!

Makeup Selfie

jan 21

This was uploaded on February 1. I share a lot of selfies lately on Instagram, especially when I’m super proud of how I did my makeup that day. This day, I came up with a bronze/gold look. I will say though, my skin was going through some crazy issues that week.

Makeup Selfie with Glasses

feb 11 selfie

This was uploaded on February 4. This is also another selfie! My phone is seriously filled with these. I did keep my glasses on this time though. This time, I played around with a maroon/purple look. My two favourite combos are either dark pink/purple, or brown/gold. They’re just my go-to.

Tongariro Crossing

This was uploaded on February 9. This time last year, Rory and I did the Great Walk over Tongariro Crossing. It took almost 6 hours, and we went through so much changing scenery at that time. My personal favourite of the spot was Emerald Lakes, pictured above. If you want to see more pictures from this walk, I wrote a post about it here!

Chocolate Heart Cupcakes

heart cookies 10

This was uploaded on February 12. With Valentine’s around the corner, I wanted to do some baking. As always, I turned to my Nerdy Nummies cookbook, and used the chocolate cake recipe, turning it into cupcakes. They were so delicous, and actually were all gone by Valentine’s rolled around haha! I did a post about it here.

Hanging Out 

This was uploaded on February 13. This was a throwback to last September, when Rory and I went to a walk down by the river. I really like this one, it was a candid one Rory got of me laughing. Whenever I ask him to take a shot of me somewhere, he always takes a million, normally while saying something dumb to crack me up. He’s gotten some pretty cool shots of me like that haha! Plus, the scenery was really pretty.

I haven’t been posting on Instagram as much this month, I normally like to post everyday, but sometimes I just don’t know what to post. Or I forget, if it’s been a crazy busy day at work. I still love using it though! It’s a fun and visual way to see what you guys get up to!

What’s one of your favourite photos from Instagram lately?


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My Favourite Pinterest Boards

I’ve seen a few posts around where people share there Pinterest boards. I’m always on Pinterest searching one thing or another. There’s just endless amounts of inspiration on there. It’s led to me doing Pinspiration posts every now and then, where all I do is share my favourite things from Pinterest lately.

So, anyway, in terms of using Pinterest to support my blog, I haven’t figured that out yet. I will link pictures to pins, but not that much. To be honest, I can’t be bothered most of the time. I just like searching random stuff, and pinning endlessly.

I currently have 22 boards, each of them have pins ranging from 1 to over 100. It’s all over the place really, which is how I roll.

Here are my ten favourite boards:



Self-explanatory really. One of my longest running boards, and with the most pinned to it. Pinterest is a never ending source of inspiration, especially for tattoos. I can go down a very deep rabbit hole searching for tattoo ideas on there. My favourites are definitely of the floral and mandala variety.



Random doodles I like, cool fonts, and bullet journal inspiration all fall into this board. Also just cute random little drawings. I’ve tried my hand at recreating a few, which have gone into my own doodle book.


Make up

I am obsessed with people who are skilled at makeup. It’s fascinating and beautiful, and I could just spend hours staring at those time lapse tutorial videos. In this board I stick makeup pins I admire, love, and some which I hope to emulate.

Flat Lays for Days

flat lays

The pinnacle of blog lifestyle and beauty photography. I am still very much getting the hang of this, but I have to admit, it’s so much fun. Pulling together different items and seeing how it all comes together can be both frustrating and relaxing. This is when looking through Pinterest comes in handy to get you inspired!



This is full of recipes that I hope to one day finally make, as well as sharing the ones I’ve done in the blog. As with my tattoo board, this one is just never ending.

Baking Tips

Baking Tips

To support my food one, and my return to baking, I have been searching up helpful tips and tricks.

Quotes to Inspire


What’s a Pinterest account, without a board for lots of inspiring and motivating quotes! Whether the quote speaks to me, or how it’s presented, I keep adding to my board. It’s definitely somewhere I return to if I’m needing to feel inspired!



Pretty photos, creative ideas, and just tips to help me figure out more about photography. Especially when it comes to working out the more technical side of using a manual camera.

