A Love Story (The Really Extended Version)

A Love Story (The Really Extended Version)

Exactly one month ago, Rory and I said our vows and got married. We had an amazing wedding, and I still love to look through all the pictures and videos that everyone took. I posted a long rambly post about the day (Our Wedding) after we got back from our Fiji Honeymoon (which I have also posted about). In celebration of this, I wanted to look back through the history of our relationship. I did a quick version in an older post calledΒ Lucky in Love.

So just a heads-up, I’m in a very lovey-dovey headspace, so if you don’t fee like reading a long rambly post about being in love (just look at that word count!), then check out some of my other posts. If you’re happy to join me on my rambles, then keep reading!

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The Time it Snowed

The Time it Snowed

Hey guys, today I have a kind of TBT post. I’m thinking of making Thursdays a TBT day, where I tell stories from my past/childhood. I’ll post my Weekly Photo Challenge in the morning, and then a story in the afternoon. Let me know what you guys think, I hope it will give you a Chuckle πŸ™‚

As most of you would know, I live in Wellington, New Zealand. Now it is often cold down here (I blame our closeness to Antarctica), but not as cold in the South Island. Snow in Wellington is rare. As in once in every 50 years rare.

An aerial shot of snow at the Makara wind farm.
An aerial shot of the Makara Wind Farm (Photo from stuff.co.nz)

On one fateful day back in August 2011, Wellington was hit the worst storm since 1976, and it snowed. Sure this led to power cuts, road closures, and public transport was affected, but most of us in Wellington didn’t care. We had snow! SNOW! For most, it was the only time we ever got to experience snow.

The Beehive in a blizzard on August 14, 2011.
The Beehive caught in a blizzard (Photo from Stuff.co.nz)

My family went on a trip to Mt Ruapehu back in 1996, but I have no memories of it. So I was beyond excited during this little blizzard we have.

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The Marry-Wed Game

The Marry-Wed Game

Hello all! I found this cute variation of the Newlyweds game on Pinterest. Rory and I were doing our own thing at home a couple of days ago when I came across it. As newlyweds ourselves, we thought we would give this a go. It was a fun way to kill some time as we finished household errands and wound down from the day. This may be a long post, so skim read if you want πŸ™‚

the MARRY-WED game- a lot like the "newly-wed" game, but for those of you married couples! How well do you really know your spouse?! FUN and FREE printable! :):

There were only 20 questions, and we had a lot of fun thinking about our answers. First, I wrote down what I thought Rory’s answers for these questions would be. Then came the fun part, talking it through and seeing what the other person thought! As we went through this, I thought it would make a fun blog post, so I asked if he minded, and he laughed and said of course not. So you will have both of our voices in this blog, which makes this my first collaboration, of sorts. Rory’s voice will be in bold, as I will continue being in regular text. Here we go.

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I’m Getting my First Tattoo! (Part 2)

I’m Getting my First Tattoo! (Part 2)

I officially have my very first tattoo!!

Rory came with me in the end, as I figured I could use the support, and I couldn’t find a squishy ball. I reread all the comments and advice you guys left me onΒ I’m Getting My First Tattoo! (Part 1), which helped ease nerves a little, so thank you! I took an aspirin before heading out, and also brought along a little chocolate bar to help with blood sugar.

I met up with Angie again, and she showed me the design. I loved it immediately. We talked about making the lines on the leaves a little thicker, but leaving the inner details thinner, this would help it look more delicate. We talked about the size, and measured her design on to where I wanted it on my leg. It was a perfect fit. So once we were happy with the design, she went over the consent form for me to sign then started making the stencil. I filled it out and signed it.

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Letters to Past Angelas (200 follows!!)

Letters to Past Angelas (200 follows!!)

Hey guys, guess who woke up to see that she had over 200 followers! Β 203, as I write this actually.

200 Follows!

Yesterday, I hit 50 posts, and overnight, we hit the big 200! Thank you everyone for reading my blogs and rambles! They seem to get more rambly as time goes on, and I just go with it. Don’t get me wrong, I still put a lot of time into writing my posts, and thinking of ideas. When I write though, I let my finger just do their own thing and see what my brain comes up with. This brings me to today’s post! Letters to my past self.

I have always liked this idea, I know my past selves have as well. I always wanted to do a time capsule of sorts but never got around to it (thanks past Angela). So for today’s blog, I’m going to write letters from where I am now, to myself in different parts of my life.

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So Many Jobs #2

And we’re back! Let’s continue to UnravelΒ the previous jobs I’ve been through!

Again, all the pictures were found through Google Images. I own none of the images.

So we left off at working as a checkout operator when I was 21. Now we move more into the realm of full-time jobs and the joys of working a 9-5 job. But, before that, I had one last part time/volunteer job.

Image result for piano teaching

Piano Tutor (aged 21)

I frequented a site called Student Job Search. It was specifically for uni students looking for part time, one-off, summer or volunteer jobs. I saw one asking for a music student who could tutor two children (aged 8 and 10) in learning the piano. I applied, and I got along with the family very well, including their lovely son and daughter. Every Saturday for a year, I would head on over for an hour and teach these lovely kids piano. Once I moved out of home though, then it was too far for me to get there via public transport so  I had to say bye 😦

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So Many Jobs

If you’re a regular reader of my blog, then you know that I currently work as a daycare teacher for infants and toddlers. I’ve now been in the same centre for over two years, so this stands as the longest running job I’ve ever had. It’s also the best job I’ve ever had. So in celebration of that, I thought I would tell you guys about all the past jobs I’ve had, and I’ve had a quite a few. I’m going to include volunteer work, and one-off jobs along with more permanent ones I had.


Delivering Newspapers (age 10 or 11)

This is a straightforward job, you just deliver newspapers. Except that 10 year old me was lazy. I lasted one week in this, and kept trying to get my mum or dad to drive me down the street as I ran out and delivered the paper. This was obviously impractical, and so after a week, I quit and said I didn’t want to do it anymore. I don’t even remember how I got the job, but I did, and then I quit almost immediately cause it was ‘too hard’.

Image result for mcdonalds

McDonalds Worker (age 16)

I think I only did 3 shifts at the McDonalds I worked at. It’s called fast food for a reason, and 16 year old me wasn’t ready for the pressure. Props to those who lasted longer than a few days in fast food. It’s hard. On my first shift I kept making fries, cause the orders kept coming in. So I just kept going even when the orders had slowed down. Then we had a GIANT load of chips and no customers. They forgave me as it was my first day, but they were still annoyed. On my second shift I kept messing up the orders as people gave them to me on the front row during the dinner rush. I don’t even remember my third shift if it happened. I quit before they could let me go. Then I avoided that particular McDonalds for years. Good times.

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