Looking Back on Our Wedding

Looking Back on Our Wedding

Today is a special TBT. One, it’s my four month anniversary for my blog!! Two, I wanted to share with you all lots of extra wedding photos. We recently got back almost 400 of wedding photos from our photographer Kent Yu over the weekend. Going through them all was amazing! So many moments captured from the best day ever.

I’ve compiled 25Β (that was as small as I could make it!) to share with you all on the blog. They’re all ones I haven’t shared before, so I hope you enjoy this extra sneek peek into our wedding!

Strap in and have a look!

Wedding 01
Groom and Groomsmen Suits
Wedding 02
Rory and co getting ready

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Things I Know About My Mum

Things I Know About My Mum

So hey, I’m trying to keep all these titles different for some reason whenever I do a birthday post for my family. Β Just go with it πŸ˜€

So the birthdays in my family go one after the other. In May, it’s myΒ Dad. In June, it’s myΒ Brother. In July, it’s my mum’s turn. So today’s post is all about her πŸ™‚

My mum’s name is Julie. But also, it’s Estrella. She has two names. It’s officially Estrella, but she goes by Julie. Long story. Her and dad have been married for 28 years and together longer than that πŸ˜€ She is also a chatterbox, Mum loves to ramble as much as Dad, and sometime they tag team, where they both comment and jump in on each other’s stories so there’s lots more detail. I credit my love of photos to Mum, as well as my love of travel. It’s thanks to Mum that I got to spend my younger years living in another country.

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Things To Tell My Brother

Things To Tell My Brother

Last month, I didΒ Things I Learnt From My Dad, today is my brother’s 19th birthday, so it’s his turn to get a devoted post. Hi Andrew, if you’re reading which I doubt you did without being bugged my dad, mum, Jo, me (probably). We do this out of love, and also, cause now my blog is a thing that we sometimes talk about in my family. Not all the time though, cause I post waaaaaay too much for them to read everyday. That’s fair, I love to ramble, just ask Rory. Also, hello rest of family if you’re reading! Hi Mum and Dad. Hi Jo and Tib. Rory doesn’t normally read my blog, just cause I talk to him as I write them, he knows what they’re about. Anyway, this intro went way off track. Later today, we will be heading over for gifts, dinner and chatting.

My brother’s name is Andrew. He is the baby of the family. Over the past few years, he has grown taller than me, and that act of betrayal cannot be forgiven, I’m sorry πŸ˜› Andrew is smart, weird, hilarious (sometimes unintentionally), and lately, has been a typical teenage boy where trying to get info out of him is like trying to punch through a wall with a plastic spoon, it just doesn’t get anywhere. But eventually, he opens up and it’s nice to catch up. So, as one of his wiser and older sisters, I’m going to talk about things I would like to tell my brother.

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Things I Learnt From My Dad

Things I Learnt From My Dad

Today is my Dad’s birthday!Β Because of my mom’s work schedule though, we’ve postponed his birthday dinner celebration till next weekend!

My dad’s name is Jeff. He and my mum, Julie, have been together since the mid 80’s. They celebrated their 28th wedding anniversary a few months ago. Dad is endlessly patient, a chatterbox, hilarious and amazing. He is also a sports fanatic. He loves his soccer (I believe his team is Arsenal) rugby (All Blacks, of course), and he takes quite an interest in a lot of others. For today’s post, I’m going to reflect on things I’ve learnt from him.

  • How to get rid of hiccups – Dad would suddenly jump at us and yell when we had hiccups as kids. It scared me so much, but the hiccups would be gone. One account of dad scaring me as a kid had nothing to do with hiccups actually, he was watching his soccer and someone did an impressive goal. Toddler Angela was trying to figure out how to walk close by, and Dad yelled/cheered so loud that apparently I burst into terrified tears and fell over. Dad still likes to tell that story.
  • Rambling – My rambling skills come from my Dad. He is the King of Rambles. He’s also the King of Chit Chat. Dad can talk with anyone, for ages. He loves telling stories (and Dad jokes), and can make people laugh. It’s a skill I envy. I can ramble and tell stories, but not to a crowd, and definitely not to someone I just met. Dad has hosted events before, as well as talked in front of large groups of people and improvised a speech. His favourite stories to tell us growing up were “Well, when IΒ was your age…” followed by what we knew were elaborate stories, but still fun to listen to.
  • Using a computer – I learnt how to maneuver computer programs from dad, from Microsoft Word, to Paint, and everything in between.
  • Computer Games – Dad played a number of games, most notably RPG ones. He introduced these to me and my siblings, and we all still love to play them.

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Our Wedding Highlights

This post is going to be a little different.

Regular readers will know that I got married around a month ago (and I don’t stop talking about it lol). If you’ve read Our Wedding, then you already have a fair idea of how it all went down through all my ramblings and pictures.Β However, we also have video footage of our wedding..

Okay, so, I’ve been going back and forth on sharing this video. It’s personal and while part of me wants to keep it to ourselves, another part of me wants to show everyone I meet. My sister’s fiancee, Tibor agreed to film our wedding (it was kinda thrown on him when he arrived a few days before the wedding), and he was happy to have a role to play. He used my parents little camcorder that we’ve had for a while, and took lots of little clips throughout the day, which he said he would put together into a highlights reel. A few weeks after the wedding, he and Jo sent me and Rory a link on Google Drive. Attached, was a 6 and a half minute highlights reel of our wedding. I was so happy when we first we saw this (I cried as I do when there’s too much emotion happening). We’ve shown it to our families and friends, and everyone loved it.

I talked to Rory and asked if it would be cool if we shared it with you guys too. He said “Go for it”. I share a lot on here, but mostly through pictures and words. A video is a lot more real. It’s not as impressive as some of those fancy wedding videos I’ve seen out there (they’re so much fun to watch though), but to us, it’s beautiful, full of love, and perfect as it showcased all the best moments from our day. The song playing was used for the procession. It’s a cover of Keane’s “Somewhere Only We Know” by Simply Three.

Hope you enjoyed this sneak peek into one of the best days of our lives πŸ™‚


A Love Story (The Really Extended Version)

A Love Story (The Really Extended Version)

Exactly one month ago, Rory and I said our vows and got married. We had an amazing wedding, and I still love to look through all the pictures and videos that everyone took. I posted a long rambly post about the day (Our Wedding) after we got back from our Fiji Honeymoon (which I have also posted about). In celebration of this, I wanted to look back through the history of our relationship. I did a quick version in an older post calledΒ Lucky in Love.

So just a heads-up, I’m in a very lovey-dovey headspace, so if you don’t fee like reading a long rambly post about being in love (just look at that word count!), then check out some of my other posts. If you’re happy to join me on my rambles, then keep reading!

View More: http://kentyuphotography.pass.us/angelarorywedding

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