Blog Ideas

Blog Ideas

Cause blogging everyday means I gotta keep up with a steady stream of ideas! Pinterest, as well as reading other blogs always helps to gets those creative juices going!

Wedding Things

Wedding Things

One of my first boards I ever created. After getting engaged, I started using Pinterest more to get ideas for wedding planning. From figuring out timelines, to the ceremony, to photo ideas and decorations, Pinterest has got something for you. I still add to it now just for fun.

There you have it! Lots of my favourite boards to pin things on. Pinterest is such an amazing place for inspiration. I add links to my blog on there, but it’s not how I primarily use Pinterest. It’s just a fun place to kill some (or lots) of time.

Do you use Pinterest? What kind of boards do you have?


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Have You Met Olivia?

Another have you met feature! This time,

Haaaaaaaaaave you met Olivia?

2018-01-03 02.55.14 2.jpg

Olivia blogs over at Absolutely Olivia. She’s based in the US, and blogs about a mixture of fashion, beauty, thoughts, photography and so much more! She is definitely a fashionista in the making, and such a thoughtful and incredible person!


Here’s a snippet from her About page:

Hi, I’m Olivia and I feel the best when I look the best!  When I was younger, I hated dressing up and wore athletic clothes the majority of the time.  It wasn’t until a few years ago that I began to step up my clothing game.  Now, one of my goals is to work in the fashion industry and own a closet that goes on forever!

Like with many bloggers I’ve been following for ages, I don’t remember who came across who first. I have always loved Olivia’s blog though! She puts so much work into her posts, whether it’s an Outfit post, a thought-provoking post or a fun ‘get to know me’ post!

Speaking of, here are some of my favourite posts of hers:

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

Olivia has a lot of outfit posts under her belt. I always love seeing what she puts together. In this post, she shares 20 of her best outfits from last year. Needless to say, there’s lots of fashion inspiration in this post!

Last year, Olivia wrote her 17 goals for 2017 and updated us on how she went with it. In this post, she shares her 18 goals for this year. She was actually the inspiration for me to make my yearly goals this year! I’ve also picked 18!!

I love Day in the Life posts! It’s just cool to see what goes in a regular day for my blogging friends. Reading Olivia’s posts about being in school definitely makes me feel old (lol), but it’s very interesting to see how she spends a typical day!

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

Olivia recently did a 30 Day Styling Challenge. In her words “These ootds won’t be your normal, everyday looks, but something a little more extra than that.” And she definitely delivered. This is her wrap up post where she shares the last outfits as well as her favourites!

Olivia did a collab with Cal, where they wanted to gather photos and little messages from fellow friends who identify as feminists. The goal is to show that a feminist can be “anyone and everyone”. Olivia shares 15 of the submissions, and it is such an incredible read!

So, have you guys checked out Olivia yet??


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Pinspiration – Valentine’s Cards

In honour of Valentine’s Day, I’ve been spending time browsing through Pinterest, looking at adorable pun-filled cards. I wanted to share my favourites with you all! Mos of them are food-related puns. Just letting you know now.

For pizza lovers out there:

20 Fun Food Puns for Valentine's Day

Image Source

For the coffee addict in your life:

Perk Up, Coffee Cup Die-namics, Tag Builder Blueprints 2 Die-namics - Michele Boyer #mftstamps

Image Source

This bacon card counts as a pun and a song:

Funny Bacon Pun Card // Quirky Cute Love Food by SubstellarStudio

Image Source

If you want to get real:

5 Favorite Valentine's Day Cards from #Etsy

Image Source

If you want to say something sweet:

Kreative Jewels: Hearts in a Row

Image Source

Or you know, you could just get to the point:

Jared Andrew Schorr: I Want To Nail You Valentine

Image Source

Rory and I don’t really get each other Valentine’s cards anymore, or celebrate it much. We just decided to ignore it at some point. This year though, we thought it would be fun to have a movie night. We’re getting some snacks, and settling in to watch The Room. It’s meant to be the worst movie ever. Should be fun!

What kind of Valentine card would you go with?


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